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Found 3 results

  1. I am working on repairing my credit but GA tax liens are hurting my score. I had liens filed against a closed business. Under the same Fifa# the state filed 2 different liens 1 against the business, and 1 against the business with me as individual. I have paid the liens but the file and release are showing on my personal credit reports as two different entries. My personal credit report lists a lien filed without a paid date, and a seperate release as paid. Is this the correct way they are reported? I am getting 2 hits for every lien even when paid. Example Tax lien record abc123 Amount 100 Filed 1/1/15 Paid Tax lien record qqq111 Amount 100 Filed 2/1/15 Paid 2/1/15 I went to the courthouse and got copies of both records. abc123 is the original filing of the Fifa, and qqq111 is the payment/release of abc123 as paid. I am confused as why abc123 is lot listed as paid, and why is an additional lien listed for payment. Is this something I can challenge with the credit reporting agencies?
  2. I applied and received a notice of withdrawal from the IRS for a tax lien. As I had no time until later in the week to go to the post office to send the lien release CMRRR I decided to fax the release to Experian. Later that night I received an email stating my dispute with Experian was complete and to long on to see the results. I was pleasantly surprised to see that tax lien release that I had sent earlier in the day was processed and deleted from my credit report. Today I pulled a new Experian report in hopes of seeing a jump in my credit score due to the deletion of the tax lien. While the lien no longer shows my credit score stayed the same. Shouldn't I have seen some kind of score improvement due to the removal of the tax lien from my credit file?
  3. Has anyone dealt with and had success with vacating a NY tax warrant? The story is as follows - I worked two jobs for a few years. This year, apparently the IRS modified one of my W2s from 2008 which then changed what my state return should have been. I received a bill from NY Tax and Finance sometime in the middle of last year (around June). I moved a few weeks later and kind of forgot about it. So, in around November I received another bill and went through my tax info to try to figure it out why (the bill said nothing about why I owed the money). A couple weeks later I checked my credit karma score (I do every morning) and was shocked to see it drop about 40 points because of the addition of a public record (tax warrant). So I immediately went online and paid the bill. I called and they explained why I had owed the bill. Now, mind you, this was a $298 bill from something that occurred this year in relation to a change made on my 2008 return. The guy that I talked to at the collections office of NY T&F told me that I could write a letter to the Tax and Finance Correspondence Office to "plead my case" to ask to have it vacated. He said in 30 - 60 days I would receive a letter of satisfaction but that I could send the letter to Correspondence now if I wanted. I wrote them a letter basically outlining how it was a very innocent mistake, for a small amount of money, from a change I did not understand that I paid immediately. Saying how I've been working on my credit, want to buy a house soon and this is going to really ruin my chances. Asking them out of the kindness of their hearts to help me, etc. I sent it a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet. I know things work slowly with state bureaucracies but I am really freaked out by this. Has anybody had any experience with this? Any idea what I should do? I really appreciate any assistance at all because I have been working so hard to clean up all of the negatives on my CR, have been very responsible the past few years and this is really just a huge setback for me. Side note, I have heard that it is almost as bad to have a paid lien as it is to have it sit unpaid (like a paid collection). Also, does having the warrant vacated actually remove it permanently from my record so that it doesn't show up on my credit?
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