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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings, I need help! I have an auto loan that is in the process of being charged off. The bank (wellsfargo) has been attempting to repossess the vehicle for some time, however I've managed to keep it in my possession. I owe roughly 16k on the vehicle but got WF to agree to a 10k settlement offer. I don't have 10k or the means to gain that money in a lump sum. My credit score is terrible (480) but my personal habits and financial habits have drastically improved since I put myself in this situation. I am attempting to get a 10k loan to pay off the settlement (and get my credit/my consi
  2. Banks to erase some bad debts on credit reports Read more: Follow us: @CreditCardsCom on Twitter | on Facebook Compare credit cards here -
  3. Ok so I have a very confusing situation that I hope someone will be able to help me solve or at least point me in the right direction. Sorry for the long post! I took out a school loan from a University I attended in Spring of 2011, the loan was to be repaid from my federal student loan for summer courses I was taking. My loan came in and was credited to my account ( it said I owed nothing and was actually due a refund). When my grades for the Spring semester came in they did not meet the schools academic standards and I was dismissed. The only redeeming thing I could think of from that exp
  4. One of my friend bought some stuff from best buy in the year 2011 and he was not getting loan for that purchase because he was new to USA. That time I helped him by being consignee for him. But he wasn't very sincere in paying his monthly installment, specially in the year 2013, and that is now badly affecting my credit history. In Nov 2013 he paid off all his loan to best buy but the bad credit is still sitting in my credit history. I have been very sincere in paying all my bills like apartment rent, credit card payments or car loan etc. but just this bad history exist. Can anyone suggest how
  5. Five years ago I lost my job and had to fight my company over three months for unemployment benefits. I fell behind on my rent and was evicted from my apartment. I should have paid what I owed when my unemployment was approved however; I was irresponsible and chose not to. It did not matter to me at the time but fast forward 5 years and I now have a family and am experiencing firsthand how important credit really is. The past due debt (3k) was reported to the CRA’s in 10/2009-Should I wait another two years and let this fall off my cbr or would it be worth it to pay it off now? Help!
  6. Hello, I have been reading this forum and finally got the inspiration to face this mess which i was hiding from all these days. Embarassed by peoples advice and loooked down on other forums i gave up hope but this website mite be my last stand so any help will be greatly appreciated. So, i have a awful credit history. I just pulled up my CR from transunion n my score is 520. I am trying to understand my report. It says i have 13 accounts 7 open 6 closed 12 derogoratory with a total debt close to 21k. 0 delinquent 0 payments 0 public records and 0 inquiries in 2 years - i have been laying