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Found 5 results

  1. Great NY Times article on how to become a lawyer's apprentice, and then a lawyer in many states without going to law school. A fascinating part of the story is, John Adams, Chief Justice Marshall, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson never went to law school. They all learned the law as a "lawyer's apprentice." Please see:
  2. Fascinating story regarding the seedy underworld of debt collectors, debt brokers, and those who finance them. Paper Boys: Inside the Dark, Lucrative World of Consumer Debt Collection Source: New York Times, Aug 15 2014
  3. New York State's Chief Judge has set new rules on debt collection cases. Great changes that should be adopted nationwide. Please see:
  4. When Health Costs Harm Your Credit By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, NEW YORK TIMES MARCH 8, 2014 LIKE most people, I am generally vigilant about paying my bills — credit cards, mortgage, cellphone and so on. But medical bills have a different trajectory. I (usually) open the envelopes and peruse the amalgam of codes and charges. I sigh or swear. And set them aside for when I have time to clarify the confusion: An out-of-network charge from a doctor I know is in-network? An un-itemized laboratory bill from a doctor I’ve never heard of? A bill for a huge charge before my insurer has paid its yet u
  5. The world of credit - obtaining it, managing it, and navigating disputes - is hard enough for anyone. As a man, I can't imagine having the additional credit hurdles women face due to marriage, name changes, divorce, and sexism on top of all of the other challenges we face in the world of finance. Gail Collins of the New York Times wrote this meaningful op-ed on the issue. This article is for all the great women on CIC who help all of us navigate credit issues in the modern era. Thank you!