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Found 1 result

  1. I had a Bank of America Corporate C.C. which was linked to my brothers business which was paid in full @ one point. Later I used the C.C. to charge some $$ on it for about 6 months. Later my other brother comes along & wanted to transfer it to his business name. B of A requested that my brother to send them a form filled and signed with his Professional license copy, Business license copy & Tax I.D. # in order for B of A to switch the C.C. or (? add his business or his name as the main "Guarantor"), as I don't see B of A's reporting it on any of the Credit Bureaus, other than Equifax which say Revolving $ 0 Balance & in good standing. Since then my brother paid some of the charges off (as he maxed the CC), thus later he Stopped paying. B of A since the transfer occurred to my second brother, they have not reported the CC to the Credit bureau since I think it was transferred to my second brother, except for Equifax which showed Revolving but $ 0 balance & In Good Standing. B of A tried to get my brother to settle with them but of course he keeps on ignoring them & ignoring me. B of A told me we'll send you a "REQUEST TO ADD/SUBSTITUTE OWNER/AUTHORIZED OFFICER" form which on one side the form it's titled: "NEW OWNER/AUTHORIZED OFFICER (GUARANTOR)" & on second page it's titled: "EXISTING OWNER/AUTHORIZED OFFICER (GUARANTOR). I've told them that the Account was switched to my brothers business & under his name; since the switch happened I've never gotten any statements to my address. A banker (from a different bank) has called the fraud dept. at B of A & wanted to inquire about the procedure regarding TRANSPOSING A CC FROM SOMEONE TO SOMEONE ELSES BUSINESS, WHICH HE SAY'S IT CAN'T BE DONE IF THE ORIGINAL PERSON IS NOT PART OF THAT BUSINESS, IN ANY WAY, and SHAPE. IF THE C.C. WAS TRANSPOSED TO SOMEONE ELSES BUSINESS NAME, THEY WOULD HAVE TO BE THE MAIN GUARANTOR". The fraud dept. at B of A agreed. When I used contact B of A regarding any inquiries, they couldn’t have pulled my S.S. # nor under my name, I had to give them my sisters business name and/or address in-order them to pull the card up. The something happened with the fraud dept. when we (I & the banker that was helping me out with this issue) contacted them. Recently they've sent me the above referenced (with 2 sides) letter which I've ignored, as the banker told me they're trying to have you admit or to implicate you or to hold you responsible as well. As the more people involved, as being the main Guarantors the better chance for B of A collecting. WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT? 1) SHOULD I IGNOR THE LETTER ? 2) SHOULD I SECK AN ATTORNEY THAT DEALS WITH SUCH ISSUES ? Thank You, Your Input would be Very Appreciative
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