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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am new, and this is my post (I hope I am doing this correctly). I am asking this question on behalf of my partner. A summons to small claims court for a credit card debt collection in the amount of $828.51 was sent to the home of my partner's mother (who was his guardian from April of 2016 until July of 2017, after he suffered a debilitating brain anerusm). His mother informed us of this summons having been posted on her front door on February 18, 2018. She scanned and emailed a copy of said summons to us. My partner does not live at his mother's address, nor has he lived at
  2. In 2009 I was extremely ill to the point I had to turn my finances over to my spouse. During that time, my spouse signed for a summons on a credit card debt. They never gave it to me. I only just became aware of it via a credit report. Bottom line, I did not get the opportunity to validate the debt or defend myself. Do I have any legal grounds to vacate the judgment at this point?
  3. So after yet another bleary-eyed exhausting day and night of reading threads, researching, revising my Affirmative Defenses to add to my Answer in a case involving a JDB suing for Breach of Contract, Account Stated, Open Book Account, and Indebtedness, I'd like to step away from all of that for a moment to ask a serious question about Service. Is it fair to say that the right to Service, in actual fact, appears to benefit no one but the Plaintiff? I have a case dating to last year in which I was never, ever served anything by the Plaintiff, yet the case was allowed to go to trial. Everyo
  4. I am currently in the military (active duty) and I came a cross this link a few years back. It may help those of us on Active Duty. It seems this applies to all who are active duty. I recently went through and contacted all my credit card creditors and they reduced my interest rate below 6%. Hopefully this is a useful resource for those in the military.
  5. Maybe a very dumb question, but . . If I want to file an FDCPA complaint based on an element of the Plaintiff's complaint/lawsuit, does the SOL of one year run from the date the suit was originally filed with the court or when I was served? The difference is between the beginning of February and the beginning of April. So, I would like to think it has to be from the date of service, right? Since I was unaware of the complaint before then. Thanks.
  6. I'm trying to find the registered agent for Chase Card Services as it reports incorrect info to Equifax. According to the credit report and a fax I received from Chase Card Services, they are in Delaware (PO box). But, when I search I find nothing for "Chase Card Services." Do we sue and serve JP Morgan Chase? There are only several hundred ... Or do we just serve at any Chase branch? Thanks for any pointers, Christine
  7. Can anyone please tell me why a plaintiff in California does not need to file a proof of service? I am sued by a collection agency thru. a law firm, and I really need to find out if they do not need to file proof of service and went ahead file a default judgement. Thanks!