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Found 25 results

  1. I recently received a letter from Phoenix Financial Services notifying me on their intent to collect on some old medical debt. The accounts were previously handled by a different collections agency, and I noticed that out of the blue the accounts dropped from my credit report I check weekly. I also noticed that my FICO score provided by my Discover card went up 90+ points after the collections fell off my report. The date of service for each of the debts listed in the letter range from 05/20/2011 to 07/08/2011. I live in the state of Florida and here the statute of limitations is either 4 or 5
  2. Hi there! I've been lurking but I keep getting conflicting information /: I'm also fairly young (21) so I think a lot of it is flying over my head. I found this on creditkarma today, and it shows up on all three of my CRs as of today: PAUL MICHAEL MARKETING SHIEL MEDICAL LABS Oct 20, 2015 Open $175 Account Details Last Reported Jan 22, 2016 Collection Agency PAUL MICHAEL MARKETING Original Creditor
  3. The original creditor was a pathology lab co. my doctor used. Original date of service: 4/7/2013. First Financial Investment Fund V, LLC purchased this delinquent account & referred it to Stoneleigh Recovery Associates who sent me a letter saying I owed them the bill, that I can dispute it and goes on to say I cannot be sued because of the age of the debt. But, the current creditor can report it to the CRA’s. Stoneleigh has already looked at my CR. I contacted the Indiana BBB to file a complaint against the lab hoping to get it back into their hands. (How can it be delinquent if I had
  4. Hello, thank you for reading my post. I'll try to be brief and I hope you can help me. I received a letter/bill from a collection agency in October. Two weeks later I got a letter/bill from the original creditor. I telephoned the OC and they said the bill had gone to collections on September 29th, but they started talking to me about making payment arrangements, so they seem to still "own" the debt. I am desperate to keep my credit report as clean as possible. I'll pay in full immediately if necessary. I don't know whom to pay, I don't know if it has hit my report yet etc.
  5. Hey Friends, Long time board member here with a few questions about paying back Medical Debt vs paying Utilities Debt, both are in Collections. Which is preferable? My Goal: To get this stuff off my CR or best case scenario possible. In short, last year I was in a very bad auto accident (only me, no other cars were involved), and I didn't work for a long time due to bodily and brain injuries and have moved several times since last May. All of this happened while living in Florida, though I am not currently there. Mind you, my Auto Insurance covered 80% of things, leaving
  6. So, first off, let me thank everyone here for the great resource that you provide as I've been trying to get my credit back into the 700's after having a few issues. I did some labor trading with a dentist for labor around 9 years ago when I worked for my old boss doing IT and received a bill shortly after getting the work done in which I was told by the dentist to ignore and that it would never go to collections. I have NEVER signed for anything with this dental office at all but out of the blue I get a $900 collections notice almost 9 years later. This same dentist has now sold his orig
  7. Hi, Last summer, I went to the ER and was billed for three services - the ER facility fee, the ER doctor's fee, and the fee for the CT scan I received. My insurance paid the ER facility and ER doctor's fees, but did not pay for the CT scan. My insurance company covers almost everything, and they've never denied a claim before - they're stating that they have never even received the claim for the CT scan, and therefore certainly didn't deny it. I discovered this after it was posted to my CR by a JDB. I contacted the JDB, and they agreed to remove it for 60 days but would place it back on my
  8. Hi everyone, I did a search on the forums and was unable to find a scenario like mine. If there is one and I missed it, I apologize in advance for overlooking that. When it comes to my question, it originates from a medical debt collection started in 2011 that, as far as I know, came from me breaking my hand in 2010 and being of legal age. Although I signed all of the medical documents, my parents were going to pay the medical bill as I did not have income to pay for it because I was a full-time student. With that said, my parents accidentally stopped paying the debt (I believe it was bein
  9. We are residents of Orlando, FL and need help with medical debt for lab test. In summary - the test was performed in Nov 2012, and the insurer had pre-approved this out-of-network lab as in-network - the insurer and lab went back and forth over the bill and are still going back and forth over the bill, now with my employer’s HR involved - we never received a bill from the lab, despite us updating our address with them and USPS with our new address - On March 17, 2015, we received notice (dated March 10) from a collection agency for a $19K debt that includes $2600 of interest - The lab claims t
  10. I have 2 medical collections ($259 and $104). I sent a DV and C&D. I have also disputed with the CRA's. After doing this, I also noticed that next to where it has the original creditor (which was a medical lab), it says in parenthesis 'retail'. This is not a retail account so I'm wondering if it's being reported as one (as opposed to medical, which apparently doesn't impact score as much) If they don't delete with my previous 'not mine' dispute, should I do another dispute since it's says it's retail? The good thing is that it's only on TU so it's not too bad, but I want it gone!!
