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Found 1 result

  1. So in the last few weeks or so I have been getting phone calls with the occasional message asking to me to call back due to “an urgent matter” that I need to address right away/or that day. Then my work office gets a call from a someone who calls themself a “process server” who is gathering information to locate me for a summons, ask for the office supervisor and is letting the office know he/she may substitute serve there – and I get the following message “Call CCS & Associates, at phone number xxxxx.” Same person then reaches me by my cell phone (caller ID blocked), identifies themself just with a first name, asks if I have called CCS yet - that he/she is prepping to serve me, something about change of venue, and letting me know I can get ahead of this by making arrangements on my own. My response is I don’t know what it’s about it (I don’t). I ask directly if lawsuit has been filed, they say no. I checked our court system in San Diego, nothing in Civil or Small Claims for them – nothing in Orange County either (where CCS appears to be located) – what’s with the change in venue talk? This person totally plays the “good cop” routine, saying they doesn’t enjoy serving people at work, but that’s what they’ll have to do if they can’t locate me at home > substitute service to my supervisor…wants to avoid embarrassing anyone…etc. Encourages me to call CSS, wishes me luck. I don’t know what it’s about; I’ll have to check old mail to see if these people have sent me anything. In the meantime, get another phone call – this time from CCS – new person (new voice for sure) leaves a message “Mr. Blah, this is the Finalization Dept with CCS. Tried reaching you about a claim filed with our office…you need to call us right away - if you don’t, this may result in further action being taken with “name of my company”, you can call us at xxx-xxxx. Wish you luck (again)” Definitely feels sketchy. Process server giving me a heads up I may get served soon? Change in venue talk? I don't know if they have actually threatened me here in regards to embarrassment at work if/when they serve me - feels like they've kept it vague. Anyhow I'm planning on looking thru all mail in the next day or two, see I can figure this out. Maybe this is new, maybe not. But I'm curious what people think about this type of behavior by a collection agency? I'm prepping to keep detailed records about their communication attempts as I feel they may/will be harassing me/possibly violating the FDCPA.
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