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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone!!! Been a board lurker for YEARRRRSSSSS finally decided to join. BTW thanks for getting me from low 500's at one time to mid 700's all you posts, sample letters, really helped me out!!.... until I screwed up again now back to the 500's (all my fault no one to blame) but steadily moving back up!!. So I just started with Experian inquiries.... always been easy to dispute and almost always 100% success rate with just a call and dispute to the CB. THIS TIME..... Exp seems to not be deleting them anymore, not even investigating, just moved em all to the "Soft" section?? Anyone had this happen to them? Thanks!!!!!
  2. Hi, I recently applied for credit and was surprised I was turned down when the bank pulled the bureau I thought I had a very strong credit rating with. The reason was too many inquiries. I reviewed my report, and sure enough, there were about 16 inquiries. However, most of them come from current creditors, or banks / credit unions where I have business and personal checking and savings accounts. I was surprised to see most of these as hard inquiries, negatively affecting my credit. When I opened the checking and savings, I was advised they would all be "soft pulls" by each credit union. The others are from current creditors, ie. credit cards. I'm not past due on anything, nor in any kind of collection status and not in any litigation. I would assume credit card banks would do normal periodic credit reviews via soft pulls, but these are all appearing as "hard pulls." The cumulative effect over the past two years was to negatively affect my credit. I believe out of the 16 hard inquiries at least half should be soft pulls. I disputed in writing with the one credit bureau where they all appear and my disputes have been denied twice now. Has anyone come up with any new strategies on disputing inquiries, or how to deal with this scenario? I'm concerned that just going back to the banks will be a lost cause, and quite difficult to find any individual in the "credit inquiry department." Thank you.
  3. I have read so many different rules about collection agencies and junk debt buyers and their ability to report on your credit report. Ive compiled some questions below specific to my situation. If anyone can give me some insight, it would be helpful. Questions Regarding Debt Collection Accounts (Not w/ original creditors, sold to 3rd parties after charge offs) 1.) Are debt collectors allowed to make repeated hard inquiries to one's credit report? 2.) If a debt collector assigns an attorney to your account, can the attorney make repeated hard inquiries to your account? I've had a "frederick j hanna" lawyer make three hard inquiries in a period of 2 weeks. 2.) Should a debt collection account be listed as an OPEN account or CLOSED account on one's credit report? 3.) Shouldn't these collection accounts be under "Collections" rather than open/closed? 3.) Should the 'Date Opened' reflect the month/year that the collection agency acquired the account from the original creditor? 4.) Should the 'Balance Date' reflect the initial balance after acquiring account from original creditor OR should it be the updated balance indicating when the account was updated? 5.) Are debt colelctors allowed to make incomplete credit report entries, such as as collection account with no balance listed or no dates? 6.) What does Loan Type "Factoring Company Account" mean? 7.) How can a past due status be more than the high credit? 8.) what should i do if a debt collector who owns the account is reporting it as an installment account when it is not? (I have three collectors reporting this incorrectly) Believe it or not, I have one LVNV funding account which has posted the same account TWICE, once under OPEN accounts and once under CLOSED accounts! Questions Regarding Accounts Listed Under Original Creditors (after being charged off and sold) 1.) If an original creditor account is listed as a charge off on a credit report (and is has been sold to a collector), should the 'Account Status' be 'Collection' ? I have one that still has a '120 Days late' notation even though its been charged off. 2.) Should the 'Balance Date' reflect the last date updated or date they sold the charged off account? 3.) Under one charge off, its noting delinquencies in the months preceding the charge off, however, there was no account activity for two years. Last delinquencies listed should be last activity right? 4.) What if an account was charged off and sold, shouldnt it be then noted as Balance: $0 ? If it helps, some of the scum im dealing with is ARROW FIN, LVNV, and MIDLAND.
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