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Found 1 result

  1. Well, after I filled my Answer to their MSJ, in which I also requested a hearing for the ruling. Which, surprise, surprise, it was not given. The Justice of the peace here where it was filed has been Pro Term now for over 8 months. Anyways, I filled the Answer to their MSJ on Oct. 13, 2014. Today I got the Order of Judgment dated on November 30, 2014. What totally amazes me is how the Justice of the Peace, here into referred to as DipS h i _ of the Peace or DSOTP! He states, ""finds the pleadings on file and Affidavits submitted establish that there is no genuine issue of material fact and Plaintiff is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Just to update anyone who hasn't read about this previously. Number one, the chain of command is broken because the documents that the submitted show that, well, here I will copy my statement in my answer, 6. Plaintiff has not proven its standing to sue in this matter. The chain of assignment from Dell/CIT Bank to Asset Acceptance is incomplete. The new Affidavit introduced in the Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Judgment, further here into “PMSJ: (Exhibit D) from Erin Towns says that Dell/CIT Bank purchased the account from WebBank on May 30, 2012. There is no Bill of sale from WebBank to Dell/CIT Bank. Therefore how can the alleged account belong to Asset Acceptance? Defendant has never done business with Asset Acceptance and never received a bill of any sort from them prior to their filing the complaint on September 6, 2013. Additionally I filed with JAMS and they never paid them. I have a new letter from JAMS requesting they pay one final time. So, I stated that they also didn't have standing. And, I don't know if this matters buy Midland, the attorney that filed for MSJ misspelled my name and the judgment was entered in the wrong spelling. Incompetent ass_____!!!!!!!! Okay, so I guess it's apparent that I am mad. I totally can't believe the courts here. They are the dumbest people anywhere! My other question is doesn't the court have to mail you a copy? I only got a copy from Ass___ Midland!. So, what now? And also, I had spoken to Midland and they told me that they were going to cease all collection actively and review the case after I submitted the copies of my emails showing that I returned the computers to Dell. They never responded to phone calls etc after that. One more thing, in terms of appeals or problems with the Justice court. We showed up for our pre-trial hearing and then the court vacated the case saying that we hadn't. They also said that they mailed me the notice to dismiss the case after another 6 months had gone by yet I did not receive any mail. It amazes me that the only mail that I don't receive is from this Justice Court. All my other mail comes to me???
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