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Found 1 result

  1. On Feb 2nd I received a letter in the mail from DA (Debt Arbitrators) saying that they can reduce my CC Debt of 20k to 11k (See attached) I took out all the personal info for obvious reasons. Included with the letter was a "winter catalog" not sure what the purpose is if that. On Feb. 6th I received another letter very similar to the first on only on it was Pink and some dates changed. So I decided to called them on Saturday (Feb. 9th) and talked with a Laurie from Debt Arbitrators and she was really nice and persuasive explaining the basic process of how it works and convinced me to sign up Saturday using an electronic signing process that took maybe 10 min. to sign everything. The Limited Scope Legal Service Agreement (LSLSA) looked like something from a law firm and legal contract written up by ******* Law Firm, LLC (See attached LSLSA) also attached the service fee's and Savings schedule that they proposed. After I signed everything I started thinking and got a bad feeling that I had just been had. So I started googling Debt Arbitrators name and came up with very, very little (A BBB accredited rating of Not rated and looks like they were only est. on FEB. 02 of 2013) So that got me even more nervous, So I started searching for the ***** Law Firm, LLC that was on my LSLSA agreement and found a Law Firm in Texas with the exact same name as on my LSLSA form, but found on there website that they only do Family and criminal Law. I then went on the Texas State Bar association website and saw that there was only one such Law firm and the contact info matched to the ***** Law firm, LLC Website but not to the LSLSA form that I signed. So I called the **** Law Firm (real one) that I found online and left a msg. saying that I had some questions. The owner of the Firm called me back and I explained everything to her, she was astounded and said that it is was most definitely not them and that they do no such practices. I sent her a copy of my LSLSA agreement form and my letters that I received as well. She was appalled that someone was using her firm's name to make these forms look legit. After that I knew I had messed up big time, so I signed a letter for cancellation and sent it to their email but it came back as Unavailable email address, this email was on the LSLSA form and specifically said that if you want to opt out of this contract to sign so and so and send to this email.... So I tried calling with no answer. Finally I sent the Cancellation letter Certified Mail with Request Receipt. That evening Laurie left a msg on my machine saying that I had violated terms and why I sent LSLSA forms to an unidentified person and that they do NOT appreciate a Law Firm calling them with accusations, and that they are NOT a scam She was more than a little peeved. I heve since been in contact with the real ***** Law Firm and they are proceeding with suing Debt Arbitrators and they are trying to get more info on them. I was asked to be a witness. If you received a similar letter as I did, please let me know. When I was searching for this company when I came across this forum and this is the most informative forum that I have ever seen. The people on here are generous and polite (Something that is hard to find nowadays)