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Found 1 result

  1. I was served this (Sheriff left the packet by the door and then mailed me one page Summons). The plaintiff is a debt buyer and the attorney is just the owner of one of the owners of the JDB. I would really appreciate it if I can get help regarding answering this Lawsuit. I need to answer it first and then later address the affirmative defenses and possible counterclaims. I don't have anything on account. Not sure even if there are the same last digits of the account that they mentioned so I am not sure of the SOL. Please find below what I received and help me draft an answer. I did have a CITIBANK card a long time ago but it had a limit not even half of the JDB is alleging. This is in Massachusetts and no form required. I have to answer within 20 day. However, I only have about 10 days left for this and would like to be done with it ASAP as I have not have any sleep since I got it last week. xxxxxxxxx is a debt buyer and does not have to be licensed in Massachusetts since a Lawyer is representing them. The Lawyer office is the collection company and in fact he is a member of the company (may be sole owner)/. xxxxxxxxxxx is registered in Massachusetts. Thank you very much for your time and help Complaint: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, LLC as Assignee of CITIBANK, complaining of the defendant,XXXX Alleges as follows: 1. Plaintiff is a New Hampshire Limited Liability Corporation having a usual place of business at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2. Defendant is an individual xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Middlesex and the commonwealth of Massachusetts Count I: 3. The defendant entered into a credit card agreement ("agreement") account number xxxxxxxxxxx5400 with plaintiff or its assignee/predecessor 4. Under the terms of the agreement,plaintiff agreed to extend credit in consideration of defendant's promise to pay a specified monthly amount. 5. The defendant failed to make payments as they came due, thus defendant was in default of the agreement. 6. Citibank, NA assigned all of its rights, title and interest in the account to plaintiff. As a result of the above, Defendant is now indebted to plaintiff in the total amount of 12K Count II: 7. Plaintiff repeats, reiterates and realleges each and every allegation set forth in paragraphs 1 through 6 inclusive of the complaint as if set forth herein in full 8. CITIBANK, NA, Plaintiff's assignee, conferred a measurable and valuable benefit on Defendant by allowing him/her to use credit card to obtain goods,services and other valuable benefits. 9. A reasonable person in Defendant's position would have expected to compensate CITIBANK,NA for using its credit card to obtain valuable goods and services 10. CITIBANK, NA provided the benefits to Defendant with the reasonable expectation of being paid. 11. To date, Defendant has failed to compensate Plaintiff, or CITIBANK, NA, for the benefits received. As a result of the above, Defendant in indebted to Plaintiff in the total amount of 12K
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