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  1. I got my credit report a few days ago and There was an account that was sold/charged off by the creditor. I have since received a letter from this original creditor as well as a letter from the Collection Agency they sold it to. I have never spoken to any of them on the phone before. I am looking for advise or tactics on how to best tackle this issue. I am willing to go through the process of responding in an attempt to get this remove/deleted from my report and I'm looking for some actionable advise from the pros. Thanks in advance for any help. PS. It's Not Fraudulant.
  2. OK Ive been looking and trolling for years and i think I'm ready to begin. I'm going to provide a pretty detailed step by step log so folks can see this in real time. I would greatly appreciate any comments. Im thick skinned so, lay it on me. If you find this helpful give us a BUMP. Pulled credit reports and I have 9 trade lines that are reporting negatively. Some to all 3 some to only 2. So, 22 total entries. Ive been looking around and the 623 letter method seems to be the way to go. Ive used DV with some success several years ago and I got 5 neg TLs off. I didnt really stick with it and once my scores were high enough i quit. This time im going for broke. All the way. Or at least as far as "they" will let me. Current situation Credit scores are: TRU 563, XPN 586, EFX 543 First Premier OC $0 reporting 3-30 and 1-60 lates on all 3 USAA OC $5075 Auto loan charged off 4/13 reporting all 3 Nuvell Credit OC $5075 Auto loan repo (no mention of repo) charged off 05/2008 reporting URU and XPN Certified Recovery Sys CA $867 Some bank i never used. Reporting all 3 Frost Bank OC $835 Old account i didnt know about. Write off 04/2011 reporting to all 3 TSI/09 CA $805 Direct TV not mine (seems super high for DTV) last act 11/2014 (not possible) reporting to all 3 Stellar Rec CA $395 Comcast last act 9/2012 reporting all 3 Nationwide Recovery CA $48 Medical not mine. last 11/2013 Reporting EFX and XPN $4416 total but not all me. So, Im gonna start with Cert Recov Sys and here is the letter (below) to the CRAs that im thinking of sending. It might be a tad harsh, Im OK with a nicer letter this is just what im starting with... !!ALL COMMENTS WELCOME!! *****************LETTER************************ Equifax Information Services P.O. BOX 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 Sep 19, 2015 To whom it may concern, This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information. I am Shocked that Equifax has included the below information in my credit profile. It is completely inaccurate and is hurting my reputation and good name. This account is NOT MINE! I worked at Patriot Bank for a few months in 2005 and NEVER had a loan of any kind. As you know, credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only accurate credit information. Because of the mistakes on my credit report, I have been wrongfully denied credit recently for a Loan, which was highly embarrassing and has negatively impacted my lifestyle. I expect Equifax to perform the following duties as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act Conduct a full investigation of the dispute and NOT JUST a verification of the information.Review all information provided by Certified Recovery relating to the dispute.Respond within 30 days to the investigation.If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, Equifax must remove the claim immediately. Certified Recovery 6161 Savoy Dr 600 Hou, TX 77036 Account #726766 Please delete the above account as quickly as possible. Sincerely, JIMMY1611 DOB: ********** SSN# ********* ADDRESS Ref:EQFCERTRECOV19SEP2015 Cert Mail:7015 1730 0002 1239 5897 *****************END LETTER************************ !!ALL COMMENTS WELCOME!! Drivers license scan attached as proof of ID Im using the cert mail number everywhere, on the letter on the envelope etc... not sure if this is helpful it just seems more professional to me. If this is Ok ill send out round 1 Friday or Monday the 21st. Ill update this whenever something new comes up. Ill attach links to any letters I get and ones I send. Thanks in advance to any comments. JIMMY
