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Found 2 results

  1. I have a Southwest Credit Systems collection on my credit report. I did not recognize this account but started putting two and two together. It is an old AT&T account (still within the SOL) that I thought had been closed and paid in full. My plan was to dispute the account as not mine since the OC is listed as Cingular Wireless. Before I could file the dispute with the CRA’s, I noticed that the amount owed to Southwest Credit Systems had decreased by exactly $300. Turns out my wife made a payment to AT&T a few months ago, in hopes of fulfilling the debt. She needs to start reading the vast amount of information on this site but I digress. AT&T reported the payment to Southwest who in turn decreased the balance. AT&T does not appear on my credit report. I called AT&T and found out that we still owe $350 but according to Southwest we owe $466. My question is who do I pay? I am under the impression that I should send a PFD letter to Southwest Credit Systems since there TL is on my report. However, I would prefer to deal with AT&T since they are accepting payment. Is there a way I can pay AT&T but insure the Southwest TL is removed? Any advice would be appreciated. I realize before we pay anymore we need to have everything in writing as to assure a PFD has been negotiated. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I have started my road to credit repair. After sending out my first round of disputes, I am happy to report that a few negatives have come off. However, I noticed that a collection balance from Southwest Credit Systems has decreased from $766 to $466 as I received an updated credit report showing the removal of an unrelated dispute. I have not attempted to dispute the Southwest Credit Systems collection. I now have 2 EQ CR's - one from Nov. and an updated one from Dec. showing a decrease in the balance. I have not made a payment. The CA is reporting the wrong amount. This account is also showing the wrong OC. The OC is listed as Cingular Wireless but my account was with AT&T. To my knowledge, Cingular did merge with AT&T but all payments and contracts were with AT&T. I called AT&T to inquire about this collection because I thought the account had been paid in full. I was told that I owed $300 for an early cancellation fee. Previously, I was told the cancellation fee would be waived because I only activated 1 of the 2 lines. Since then AT&T allowed Sprint to port the number associated with this account to their network. I assumed everything was ok. Apparently, they didn't waive the fee after all. AT&T claims that the account has not been sold to Southwest Credit Systems. Maybe Southwest Credit Systems is collecting on behalf of AT&T? I asked AT&T to send an invoice for the amount owed but have not received it. My question is should I dispute the balance as reporting incorrectly since the amount is changing from month to month? Do I pay AT&T or Southwest? Should I dispute the original creditor as inaccurate? Or both? I know the balance Southwest Credit Systems claims I owe is inaccurate but I'm not sure if I have enough evidence with the 2 EQ CR's showing a fluctuation in the balance. I am still within the SOL for this collection. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I know that before I pay anything I need to arrange a PFD and insure everything is in writing. Thanks
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