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Found 1 result

  1. I will be fending off a JDB lawsuit in magistrate court in Georgia related to a chase cc account acquired from WAMU. JDB claims in their complaint debt was assigned to another JDB and subsequently assigned to them. They are one of the biggest JDB if not the biggest in the Nation They claim OC assigned a little over 2000 to them through another JDB(this drives me crazy because I know it's not true) They claim one of the majors BIG BANK is their assignor but I know it's not true because the true OC is a defunct bank and is not mentioned in any Bill of Sales or Affidavits There are issues in their case: True OC is not identified but the bank who acquired it through FDIC is being called OC There is no records, documents, chain of assignments, affidavits linking the plaintiff Junkland Funding to the true(defunct) OC. Of course there is no Original Agreement or Signed application. I know these can't be produced since true OC(WAMU) died since 2009 and there is nothing connecting me to it at this moment as far as I know. I truly feel I have nothing to do with JDB. I've answered their bogus claims by simply saying Junkland Funding has never advanced any funds to me and I don't recall any party having a business or financial relationship with me assigning a business or financial contract to them(not sexy but I wanted to be as brief and evasive as possible). Need help to structure better defense. Based on the info I provided. What is best way to provide defense in Georgia magistrate court? Attack chain of Assignment(No documents/Bill of sale/Affidavits link JDB to WAMU but claims to be Assignee of OC, CHASE but true OC is WAMU)? Attack JDB's standing as successor in interests as no evidence shows connection to true OC? But to do so I would have to offer that info to court which I am afraid it might backfire? From the outset insist of getting credit card agreement and/or signed application since JDB is claiming breach of contract in their complaint? Since I feel Plaintiff can not produce Card Agreement/application. Should I subpoena these documents now(Monday)? Court date next week. As you can tell I did not reveal too much about identity of Plaintiff and their lawyers but it's a California based JDB probably the biggest in the country and their lawyer here is a Marietta/Missouri based law firm. They are basing their claim on OCGA24-8-803(6) and 24-9-902 and off course are demanding Judgment. Thank you for helping. Court is next week.