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Found 4 results

  1. Just a "heads up" to anyone with an IRS Installment Agreement. I received a registered letter demanding full payment (with an intent to levy) on an Agreement that I have paid religiously. I called IRS and the agent said that a "computer glitch" was causing this problem. She had to go back through my payment history to determine that the problem was on their end. So, if any of you have one of these arrangements, check your mail box. I talked to a "tax guy" that said these things can quickly spiral out of control if not addressed up front. (I found that, when calling, selecting options that said "I received a letter" and "I do not dispute amount" cut down the estimated wait time considerably.)
  2. Hello everyone, first post so forgive me if I am in the wrong spot. Recently I was picking up my paycheck from work and noticed a significant cut in my amount, for a garnishment. I didn't even know what a garnishment was and I went back into the office and asked the front desk lady about what this garnishment deduction was for.. She looked at me and said "oh you have a garnishment, here is your paperwork for it". Apparently I owe 13,000 from Oregon food stamps. Ive never been on food stamps before, I'm 24 now and living at home currently. So I called up the help info phone number and asked them what this was about, and she says that it was an upaid debt from overpaid food stamps from my parents and anyone that is 18+ years of age living in the household is equally as liable for paying the debt off. It was accumulated from the years 2010 to 2014 and it was from my income being combined with my parents. Being the fact that I have never had them pay for anything since I got a job when I was 19, can I get off of this lien? Is this what they call a mis-lien? Right now my paychecks once a week are being taken out until the amount is paid in full. I feel like this is totally unfair and my parents feel awful for it because I'm now involved. They don't make any money hardly to pay this off as fast as they want it. And for me, buying a house which was my goal to accomplish this year is now out of the question until its all paid off. What can I do?
  3. Hi there, I just finished doing my taxes, and have to pay back the IRS a sum that requires me to set up a payment program with them. What I want to know is when I do this, will paying them effect my credit in a positive way?
  4. I have a question about this, if you're settling say... and old apartment debit with a CA. This debit is past SOL and you're paying it in order to clear the road for an eventual mortgage. What happens if the CA has tacked on unreasonable or even illegal levels of interest and you settle for nickels on dollars? Would this 1099-C reflect the difference between the original debit or the possible illegal interest?
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