  3. I recently disputed an LVNV trade line with EQ & TU. Of course, both came back "Verified". I sent the following letter to both companies certified with return receipt. Dear Consumer Relations, After receiving and reviewing the results of a recent dispute filed with your company, I am now requesting the method you used to verify certain items on the credit file dated XXXXX. FCRA (a)(6)(B)(iii) states that upon request you must provide me with a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information. This includes, but is not limited to the business name and address of any furnisher of information contacted in connection with such information and the contact information of such furnisher if reasonably available. I am requesting this for the following accounts XXXXXXXXXX As stated in FCRA 611 (a)(7) you must provide this information no later than 15 days after receiving this request. I appreciate your handling of this request in a timely manner. Both companies responded with basically the same canned response. We may search for information electronically, we update your credit file with information received, etc. No specifics as to the dispute in question. I also sent a letter to the Furnisher asking them to check the accuracy of what they are reporting with 30 days to respond. (they still have 2 weeks to respond) My question is, what is the next step with the CRA's? This is obviously their attempt at "we aren't giving you any additional information" Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Folks - Been looking to get a decisive answer on this to no avail: I presently have a 614 and have worked to get my reports all cleaned up. After disputing all items, I am down to 4 legitimate delinquent items, 3 of which offered me a lesser settlement amount. I could easily just pay the 4 items off immediately, which would leave my report as virtually no data, save an old car payment account showing closed and PIF, and my old mortgage showing closed and PIF. Or, I could get a cash-secured loan for $2k to pay them off and start building my credit. My question is this: Would I be better off doing the cash-secured loan now to pay them off or just paying them off then going back to looking into getting a cash-secured loan in say 30 days when my score has crept up a bit? Trying to avoid doing one or the other only to find out I have "made a common mistake" later. Your eagerly anticipated advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!! - T
  5. Seriously... How does one find and/or obtain the credit file number from an online report? Kind of lost here. I've tried calling all three credit bureaus and they suggested I get my free annual report to obtain it because they couldn't verify it's me. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  6. Everyone has a story.. I'll make mine short. Life altering unexpected decline in health lead to unemployment. No support system, no help. It took me about four years to get both my health and life back on track. I met a girl four years ago who I'd like to marry. We're moving next summer and I want to prepare my credit to buy a home in the next year or two. I beat Cavalry in court on one account (thanks to this community!), the rest have surpassed the statue of limitations here (5yrs). AMEX ($3,500) - Est Removal: 10/2018 Portfolio 1 ($3,000) - Est Removal: 02/2019 Portfolio 2 ($2,500) - Est Removal: 10/2018 Enhanced ($1,000) - Est Removal: 11/2018 I'm not sure what the best course of action here is.. I've been living under the radar for years, running cash businesses etc. I'm self employed, I do pay some taxes but do not have my own checking (use PayPal business w/card) or my own credit cards (on family accounts as an AU, pay them directly). I'd like to begin improving my credit score. My SO has great credit (810+) BUT about $150k in student loans. I'd like to try and get us a house or investment property in the next 1.5 to 2yrs. So I was thinking contact the reporting agencies on Portfolio one as I'm sure the last payment is inaccurate. I'm hopeful there is something aggressive I can do against the three remaining account but maybe just let them run their course? In the mean time then, open a bank account, and get a secured card (Discover IT). Possibly a secured loan the first year for extra oomph. Next step, focus on that AMEX. I'd like to get another one, one day. I've read I need to pay the debt directly to AMEX and should get myself added as an authorized user on a good standing account a bit after that. If approved as an AU then I'm off the BL and should re-apply to AMEX on my own when my credit merits it. Thoughts? Thank you for any time you may spend reading this or better yet.. replying. Sincerely, my thanks.
  7. I rarely use credit, so don't check my scores often. I recently discovered that there is a derogatory mark on my credit report from my previous family doctor. Problem is, he died about five years ago, and I don't know what steps I can/should take to get this off my report. No one took over his practice, and he was not part of a larger medical group; just an old country doctor working alone. How can I get this off my credit?
  8. Guest

    Credit Repair Research!

    Hi, I am carrying out research into the Credit industry for a project I am working on. If any of you could kindly take a few minutes to answer the survey below it would be greatly appreciated. Selected participants will be asked to participate in further in-depth interviews (via phone or in person). Incentives will be offered to those chosen. https://goo.gl/forms/ROfFR30BCidbPXnx2 Thanks so much!
