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Found 3 results

  1. Okay...so now I am really confused. Should I be happy or concerned or ??? Last week I received a Motion for Dismissal which was written by the Plaintiff's Attorney that was mailed on 23 February. I was in court around the 10th of Feb where I managed to get the judge to take a look at the Encore Consent Order and felt this was the resolution of that case based on that hearing. Fast forward to yesterday, I received a dunning letter on the same account. Same attorney, same account, same amount, everything and it was dated 11 February but it was mailed on 25 February. I think at this point I need to get an attorney and seek out some FDCPA money...what am I missing? What does the team here think?
  2. First of all I would like to say THANK YOU! This forum and its members have provided me with so much guidance and advice. I am proud to report that I have 0 negatives on my EXP CR. I couldn't have done it without this forum. With a lot of research, patience, and money for those CMRRR letters you too can improve your credit history. If I can do it, so can you!!! Today I received a dunning letter from Northland Group Inc. The original creditor is listed as Capital One but the current owner is Galaxy International Purchasing. Unfortunately, I do not know if this debt is mine. Awhile back a family member began using my social. When I found out it was too late and my credit repair efforts started. The dunning letter includes a past due amount and a substantially lower settlement offer. It also includes the last 4 digits of the original account number. Although, that's not very helpful when the CRA's do not list the last 4 digits of account numbers. After checking my EXP CR, this debt is currently not being reported. But I did notice an inquiry (did not impact score) from Northland right before the dunning letter was sent. Over the last year, I have closely monitored my CR's and have never seen a CO from Capital One or anything resembling this debt. In fact, I have an unrelated Capital One account in great standing. My CL was just increased on this account. I have written a simple, validation letter and will send it CMRRR. I am still well within the 30 day allotted time to request this information. However, I have a few questions. How can I find out the SOL of this debt and the DOFD? I am under the impression that this must be an old debt, past the reporting period. The dunning letter makes no mention of this debt being placed on my CR. I've received a few DL's in my life and when allowed the CA loves to mention that the debt is/will be placed on your CR. I guess time will tell. Any suggestions, comments, or advice is always appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Today, I received a settlement letter from Midland regarding a TL that was deleted approximately 6 months ago. I never received an initial dunning letter. I checked my CR and noticed Midland's negative TL. After monitoring my CR for several months, I noticed that Midland was reporting this TL inconsistently. Midland used 2 different names (Funding and Credit Management) to open and close the TL, they listed themselves as a factoring company, made the TL appear to be a loan or revolving credit, they supposedly sent a dunning letter to my old address but pulled my CR which listed my current address and phone number. Midland also called after being told to communicate with me via writing. I contacted the FTC and the California AG to report what I believed to be FCRA violations. I also disputed the TL with the CRA's. I disputed this TL because to my knowledge the bill was PIF. I called the OC and they said the remaining balance did not seem right. However, all records were sold to the CA and I was instructed to call Midland. Of course, when Midland responded to the AG they acted as if they were operating in accordance with the law. They also claimed that the debt did not have to be validated because I did not ask for validation within 30 days. I have my old CR's, certified DV letter that asked to only be contacted via writing, phone records, and all other correspondince. I will be mailing a request for DV within the allotted 30 day period. I just wanted to know how else I should proceed with this vile CA. I believe this collection is still within the SOL. However, I've read that cell phones may fall under a Federal, 2 year SOL. I have not received re-insertion letters from any CRA so far. Midland's letter states "this account may still be reported on your credit report". Midland supplied the following: Current Balance, Payment Due Date, OC, Original Account #, Current Owner, MCM Account #, Reduced Payment Option Seems like this is a settlement, dv combo letter? How should I proceed? Thanks for any and all advice.
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