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Found 6 results

  1. Zwicker on behalf of Discover Bank sued me for approx 11k in the county of riverside, superior court of california They only attached one credit card statement and no contract or application. I foolishly said i had an open account with them but denied all other actions. I served them discovery to them on 7/23/19 (admissions, interrogatories both special and formal) and documents Today is 8/12/19 and was served with motion for summary judgement with all credit card statements and a declaration from someone that claims they work for discover in New Albany, Ohio. Is there any way to fight this? they have never sent a contract or application their witness/the person who signed the declaration is in ohio. I thought in california, their witnesses have to be within 150 miles of jurisdiction. "Discover Bank" sued me statements are for Discover It Card exhibit A was discover cardmember agreement exhibit B was all the statements since origination of account
  2. My score is 625 and i have a discover card situation from 2007 for $2800 I was charged thisby a rental company and it was unautorized iwanted to dispute but wasnt able to in 2007 due personal issues. How can i remove this from my report it is said to be in circuit court and i tried to dispute with transunion and its already under investigation from march 14, 2017 and still not completed. what is the best course of action to remove this derogatory negative issue off my credit for good????? any advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have to answer a summons I received two weeks ago for a CO card last year. I sent a DV letter by CMRRR to OC attorney, which in turn sent me by mail some statements . I never talked to OC attorney or awswer any phone call, however in the summons states talk I refused to pay. The summons didn't include any documentation with it. I have read some of the other topics but I could figure out the best approach to my case and what form to use to answer. Any help would be appreciate it.
  4. I was served a summons from DC stating I was being sued. In with the summons they included one credit card statement. DC attorney is Guglielmo & Associates out of Tucson. I live in Scottsdale. 1. I filed an answer within the time frame. 2. I filed disclosure statement within the allotted time. (Still have not received theirs) 3. It has been set for mediation and their attorney recently filed "REQUEST TO APPEAR WITHOUT REAL PARTY INTEREST AND MOTIONS FOR TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE. Should I file a motion objecting to them wanting to appear via phone only? Does it really matter? I would appreciate any help. Regards
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