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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Last August I received a collection letter from Midland Funding LLC. I sent a letter requesting debt verification a week later. No reply. However, I did get a collection letter from Bowman Heintz Boscia (attorneys in Indiana) representing Midland Funding requesting payment. Again, I sent a letter requesting debt verification. Never heard a word -no phone call, letters, etc from them. Then this past Saturday morning I was served for court by Bowman Heintz Boscia on behalf of Midland Funding. The original debt was Chase and on one credit report is was a charge off and another craedit report was listed as transferred sold and the last cred report was listed as purchased by another lender. Both Midland and Bowman did not respond to my requests for debt verification. I have been reading the forums here, but I'm sort of confusued on what I should be doing within the next 20 days. Any suggestions would be helpful. I can not afford an attorney (after being unemploiyed for over 3 years I now have a full time job with sort of decent pay). So how can I fight the attorneys and the JDB in court without spending funds that I don't have?? Thanks. Stumped
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