  9. I had bad credit and decided to do something about it. There are a lot of things about credit I am still unsure about and would appreciate the help from anyone here. 1. Can you get chapter 13 bankruptcy disputed off your credit report? 2. I've gotten regular bankruptcy taken off, but I don't know if I can dispute chapter 13 bankruptcy. Can anyone answer that question for me?
  10. My score is 625 and i have a discover card situation from 2007 for $2800 I was charged thisby a rental company and it was unautorized iwanted to dispute but wasnt able to in 2007 due personal issues. How can i remove this from my report it is said to be in circuit court and i tried to dispute with transunion and its already under investigation from march 14, 2017 and still not completed. what is the best course of action to remove this derogatory negative issue off my credit for good????? any advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Anyone here has bad credit and trying to get it fixed like me?
  12. Hello! This is my first time posting and I would appreciate any and all guidance that I can get! I apologize in advance if I break any of the forum rules, I will learn as I go. I made some mistakes during college that are coming back to haunt me -- but as an adult I am trying to clean up my mess and learn from my mistakes. My family and I are trying to buy a house, so its very important that I get my credit report cleaned up and my score higher. I realize this is going to take time, effort, and probably a lot of $$$ but I am ready to start this process. Here is a brief summary from when I last pulled my credit report: --I have a car loan in good standing --I have a student loan account that was past due but am working to get it to be current --I am a cosigner on a credit card with a high balance --I have an open credit card that has a zero balance --I have 2 closed credit cards that were closed by my request --I have a closed credit card that is 'paid charge off' (I have a JUDGEMENT on my credit report for this CC even though it has been paid) --I have a small medical bill in collections that is PAID --I have a credit card in collections that is unpaid (They will not accept a pay for deletion - this debt is 6 years old) I am honestly trying to figure out where to start, and what to do. Like I said, I am willing to work hard at this, I just need guidance. The goal, like many of us, is to get my credit score up. Anything you can offer is appreciated! Thank you!
  13. I have a judgement that I was never aware that I was taken to court, by Gemini Captiol. Judge awarded Gemini almost 8 grand!! They were representing Circuit City, in which I thought went belly up and no longer exist . I know there is not a Circuit City one in the south east United States. Is it possible for me to get the appropriate forms needed and to file for an appeal or contest it since I was never made aware I was due in court or something to get this NASTY HORRENDUS GHASTLY AMOUNT OF MONEY ACCOUNT and the whole shabang off my 3 reports??!?! Please and thank.you in advance!!
  14. Hi, I had a short sale on a previous house that was completed in Dec 2013. I purchased another house before doing the short sale. House had 1st Mortgage with Bank of America, they 30 days delinquency was reported in Nov 12 and closed in May 13 with "Account transferred to another office" 2nd Mortgage with Wells Fargo, they reported 30 days delinquency on Feb 13 and closed the account on Jan 14 with statement "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance with comment of "election of remedy - reported by subscriber" BoA sold their loan during the process to NationStar. Nation Star reported 120 days delinquency on Aug 13 and closed the account on Dec 13 with statement "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance with comment of "election of remedy - reported by subscriber" My current score is over 800 and I want to refinance my current house but brokers told me that the short sale is blocking my way to get a good rate. Would you please give me your advice what to do. Thanks and I appreciate your help.
