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Found 2 results

  1. Midland Credit Management continues to do account reviews on at least my TU CR. The purpose of their review is listed as a collection. However, I do not have any collections on my CR. Approximately 5 months ago, a collection from Midland was deleted off of my TU CR. The collection was not validated or verified. I am not sure how the SOL (tolling) would work with this collection because I moved from TX to CA. I also was able to catch Midland in violation of several FCRA's and reported them to the CA Attorney General and FTC. Since then, Midland has sent 2 letters with payment options for an unrelated collection. This collection is not mine, does not appear on my CR’s, and according to Midland is out of the SOL. 6 days after I received the 2nd letter from Midland, they reviewed my account again. Is this legal? How can I stop Midland from reviewing my CR? Is Midlands review of my CR damaging my score? Regardless, a collection listed under account review doesn't look good. I would hate for the deleted collection to reappear on my CR's. I thought the bill had been paid, OC somewhat agreed but could not view a list of the charges...only the balance. Once I found out about the discrepancy, the OC had already sold the account and related documentation to the CA. Needless to say, it was a huge mess! Thanks for any advice or input.
  2. This morning I received a phone call from Midland Credit Management regarding a debt from T Mobile. I also noticed a collection from MCM on my CR a few months ago. I have no knowledge of the debt but wanted to wait until the SOL is up this summer before disputing or taking any action. I have a few other negatives that I've been working on first. I have been reading this forum and realize that MCM is sue happy but also a violator. My question is how do I handle this? Since they just contacted me via phone, for the first time, are they required to respond if I DV them? I did not admit the debt was mine and instructed the collector to stop calling and to send any further correspondence through the mail. They are calling my business, cell phone. I have not received a debt validation letter from this company. The collector said she would send one but I don’t think they have my correct address. I refused to supply them with any information. I live in CA but used to live in TX. I will continue to read through this forum to see if I can come up with the best solution. However, I wanted to ask for advice while I continue to research.