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Found 7 results

  1. Bank of America is being forced to hand over more than $1 million to a Florida couple after the bank flooded them with hundreds of loan collection calls for years – the latest example of alleged behavior that has cost the bank tens of millions. Full story:
  2. I'm acting pro se because my attorney dumped me during my bankruptcy -- long story -- let's just say I'm becoming accustomed to "bending over and taking it" when it comes to our justice system. I have limped along and continued with this action because the case is strong and the defendant doesn't seem to understand what "do not call my cell" means, or what "breach of peace" means, or that cashing my check and forgetting to credit my account is illegal. The defendant is the original creditor, big auto company. Everything I'm finding on "pro se" deals with debt collectors, not original credit
  3. Approximately a month ago a collection account appeared on one of my credit reports. I did not recognize the alleged debt, or the collection agency. I disputed with the credit bureau, and it came back verified. I sent a DV to the collection agency, who immediately violated the telephone cease and desist language and called me. The guy identified himself as an owner, but would not give a name, and claimed they were not a collection agency, but "passive debt buyers." I think this is the new mantra among junk debt buyers who are trying to circumvent the FDCPA, and other consumer protection laws.
  4. First off, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I have a zombie debt, not on any CR and I've gotten over 25 calls to my cell phone and at least 5 calls to my son's cell phone from the JDB. On one instance that they called my son's cell phone, he gave it to me and I told them they were calling my son's cell phone, which permission was never given, and that was a violation of the TCPA. The idiot on the other end stated that she was not violating the TCPA because she was was not using an auto dialer. They have not left any voicemails at all. The fact is that they skipped traced to get my cell number and m
  5. Hello All, Just a question: Are settlements or awards obtained from a TCPA case taxable? The information I've searched online doesn't address it specifically, however, I have found some articles that indicate that damages that aren't physical are indeed considered revenue. Lets say for sake of discussion that the settlement is for $100,000. Mr Diligent Attorney takes his 33% slice of the award. As the Plaintiff are you taxed on the entire $100,000? Or just the $66,500 that ends up being your share of the award? I never thought I'd be in a position to be pondering this type of issu
  6. 1. Prefer not to broadcast 2. Prefer not to broadcast 3. aprox 8K 4. WF 5. Served and scheduled for Court Mandated Arbitration:-( 6. Served via Mail 7. Service legal by your state? I believe so. 8. DV letter to 2 CAS and then attny 9. Oregon, Washington County 10. Supposedly Aug. 2010 within SOL for Oregon 11. SOL 6 years 12. I've answered, attempted discovery, trying to amend to include Counterclaims before Mandatory Arbitration 13. Just CAs 14. Yes 15. Answered, Breach of Contract, I answered their admissions. 16. What evidence did they send with the summons? Nothing Had these from DV An a
  7. Looking downline at credit repair would it be more advantageous to get judgments in your favor on these JDB suits. In other words if you have them on FDCPA, or FCRA or even TCPA and file a cross complaint they wont be able to dismiss. If you actually have a case for your cross complaint it could result in a double win...they have no case and lose you have a case and win the cross complaint. You could even negotiate an uncontested summary judgement in your favor in exchange for dropping your cross complaint. With the judgment instead of the dismissal could you go to the credit bureaus and f