  15. Filed Chapter 13 Sep 2011, Bankruptcy Plan Number 8 DIRECT PAYMENTS lists 3 items, Jeep payment $265.36 WF Home mortgage (1stMortgage) $1,553.24 Wells Fargo Bank (2nd Mortgage) $275.00 These are the payments setup and ordered by the court for us to make directly to these companies. Got your attention? The first 2 went along just fine, Jeep paid off, 1st Mortgage ongoing @ 9% interest, 2nd mortgage paid $275.00 as ordered. We paid for 15 straight months, last payment was Dec 2012, so in Jan 2013 WF Charged the account off. No notification just Charged it off. Total payments due for those 15 months as ordered by the court amounted to $4,125.00 total amount of payments made during same 15 months $4,105.00 . (See Redacted payments 2nd mortgage 2016-12-23-091341 document attached) and (REDACTED Chapter 13 Plan 2016-12-23) So question is how could they charge this off and then why are they now reporting it to the Credit Bureaus as overdue $3,303.00. We tried to refinance with WF, got a resounding "No" , Since Aug 2016 I have been communicating with WF, I have received 41 letters some the exact same letter twice in one day, the subjects range in no specific order (Acknowledgements, Response to Inquiry, Update to inquiry, Payoff, Resolution, Status Update), we get weekly phone calls with no new update but letting us know they need 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks. (See Wells Fargo Letter Tracking Document) . So what are my options here? They will not send us a bill, we can not refinance because they report this overdue, they claim the account went into default 1 Sep 2011 before the bankruptcy?? They claimed over the phone with the Credit company that the last payment was Oct 2012. Yeah right. The last 3 letters received this week on Monday says a resolution by maybe Dec 29th or Dec 30th, I am holding my breathe... What are my options, they are obviously caught in a mess with disobeying a Court Order and Charging off the account without merit. WellsFargoLetterTrackingSheet.xlsx redacted payments 2nd mortgage2016-12-23-091341.pdf REDACTED Chapter 13 Plan2016-12-23-092308.pdf
  16. Guest

    Settling Old Collections

    I have two old accounts in collections. They both fall off my report in 2018. I have sent each creditor a (hopeful) pay for delete letter, with no luck at all. I have accepted that these collections will remain on my account until 2018. Account #1 is $200 and Account #2 is $283. 1) Is it even worth it to pay off these debts, or should I just let them fall off in 2018? I know it won't boost my score at all, but I assume it looks better if I have no open collections. If I do pay them off to have them listed as "closed or paid" collections, I would like to settle these old debts for a portion of the cost (starting negotiations with 25% of each debt, willing to pay up to 50% if necessary. ) 3) What the best way to do this is? Do I call and negotiate a settlement with the creditor and then get the agreement in writing? Or do I send a letter with a proposed settlement amount and see if they respond? Or should I send a debt validation letter first? 4) If I call to try and negotiate and they refuse to take anything other than the full amount, because I have made contact, does this restart the 7 year process of the collections coming off of my account? 5) Is there any advice about getting these collections (once paid, ideally only partially, but worst-case paid in full) removed from my report at all, or since the pay for delete didn't work, am I stuck with these until 2018? 6)If I request a goodwill adjustment due to extenuating circumstances, am I able to negotiate that while only paying part of the original amount, or if I want to attempt to remove this collection entirely, should I anticipate paying the full amount owed. Thank you for any help, advice, or experiences!
  17. Hi, I am new to credit repair, so I have a ton of questions. First, in 2013 a creditor filed a case against me and won a judgment by default. I wasn't home when the papers were served, so I had no idea of the claim. I would have fought the claim, because I had purchased insurance for the debt. Long story short, an illness resulted in a job loss and loan default. The creditor wouldn't process my insurance claim for the debt, because all of these events occurred within three months of the account being opened and they stated my account was not old enough to use the insurance for the debt. So, here I am. The judgment was filed and remains. My question is this: Is it legal for the OC to continue reporting the account as a charge off? Also, the debt has been sold and a third party collection agency is also reporting the debt as a charge off. So, this one account is hitting my credit three times! A judgement and two charge offs. Any advice is appreciated.
  18. Just wondering if you guys had any luck with disputing an item and getting it removed after paying in full. The company absolutely refused to delete and they wouldn't settle, so I went ahead and paid the $242. I started with a 481 CS on November 1, 2015 and I'm now at 616. It isn't great but it's so much better. I am serious about clearing things up and I just got tired of seeing the collection reported every month on Equifax. I actually had success with getting the aforementioned item removed from EXP and TU before PIF - the company didn't respond to the dispute but DID response to Equifax so it remained. So, I'm hoping that, now that it's paid, they will just ignore another Equifax dispute. Anyone had success with this? If it doesn't work, will PIF at least bump up my Equifax score a little bit?
