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Found 8 results

  1. I received a 1099-C last year for a closed business credit card from an original creditor (account closed in 2009). Despite the issuance of the 1099-C, the full amount of the charge off is still reporting on my credit reports. My understanding of 1099-C's and credit reporting is if the original creditor intends to report to the credit bureaus, it should now be reported as: "Balance Due $0." I had one other account fall into this scenario and that bank changed its reporting to "Balance Due $0". I plan to dispute the legitimacy of the charge off, the amount stated on the 1099-C, and how it is
  2. Hi, I disputed an entry on my credit reports approximately four years ago and the credit bureaus all removed the entry. After ordering my updated reports this week, I see that one of the credit bureaus added a new creditor's account to my report, shown in a delinquent status. I had never heard of the party, so I looked them up online. It looks like either the party I first disputed had a name change, or they were acquired by this new party. It's hard to be 100% certain thus far, but public corporate records on file with my state show a simple name change. My question pertains to to the Fai
  3. I am in a dispute with one of the three major credit bureaus. In my research for case law and supporting documentation for what I believe are numerous FCRA violations, I came across this very helpful report from the National Consumer Law Center entitled: "Automated Injustice: How A Mechanized Dispute System Frustrates Consumers Seeking To Fix Errors In Their Credit Reports." The report breaks down the process by which Experian, Equifax and TransUnion handles consumer disputes for investigation or re-investigation, how and where they outsource the process to, the automated systems involved,
  4. I am sending a pre-suit demand letter to a Bank for damage to my credit standing. The item they are reporting should not be on my credit report at all. Multiple written demands to correct the problem were ignored. They have no proof to back up their reporting, the error is theirs, and the damage prevented me from being approved for credit cards. The incorrect reporting continues. I have two questions about how to value my damages. First, it is my understanding that FCRA damages are $1,000 per instance. Are they stackable? I have read conflicting comments on this, so if anyone can clarify it
  5. Hi, I have been disputing multiple erroneous items with two of the CRA's for quite some time. The really bad actor of the bunch is Experian, who refuses to correct what are true errors and were properly disputed by me, with proof of the facts and the dispute letters saved in my files. I'm at the point of preparing either a lawsuit, or I may invoke arbitration using an online agreement from one of their websites. My next step is either an Intent to Sue letter, or Arbitration demand. I'd like to form a basic valuation of damages at this point, and know that the general statutory penalty fo
  6. For the record. This is not whining. This is an attempt to motivate and point out the importance of participation. A few days ago I posted a link to the white house web site where a petition has been filed to Amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 299 of you viewed it thus far. Forum admin signed and posted to Facebook which was wonderful. A few others of you signed it. Roughly 280+ of you read the post and did not sign the petition. If you want to effect change you have to participate in that process instead of just coming here to complain about it. If all of you
  7. We spend a great deal of time on this forum discussing these issues. Now it's time to do something to improve the law and make it fair for all. YOU CAN HELP!! Amend The Fair Credit Reporting Act This link goes to a petition on the white house web site. I urge you to click and sign the petition as well as "like" it, Tweet it and or send to anyone you can so we get enough signatures to make it happen. May The Schwartz Be With Us!!
  8. Hi, I was reading over multiple threads while preparing a Fair Credit Reporting Act dispute. I see how numerous board members approached the issue, but since everyone's problem tends to be slightly different, their complaints are, as well. I was wondering if anyone has developed a "FCRA violation checklist" that may be helpful as a reference guide to filing a lawsuit, arbitration, or other FCRA dispute. Thanks!