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Found 1 result

  1. I opened a Capital One credit card in March 2005. I first became delinquent August 2006 and even though I paid some months here and there after that, I was never able to get out of the late 30 days or more status until they charged it off in January 2008. When I was young(er) and stupid(er) in 2007 I kept getting called at work and threatened to be sued by Global International for my outstanding balance of about $4800. So in December 2007, I sent them a payment of $1500 and they were supposed to set up payment arrangements. Instead, they disappeared. They wouldn't respond to calls and nothing was sent. (Like I said - stupid) The payment date was reported on Capital One's TL entry, but the balance did not change. Fast forward to 2012 and I began getting calls from my old friends Portfolio Recovery demanding payment of $4800 and showing last payment date of December 2007. I checked my CR in April and it showed that the Capital One account was sold to Portfolio Recovery. My Capital One account has since fallen off of my credit report. I don't see the PRA account on my credit reports that I just pulled. My questions are: It does not appear to be past the Indiana SOL of 6 years even though it no longer appears on my credit report. I can't dispute anything with CRA because it's not there anymore. Do they remove negative TL's when they are going to sue to avoid disputes? PRA sues a lot of people in Indiana... Based on the last payment date of December 2007, the 6 year SOL should apply January 2014. Is this correct? They also own a debt from HSBC which is well within SOL for $562. I'm planning on offering a settlement for PFD. How can I protect myself that if accepted, they don't try to apply payment to the Capital One debt and restart the clock? Also, with PFD, is it better to offer a lower or higher amount? Thanks for any help! You guys have been a huge help to so many people. I've already learned a lot from you. I've been able to get a few false entries removed from my CR already, but these PRA guys engage in guerilla warfare and it's time to consult with the 4-Star Generals! -ivyy