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Found 10 results

  1. I just received a letter from ADP (the payroll people). I am being garnished for a debt I have no knowledge of. Here are the facts of the case: 30-April-2018 I received a letter from ADP informing me of garnishment by Levy Law Firm, on behalf of Pioneer Services a Division of Mid-Country Bank? I googled and looked up the case on the Fairfax County General District Court website. Indeed there is a case!!!!! Not much detail except that there was a case filed on 23-June-2017 and a Default Judgment was awarded at the civil hearing on 21-August-2017. The amount is over $6,000 and they were awarded an additional $1,200 for attorney fees and 6% of $3,400 in accrued interest!!! I triple checked, this debt is NOT located on any of my three credit reports?? Fast forward to 9-March-2018 a Garnishment case was filed and my employer was indeed listed on the bottom of the screen as the garnishee. I live and have always lived in Cleveland, Ohio. This case was brought before the General District Court of Fairfax, Virginia. The address they have listed is an address I am absolutely not familiar with in Virginia. I have never lived there! Under how service/process it says "post" for this mysterious Virginia address. I've never once received a letter or phone call or subpoena at my home address in Ohio. I am looking for any help! Where do I begin!
  2. I was recently sent garnishment papers and I complied with them. My employer started taking out the 25% with my last check. This was on my Sept 23rd check. Today I get a call from my bank saying I have been garnished and they have taken all the money out of my account. I called the lawyer and asked why I was being double dipped on this garnishment. And also why they garnished my bank without telling me. Her exact words, We send out the garnishment to the bank and to my employer because we don't know which one will pay. They got my 25% already. I asked them to please contact my bank and release the funds back to my account. (she admitted it was their error on the recorded phone call) because what it is is the money is on hold at my bank. All I wanted them to do was call my bank and say never mind we are getting the money thru wage garnishment and they would not. They need a written statement from my bank MAILED to them stating what money was put aside, then they would review it and MAIL back a consent to release the funds back to me. All the while anything that comes in will cause my account to bounce and cost me $27 for each one. What if any action can I take against this lawyer for "stealing " from me in a sense? I'm complying with the garnishment now they will cause me further hardship, because I cannot even afford this garnishment as it is. Matt
  3. I was sued and my wages have been garnished by Mandarich Law on behalf of CACH, LLC. This was in December of 2015. I have paid about half of it by now. Today I received a second garnishment notice for the exact same amount I got in December!!! Shouldn't they have applied all the payments I made? I have never dealt with anything like this and there are a bunch of papers with the notice, meant for a reply. Please...what do I need to do? Thanks so much in advance. KC2
  4. I haven't seen this covered so I am going to start this new thread.... My daughter-in-law has an account that was opened with her parents when she was 16. Since she was a minor the bank required her parents to be on the account...that was @ 10 years ago. Her divorced parent's names are still on the account. Fast forward to last week, my DIL was paid and attempted to pay some of her bills and found that about 30% of the account had an "administrative freeze" put on it. The bank couldn't tell her what it was til the next day...then they told her it was someone collecting money from her mother. The mother told her it was Dish because she didn't return some equipment. The parent's have not deposited any money whatsoever in the account for at least 6 years....just my DIL's paychecks have gone into the account. Saturday, the DIL gets a letter from the bank with a copy of a Garnishment order for the mom from CAP1. The case was in a county where the DIL has never lived and the mom swears she never was served and that she never had a credit card. (I doubt the veracity of both statements). The garnishment order is for over $2500 and the bank added $125 to honor the order. So, where do we go from here?
  5. Hi I'm new here and am at my wits end on what to do. In 2008, I got a $13,000 personal line of credit from Beneficial. I was paying extra every month for insurance in case I was unable to work due to an injury etc. Well, I broke my leg that year, and asked to have the insurance coverage be put into effect. They denied me because I was self employed. Funny thing is, they knew I was self employed when I got the line of credit. I fought it with a lawyer, and they dropped it. Then, on December of 2011, a judgement was entered against me for $14,996.94. I have not been able to make any payments, plus I feel that they are at fault for charging me insurance when they knew damn well I was self employed. I just received by mail in my mailbox, a new court document. It is a "Challenge To Garnishment", and attached is the writ of garnishment that I never received before, and in that writ it states," A judgement was entered against the Debtor for the debt, or the debt otherwise became subject to garnishment, on January 8, 2011." I never got that set of paperwork either. The new requested amount is $42,242.47 The statute of limitations in the state of Oregon is 6 years. We are at 7 right now. What do I do? I am a single mom, full time student living on financial aid with no savings, nothing. I get $150 a month in child support for two teenage girls. Barely scraping by. What can they garnish? I don't have a job! Please help me, I am still going through a nasty divorce, and really don't need anymore court apperances, they are getting in the way of my education. Thank you!
