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Found 13 results

  1. I took out 6 small-ish private student loans (between 3k and 8k), the original promissory notes dating between 2005-2007. All have since been purchased by NCT. They were serviced by AES for years. Once they became due, I paid every month on all of them, to the tune of 19k total between 2009-2013. In 2013, my co-signer declared chapter 13 bankruptcy and--I just discovered last week--he was able to list the loans from NCT on his chapter 13 bk and listed me as the sole responsible debtor. I found out that my co-signer's attorney included the student loans in his Chapter 13 bankruptcy and that th
  2. Not sure what the correct group to post this is because it could go anywhere.... I'll apologize in advance for being overly wordy(i ramble lol). Ok, So here's the details: I'm 31 years old, had great credit in my early 20s, then got involved with substance abuse - long story short got addicted to pain medication thanks to an injury as a result from an accident and ended up being a straight up "junkie" - vehicle ended up repod, got divorced, racked up some CC debts, various cable bills/cell phone plans, a major hospital bill, and other debts, and basically skipped out on all of em for years. Th
  3. I'll try to keep this brief...I'm wondering if anyone can assist? I was contacted by a lawyer in Rhode Island in regards to alleged PRIVATE student loans from 2009 that would have been loaned to me through the school directly. If I owe the money I want to pay it, however I only have 20 days to file my response and I cannot get the school OR their lawyer to show me that I do in fact owe the money (I thought I only took out Federal loans, that's why I'm unsure of the validity of this debt). I have had consultations with two lawyers although I cannot afford to hire a lawyer AND pay the debt
  4. Hi, I think I have a couple legitimate claims on 2 lates for my FedLoan Servicing Student Loan. LEGIT CLAIM #1: submitted a deferment request in May 2013, which was denied repeatedly for no good reason. I faxed the paperwork over at least 4 or 5 times, yet they claimed they never had the full documentation. Also, for some inexplicable reason, despite requesting temporary forbearance during the time my deferment claim was pending, it wasn't processed correctly, unbeknownst to me. Therefore I unknowingly accrued lates during this time. After finally speaking to a competent manager, I
  5. Ok so I have a very confusing situation that I hope someone will be able to help me solve or at least point me in the right direction. Sorry for the long post! I took out a school loan from a University I attended in Spring of 2011, the loan was to be repaid from my federal student loan for summer courses I was taking. My loan came in and was credited to my account ( it said I owed nothing and was actually due a refund). When my grades for the Spring semester came in they did not meet the schools academic standards and I was dismissed. The only redeeming thing I could think of from that exp
  6. A family member of mine who is 55 years old just received an, "account statement" from University Accounting Services, LLC in WI listing a loan amount for $500, and requesting more than twice that, showing a current billing period of 90 days, and 3% interest. It was odd, since she does not recall the loan, and was only in "college" at age 19 for one semester, then dropped out (preggers). And she never went back. Subsequently, she lived in the same apartment (IL) for over 20 years...and has lived in her current home for about 6. This is the first time she ever received anything regarding this
  7. Saw this on You may be stuck with a default if the co-signer on your student loan dies.
  8. My daughter has 3 student loans, 2 of which I co-signed on. She graduated 3 years ago and has never missed a payment on these loans. She also makes $20K more a year than I do! My question: is it possible for me to get off these loans? If so, how would I go about doing so? Thank you!
  9. I have 12 student loans from sallie mae 6 are GOV. back and are in default, and 6 private signature student loans from sallie mae that don't show up on the Federal Student Loan Database. When I look at the 6 six private loans on my credit report, I see that sallie mae keeps reporting the payment history as OK for a few months then updates them to late 30 days, 90 days, 120 days, after the 120 mark they start reporting as OK. They have been repeating this cycle since 2005. I never made a payment on these loans or have received a deferment or forbearance, and all this time they never def
  10. I have an outsanding student loan in California from 1986 which ECMC is now threatening to sue me on.. I do know that student loan statute were removed by the congress a few years ago, does this apply retroactively in time ?
  11. The commission for collecting on overdue student loans has dropped from 16% of the entire loan amount to 11%, a move that is expected to reduce the incentive for collection agencies to push large payments instead of more affordable plans such as the Income Based and Income Contingent plans. From Bloomberg:
  12. I took out some student loans from the US dept of Ed. during school. They are all currently showing up on my credit report separately...basically showing 8 different loans from each semester they were taken out. If I consolidate these loans will they change on my credit report too? So that they will show only 1 loan instead of 8 different loans? Currently I'm in default of these loans but am working on making monthly payments so that they can be rehabilitated. Once my loan is in rehabilitation and the US Dept of Ed takes back the loan I would like to know if consolidating them will make
  13. I have paid, consistently, $40 per week to rid myself of student loans. Now, my MONTHLY payment amount is $39.90. What I have ACTUALLY been paying per month is $160. And YET, on my last student loan statement, of that $160, only $16.55 went to pay off the principal balance. WTF?! I'm going back in time, and based on these payments, I should have paid off at least $1100 (rounding) in principal, and a few hundred in interest. This has not been the case. Last year's $1465 in total payments against a $5500 student loan as resulted in only a reduction of $551 in principal. (Keep in mind, my a