  19. Creditors haven't responded to debt validation letter, but CB says debt is accurate I've twice written Calvarly Portfolio Services and Portfolio Recovery (two separate debts), asking for a debt validation. It's been 60 days since the first letter went out and 30 days since the 2nd. I did not receive a response to either letter. I disputed the debts, noting that the creditors did not respond to my request for validation. The credit bureaus came back and said their investigation revealed the debts are accurate. Dealing with another creditor, I was able to get it completely deleted from Transunion and Experian because they did not respond to a validation request. But, Equifax says the debt is accurate. What should my next step be? *OAN: I WAS able to get an old First Premier card completely deleted. YAY for that!*
  20. Hi all, I have an old debt (about $6000) from a Chase credit card, the collection has been placed with Calvary Portfolio. Calvary has not harassed me about it. Just a letter or two in the last 6 months. I think it is time-barred Last payment was on 9/2010, I'm in Florida. I've read conflicting info on the Florida SOL, either 4 or 5 years. I'd like to repair my credit report and this is the only negative item on it. I can not afford to pay for delete, but would certainly like to start afresh. It is estimated to drop off my credit report on 8/2017. It is worth sending a debt validation request to Calvary to see if they have what is required and ask them to remove it from my credit report if they don't? Considering it is Chase and them, I would expect they would be very organized and have what they are required to, no? If I send a DV letter, might I be opening a can of worms and end up later regretting that I stirred the hornet's nest, since they are currently leaving me alone except for the bad credit report? Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  21. I had a CHASE credit card debt that I stopped paying on Novemeber 2008. It was sold to Cooper Asset Acceptance in 2011. In 2011 a Judgment was made against me for this debt. I paid the Judgment in May 2011 for the amount of $2457.00 My credit report reads that I had an account with CHASE, it's past due and showing a balance of $2229.00, but that is was purchased by another lender. The Judgment for the same debt is also on my credit report and states it's paid, but will remain on my report until May 2018. My questions are 1 can I dispute the balance still owed of $2229.00? and 2 when is the two items going to come off my credit report? Thanks in advance for any help!
  22. Hey Guys, I'm just starting to try to tackle OC issues on my credit report and I've found that one of them is reporting a different DOFD to each of the three reporting agencies. The same is true for the CA that it looks like bought it. Can I just send a letter to the three reporting agencies with copies of the three different entries and they will delete the tradelines? Or do I have to send everything to the OC and CA themselves and hope they'll do the right thing? Either way I think this violates TFC and FDCPA.
  23. I posted here a few months back about medical collections showing up on my report and I'm happy to say I've vanquished all but 2 of them on my report and 3 on my husband's. I should have the problem ones off our reports soon. If not, they'll all fall off within 2 years or so. Now that I'm mostly done with the negative, it's time to build the positive. My husband has never had a credit card and I was dumb and paid all of mine off then closed them 7-8 years ago. One one is till showing on my Experian report as a positive, but it could disappear at any time. We're thinking of using part of our tax refund as collateral on a secured card for each of us, but we're not sure the best way to go. I'm nervous of reviews on CreditKarma.com and the like because I'm not sure if the card issuers are bad about spamming with positive reviews. Here's the details on what we need: - Our TransUnion and Equifax Vanatge 3.0 scores are hovering around 600. Mine are just above, his are just below. No clue what our "real" FICO scores are. - 2 medical collections on mine, 3 on his (one under $100) that are all older than 5 years. - We'd like to open each card with $200 ($400 total). - We'd like to easily increase our credit limit later. Transition to unsecured would be great, but not a huge deal for a while. - We want to avoid cards that require funding and payment from a checking or savings account. Too afraid of them pulling something dirty. - Annual fee under $50 (can slide on this a tad) and no activation fee. - No fee for an authorized user. We plan on listing each other as an authorized user to double our positive accounts. - APR isn't a huge issue. We plan to only have a $20-$25 balance month-to-month. Our plan on these cards are to spend around $100/m each card on things we already pay for (Husband pays cellphone bill, I pay for gas and household stuff). Set aside the money we would have spent anyway and pay the bill down to roughly 10% of the limit. This is what I did before and I was never late and never had more than 40% utilization for longer than two months. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  24. Hello all, I had medications on May 2014 and it was supposed to be covered by workers compensation as sprained my ankle at work. I also had my personal health insurance on file. After receiving medications, i had to move out from the address (was in that address until August 2014 - not received a single bill or notification about anything). On April 24 2015, i ran a credit report check and found that there is a collection account for an $xxx amount which was initially reported in Feb 2015. So i called in the CA to get the break-up of the bill & they said the medical debt has been assigned to them from the OC and they don't have any bills or statements. So i called in the OC and they were aware of what happened, saying that the bills returned to them saying undeliverable and that's the reason they turned it to CA after 6 months. I told, the workers comp insurer should have paid, apparently i did not know any of these cuz i changed the address and the claim results, bills were all sent to my old address. Anyways, i called the respective accounting/billing person of the OC, questioned her if the debt has been assigned or sold to CA, she said assigned, then explained what happened and willing to resolve it sooner by paying the debt in full & in-turn want the collection listing on my credit report to be removed. She accepted immediately and said "i will inform the CA to put a hold onto this account and will tell them not to call or disturb you on this." I said, ty, please send the agreement to me in mail and gave her my current address and i can . She told, "it won't be like an agreement or sorta like that". I was like, but i want the listing to be removed, anyways, mail me the document first then. *What kind of document should i expect.? like an agreement or contract or just a document.? *should i call her and record the conversation (informing her prior). I live in KS state by the way. Not sure if i can and will it work? *I will update the document once i receive it from them. Nothing has been finalized in writing, guide me if you have a better way, please put in your inputs which will be really effective for me to handle this situation. Thank you all for your time.
  25. I just wanted to share my story with all of you since I've been using this forum a lot to resolve many of my questions about rebuilding credit. I started the new year with the purpose of fixing a rebulding my credit and so far it paid of. Back in January my report was packed with negative remarks. JANUARY 2015 COLLECTIONS --> AFNI - $2200 CAVALRY PORTFOLIO - $1500 CAVALRY PORTFOLIO - $700 CAVALRY PORTFOLIO - $2000 CMRE FINALCIAL - $100 CMRE FINALCIAL - $200 CMRE FINANCIAL - $120 CMRE FINANCIAL - $30 CMRE FINANCIAL - $50 MIDLAND FUNDING - $1200 MIDLAND FUNDING - $800 MIDLAND FUNDING - $1500 PORTFOLIO RECOVERY - $700 SECOND ROUND - $1500 PINNACLE CREDIT SERVICES $1000 ORIGINAL CREDITORS --> AMEX - $2000 BANK OF AMERICA - $1500 CAPITAL ONE - $1200 CAPITAL ONE - $800 CREDIT ONe BANK - $1500 FIRST PREMIERE BANK - $1000 MACYS - $400 LOWES - $300 WALLMART - $500 Since January I've been disputing most of these accounts. It's been a combination of direct disputes, credit bureaus disputes, emails and faxes to both collection companies and original creditos. I also filed BBB and CFPB compliants. For some disputes I used letters that I found in here but I added a lot more to those letters. I also created other letters for certain companies. Before I did anything I went to a mailbox company and opend a PO BOX address with a real address. For all of you who don't know about these servicesm these are companies that will allow you to use their address and then you will use your real po box address as you suit number. For example: 2334 York Avenue, Apt 23 Los Angeles, CA 90036 Your P.O. Box is #23 but they don't know. I only did ONE PAY FOR DELETE with CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES, all others where disputed as "not mine" or "inaccuracies in their reporting". So far, as of today, I only have the following negative remarks on my credit report: MIDLAND FUNDING - $1200 MIDLAND FUNDING - $800 MIDLAND FUNDING - $1500 AMEX - $2000 CAPITAL ONE - $1200 CAPITAL ONE - $800 CREDIT ONe BANK - $1500 The one that I'm really having trouble with is Capital Oone and Credit One Bank who both sold their accounts to Midland Funding. I'm working on it and if they delete I will let you know. I sent an intent to sue letter an I'm awaiting for their response. The easiest to delete from the report were: AFNI, PINNACLE, SECOND ROUND and CAVALRY. All this in less than for months. When I started my score was 425 and now is up to EQ698 - TU700 - EX-712 Good luck everybody!
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