  6. On 12/02/2014 a Writ of Garnishment was placed on my Wells Fargo account. I live in Wisconsin and the Writ was served at a Wells Fargo branch in Austin TX. There was an Judgement in which I was never served nor I had knowlegde of. I filed Chapter 7 on Dec 19, 2014 and I faxed, emailed, phoned and mailed Wells Fargo Legal Department a copy of the Notice of Chapter 7 filing. The Writ was for $2,900. Wells Fargo had taken out $5,700 in which my account was zero out. I was told they sent the money to Wells Fargo Attorneys. Wells Fargo had kept garnishing my account after knowing I filed Chapter 7. I had child support deposted into my account in which Wells Fargo had garnished as well of a bank fees that brought my account negitive. After filling complaints with Consumers Protection and BBB, they sent me a letter stated they released the child support deposits on Jan. 6, 2015 and will not hold any other funds in my account . I filed a motion to vacate the Garnishment in Texas but the judge did not rule only set a hearing on 8-2015 for "Notice of Intention to Dismiss For Want of Prosecution" I was living in Wisconsin when the lawsuit was filed but the judge said a notice was place on the door of my last known address in which my daughter resides and judge said she could have told me about it. What are my options ? I would like Wells Fargo release my funds or any suggestions would help.
  7. My husband and I started getting garnished more than a year ago by Frederick J. Hanna and Assoc. We have requested documentation MULTIPLE Times to no avail. Every time we paid off one garnishment, another would replace it. We have not been served and I noticed at least one of the garnishments had no signature from a judge. Also, the last garnishment was dated BEFORE the supposed certified letter. I have tried to call over 50 times in the past two weeks and sent emails as well. We recently paid off a large garnishment and now they are coming after me. I called today and was transferred immediately,(first time I got an answer in 2 weeks) Then I let the phone ring over 100 times to be placed on hold and no one every returned! I am trying to settle these debts but they will NOT discuss with me, nor will they provide payoff docs for the previous and new accounts. Any ideas on what I should do???? I appreciate any input.
  8. I would like to post regarding my situation. I would appreciate any advice that can be given. I have recently been told that I have a garnishment that will begin in about a month from now. I was taken aback because I have been attending to my credit reports for the past couple of years very closely. I have fair to good credit scores and I never saw anything pertaining to bad debt. I began searching for what the issue was. I went to the court house where this originated. In the whole process I have found: A credit card was charged off in 2006The "placement manager" for the credit card company did an affidavit stating that something is true and correct (there is no additional documents to see with this affidavit)A complaint was filed and a summons issued in March 2006I was allegedly served in April of that same year; HOWEVER this is impossible because I did not live at that address at that time. And I have documentation from my former landlord to support this.A default judgment was ordered.This year, 2013, the lawyer signed an affidavit to serve my job (not me)There is a proof of mailing (mailing what? I don't know because there are no other documents with it). And also they mailed it to the address from 7 years ago again, although they should have had my address from my job.The lawyer and circuit court clerk signed a "renewal of judgment" in May 2013. Apparently there is no need for a judge for this.A suggestion of writ of garnishment was signed and issued in August 2013.My thought is that it should be thrown out due to: Statute of limitations (3 years in MS) No due process (I was never served)However, the few lawyers that I have attempted to contact basically say that it is my word against the service processor and do not want to take the case. Even though I have a statement from my previous landlord. Some have also said to file bankruptcy. I have decent credit through my own diligence and trying to resolve anything on my credit reports. I know that both bankruptcy and garnishments wreak havoc on credit scores. This whole situation seems wrong. But it seems like I cannot find anyone to help.
  9. I recently received both a Garnishment of Wages summons this month, as well as notice from my employer of the garnishment. a) the Summons was served to an old address (my parents house) in another county I was never served for the original judgement hearing. I found out where the original judgement venue was, and informed the clerk I was not served/notified. 1) Clerk stated that a summons was sent to my parents house in 2008 (I haven't lived there since 2006). She stated that i could file a Motion to Rehear on the grounds that i can prove that i resided at a different address (which I can) My question is...Will this stop the garnishment until the hearing? (if my motion gets approved) Thanks in advance..
  10. hi all, obviously this is a post judgement case. unfortunately i received a writ of garnishment from midland here in az. now when i say i i mean my name is on the letter, but the issue im having is it says my name and then i reads and his wife, then i t reads my mothers name. first, i dont have a wife, and second my father and i share the same name. the issue i am having is i was never served, even from the start of the complaint. in the packet i received i received a copy of all the other summons up until the garnishment. and every single one of them lists the defendant as my same name and my mothers name. now, i cant ask my father if he knew of this, unfortunately he passed away in a work accident last july. when looking thru his mail i came accross one letter from midland offering a settlement, and on that letter the last name is misspelled. another issue i am looking at, is that this is an account from bank of america, which midland, according to the summons, they started collecting in may of 2005. the only progress i've made is filing for a hearing. now im stuck, and in need of advice and im unable to afford an attorney. i pulled my credit report, and on there is an account from bank of america, that was opened in 1995, the issue with this is that at that time i was only 12 years old. so i'm pretty sure i was unable to get a credit line on my behalf at that age.
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