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Found 11 results

  1. A junk debt buyer (JDB) added a collection to my three credit reports a few months ago. The original creditor they're listing is an online entity I received a loan through. However, the loan agreements were between a different company and me. If that's not bad enough, the amount they claim I owe is completely fabricated... and they're raising it each month with interest and fees. I disputed this account with all three credit bureaus. It was verified within a month. What is the best way to dispute a collection on a credit report based on a JDB's standing? I'm not sure how I can
  2. John Oliver skewers credit bureaus for false reporting of consumers' credit histories and failing to take proper measures to correct errors in this hilarious presentation.
  3. Just wondering if you guys had any luck with disputing an item and getting it removed after paying in full. The company absolutely refused to delete and they wouldn't settle, so I went ahead and paid the $242. I started with a 481 CS on November 1, 2015 and I'm now at 616. It isn't great but it's so much better. I am serious about clearing things up and I just got tired of seeing the collection reported every month on Equifax. I actually had success with getting the aforementioned item removed from EXP and TU before PIF - the company didn't respond to the dispute but DID response to
  4. I am in the midst of litigation w/Midland. Served by PRA on 8/22. I have read and reread many of the threads.It is all sinking in. I have copied and pasted salient points, as I consider if they are of value to my responses apropos to my case. I have saved many samples from this site and refer back to numerous Michigan posters, yet I am in need of a few tips, tweeks and wisdom am searching this site for the following: Format - Looking for a straight forward Style Rules for Michigan Civil Court. Language - proper phrasing Example of Request for Documents... Any experience as a Defenda
  5. Banks to erase some bad debts on credit reports Read more: Follow us: @CreditCardsCom on Twitter | on Facebook Compare credit cards here -
  6. I recently reviewed my credit report and have found several unsolicited credit inquires on my credit report. They appear to happening at regular thirty day inquires. Why am I seeing this?
  7. Two of the nation’s biggest banks will finally put to rest the zombies of consumer debt — bills that are still alive on credit reports although legally eliminated in bankruptcy — potentially providing relief to more than a million Americans. Banks Agree to Take Canceled Debts Off Credit Reports (NY Times)
  8. I had a bankruptcy in 2011. On my credit report there are some negative reports from creditors that were included in the bankruptcy. Should I attempt to get them removed?
  9. Hi there, A few years ago I was sued by a creditor. I was young and dumb and didn't attend the hearings. I never received anything from the court stating that I had a judgement (that I can remember - this was in 2009). I did receive a letter from the creditor saying they had a "judgement". I had no ability to pay at the time and no assets. Nothing ever came of it. Nobody has tried to collect, garnish wages, etc. I haven't even heard anything from them (or the courts) since that time. Fast forward a few years, I am more financially stable. I would like to find this judgement (if it even exits
  10. Great article on disputing old debt on your credit report in regard to the SOL and more. Also there is a link to referrals to consumer law attorneys at the National Assn. of Consumer Advocates,