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Found 1 result

  1. I'm getting confused here and about a year away from the date that my Closed Settled accounts should be removed from my credit report. A couple examples: Citi 1: Last Reported : Jun 07, 2013 Date of last Payment: Jan 30, 2013 Closed Date: Jan 07, 2011 Last Actual Payment: Oct 14, 2010 Settle Date: Jan 24, 2013 Citi 2: Last Reported : Jun 18, 2013 Date of last Payment: Feb 04, 2013 Closed Date: Jan 17, 2011 Last Actual Payment: Oct 14, 2010 Settle Date: Jan 24, 2013 Am I waiting for 7 years from the last monthly payment date (oct 14, 2017) or 7 years from the close date (~1/17/2018) or 7 years from the dettle date (1/24/2020) ?? I just want to know so I can dispute ASAP if it is not removed when it is supposed to be
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