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Found 5 results

  2. Notably from this article New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman found that the San Diego-based firm filed nearly 240,000 lawsuits against debtors in a recent four-year period, using our courts as its private collection arm.
  3. So I had an old credit card that I went delinquent on when I was in college, it was opened in 2008 and quite confident I stopped making payments in '09... Well I've moved several times, and more or less ignored any and all calls, going as far to change my service provider and my phone number... Anyway, June 27 a sheriff came knocking on my door... I had been served. They provided 1 bill of sale from Citibank to the first CA, then from that CA to lazega&johanson. Along with what looks like a photo copy of my account showing the balance, name etc from July 2010. So I responded with a letter asking for proof that I owed THEM for the debt, and they just sent me back literally the SAME 3 documents today. I am planning on showing up to court pro se, with the defense that I owe Citibank and I NEVER entered into a contract with them in anyway so they have no standing... Will this work? Any tips? I don't have the funds to settle as I have a small child, and a disabled mother who I help pay her bills...
  4. New York State's Chief Judge has set new rules on debt collection cases. Great changes that should be adopted nationwide. Please see:
  5. Hi All, I'm just looking to find how some of you cope with all the stresses of fighting debt lawsuits or surviving bankruptcy, whatever your predicament is. I initially fought debt lawsuits in 2011-2013 period, but have eventually decided to file for Bankruptcy. I have a good Bankruptcy attorney, but he is not equipped to be my psychologist , so I am trying to find a way to cope. What do all of you do when the blues hits hard? It doesn't happen much to me, but when it does, it's with full force... Last week has been particularly hard. After a lot of push and pull with the Trustee for the price/terms of the car buyback agreement (unfortunately, I was able to exempt only part of my equity as the car has been paid off), and finding out that he won't budge on the price, I've realized that the agreement is not really a good deal for me, and have started coming to terms with surrendering the vehicle. And then, the mortgage lender comes in on Friday with their motion for relief of stay (even though I've been actively closing the gap and doing the loan mod), and I realized I will need to essentially give up the car to save the house. I'm pretty confident my Attorney will defeat their stupid motion (per my attorney, their motion's got a couple of major flaws in it), but it sucks when you find out on a Friday that they have filed for it. Plus it reminds of the saying that "the difference between a rattlesnake and a bank is that a rattlesnake will warn you before it bites!" It's been much harder than I thought it'd be, emotionally. I guess I got quite attached to my car over the years, even though it needs a bunch of maintenance and repairs. So, I am looking for rentals to tide me over until the discharge (when I can get a car loan again), and the emotions have been a bit overwhelming a bit. First I kept telling myself that it was "just a car", but then going back to 2006 when I bought it, I recall how happily I drove it off the lot (was just a 1 year old car), and, after a couple of cheap econoboxes, it was my first comfy car with a V6 that I was planning to use for a bunch of road trips, etc. But then, the financial troubles hit a year or two after, and there was never enough money for those trips, so I ended up with a not very fuel-efficient commuter vehicle. Eventually, when the dust settles, I'll be able to get another car, more suited for commuting and with better mileage and all. I know things we'll get better, but it sure stings a little bit right now