  11. We are residents of Orlando, FL and need help with medical debt for lab test. In summary - the test was performed in Nov 2012, and the insurer had pre-approved this out-of-network lab as in-network - the insurer and lab went back and forth over the bill and are still going back and forth over the bill, now with my employer’s HR involved - we never received a bill from the lab, despite us updating our address with them and USPS with our new address - On March 17, 2015, we received notice (dated March 10) from a collection agency for a $19K debt that includes $2600 of interest - The lab claims t
  12. I've just recently stepped into this hell of credit repair. DIY I'm sure I will have more questions, but may I start with this one: Pulled my husband's credit, 13 derrogitory, 10 of the 13 are medical 3 of these accounts are to the same creditor, Senex Services. A collection agency $6987 $1575 $332 It shows the date opened as: 12/20/13 for all 3, which is confusing to me because I know for certain he's not visited that hospital from at least Jan 2012 on. Perhaps a few years before? Can anyone suggest a good plan of action? We can afford to pay off 2 of them, but not the 7k one. Do I of
  13. Hi guys, first time here. I live in a small town in Washington and my resources here seem to be very limited. I've never been sued before but I received a summons yesterday for 3 different medical bills rolled into one, totally 298 dollars (can they even do that?). I called the collection agency (Armada), scared to death, and was ready to pay the 427 dollar bill that it had increased to. However the woman told me, since it was now filed with the court I also had to pay attornies fees and so forth, now totally 841 dollars (i'm pretty sure it doesn't cost $400 to file a complaint). I know i
  14. I have a question about breaking a lease for medical reasons. I went to visit my daughter and while there i had a medical issue. As a result i couldnt go back to Texas, where my apartment was. Im currently in Tennessee. I didnt know i was in collections until i looked st my credit report. I got no notification at all from anyone. What can i do about this collection? Ive never had this issue before. Never had credit problems like this. Thanks for any guidance
  15. Has anyone come across a medical debt that could be sent to arbitration? I ask because I'm trying to take stock of all my options. I'm trying get a medical debt away from the clutches of a collection company.
  16. I have two medical accounts with the same hospital, one from 2009 and the other from 2010. I have already DV'd both accounts and they came back verified. My problem now is how to go about settling both accounts. The largest of the two accounts has a current past due amount of $7200 with an original balance of $5000 which they tacked on $1200 in interest. Originally I was planning on sending a settlement letter to Progressive management, the CA, however I chose to call them instead and see if I could settle with them for a lower amount via phone. They did inform me that they were in fact NOT th
  17. I sent a DV to a CA reporting a medical bill. This is an ER bill back in 2010 that was supposed to be charged off by the hospital to their charity care. I was unemployed and uninsured at that time. I disputed with CRA and came back verified. Today, I received letters in the mail from the CA. Letter #1: - Addressed to me and my ex-husband to my address since 2008. - Ex-husband has never lived at this address. The divorce was finalized in 2009. - The Amount due is $400 more than the amount due on the CR. - Basically just says they received the dispute from a CRA and advised that the i
  18. I was wheeled into the OR, knocked out, and woke up about a half hour later in recovery. Obviously no surgery had been performed and the doctor came in to say he chose to cancel the surgery since the wrong surgical kit had been set up by the surgical technicians. No one except the anesthesiologist sent any bills to me or to my insurance carrier. I declined to pay the anesthesiologist, pointing out this was the hospital's error, and none of the other professionals nor the hospital had billed me. The response was basically, so what, the doctor did his job. OK, I get that. But the bill is now
  19. Medical company filed in court on 7/13/2011 (didn't even know about this, just saw it today) a disposition was filed on 2/7/2012 - dismissed by parties - 1>doesn't this mean the case was dismissed? The charges from the medical company show up on my credit report under an attorney's name - I sent the attorney letter of validation and they sent me a medical billing statement. (this was done prior to my knowledge about the above referenced court filing- sent letter 4 months ago) 2>Being that the company's claim was dismissed shouldn't this information be deleted from my credit report
  20. Hospital called me and said I needed to pay bill by end of day or it would go to collections. Gave them by credit card, got the confirmation #, payment showed up online and balance on account was $0.00. Now I'm getting a collections agency letter for the account and the amount I owed. Confirmed with hospital that account is zero and paid in full, but the subcontractors that do billing screwed something up and still sent to CA. They can't figure out what to do about it. Should I send a dispute letter to the CA with the payment confirmation information and statement from the hospital?
  21. I am posting for a co-worker. She was in the hospital for kidney infection while pregenant. The bill was $28,000 and insurance only covered 90%. She tried to work it out with the Hospital but they got rid of the Debt and now PISA is sending her the bill. They called her and told her that they were collecting the debt and she needed to pay it off immediatly. They also informed her that she could just use her Credit card that has $XXXXX creidt available on it. She told them no and has sent off at least 2 $100 checks to them. I informed her to stop what she was doing and I would get her som
  22. I recently got a bill for 2K in ER bills couple months ago, and I JUST received almost $20K in ER for another stay from earlier this month. I plan on talking to patient resources tomorrow, but I want to know all my options and best way to proceed. I definitely do not plan on doing this anymore and am kicking myself for not having health insurance as it would have been much easier to just take care of it that way. Now, whats done is done, i definitely will be more careful. Is this worth declaring BK for? I have been unemployed last two years, and recently got a job. I do not want my
  23. Just received a call from State Collection Service Inc regarding a medical debt. The debt is a result of an insurance complication (my insurance rejected the original claim because I had not yet submitted the form that states that I do not have any other insurance. They were supposed to reprocess the claim once I submitted the appropriate paperwork. I was waiting for an updated bill from the OC but instead I got the collections call). So not sure if that matters, but technically the debt is mine and it's minor (under $100) and I have no issue paying it off, but I want to make sure that I'm not
  24. Anyone know of any good articles, outside of the first 10 pages of an internet search, on medical billing fraud. I have some collections from a few years ago. These collections might be from legitimate bills. However, the reason they weren't paid is likely due to some insurance fraud on the part of a former doctor of mine. The fraud looks like this: He reported charges WAAAY higher to my insurance agency than me, to the tune of $1400 per 15 minute session. That quickly drained my yearly maximums. However, when I went in it was the usual co-pay of $20. There was never a mention of an outstand
  25. I have a medical bill for a vaccination provided by a physicians group. They have billed me directly claiming my primary health insurance would not cover the service. I disputed owing an amount of 205.00 dollars (150.00 for the vaccination and 55.00 for the administration of the shot) as I had given them a 3rd payer who would pay for the service. They refused to bill the 3rd party saying they do not have a relationship with the payer and therefore I am responsible for the bill. I am now sitting on an Invoice under (1) account number from the physicians group for $205.00. Fair enough. The phy