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Found 2 results

  1. I was sued by Capital One earlier this year. I fought as a pro se defendant, and while it wasn't the win I had hoped for the attorney was so frustrated with me she non-suited half way into our hearing. The case was dismissed in June. Since it was a non-suit I figured I would continue to be tortured by their attempts to collect the alleged debt, however, I was not prepared for this situation, and I have no idea what to do, but I am very worried that Capital One is continuing to damage my credit illegally. Issue Number 1: Today I recieved a statement from Capital One, and there was 2 charges listed (1) 05/01/13 Court Costs equalling $10.97 and (2) 05/02/13 Court Costs equalling $10.97 a total of $21.94 in new fees. Now here's why I am very confused in the Dismissal Papers I recieved from the courts it says: "It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the courth that this suit be dismissed without prejudice, and the defendant go hence without day and further that court costs be taxed against the Plaintiff." So my questions is can they LEGALLY charge me there court costs. Issue Number 2: Since the suit in January i have never once been sent a statement, and on this newest statement recieved today it says I have accrued $132.82 in fees this year....So this leaves a whopping $110.88 completely unaccounted for...During the suit the papers I was served explicitely stated that no interest would accrue, and the statement lists my balance as "non-interest bearing" so that's not it. They also disclosed in response to my discovery requests that they were not seeking attorneys fees. Again, this is the first statement I have recieved since the lawsuits conception, which again was dismissed. I can't access my statements online so there is no way for me to know where this mystery $110.88 came from. So is Capital One breaking the law? Where do I go from here, is a "debt validation" necessary because it doesn't seem appropriate for this particular situation? Help these people are ruining my life!!!!
  2. Ok so I guess they didn't want to fight. While that is great news, I really wanted to show up in court with them. I know I must be crazy, but I was looking forward to attacking their evidence in the court room. So basics, actually had two separate suits filed by such a wonderful, JDB (sarcasm) and they were so efficient. One suit was for just under $10,000 other just under $18,000 filed at same time. On the one they immediately sent notice of dismissal upon receipt of BOP, on the other waited until just after it would have been due and then served notice of dismissal. So now, I am going laugh my way to court to file to get my fees, so now I know they had to pay theirs and will now have to pay me mine. When do I have to file for those, after dismissal is adopted by the Judge? Or is it based on date I was served. I know it is time sensitive and I wouldn't want them to keep any money they aren't entitled too. Thanks again for all of the help here, definitely shows anyone should fight and there is a wealth of knowledge and people ready and willing to help here.
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