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Found 1 result

  1. Four things I need some help with please: 1 Back in 2005, a "friend" of mine, while staying my my apartment when I was gone for the holidays, stole my credit card and used it for cash advances and other things totaling about $600 without my consent. When I got the statement, I called him out on it and he agreed to pay me back. Of course he never did and shortly thereafter we were no longer friends. Since then, I have been trying to get the cc company to mark the card as stolen. In the meantime, I had been making payments on it in an effort for it not to show negatively on my credit report. I made several phone calls to people with thick accents who seriously had no idea how to report it stolen. It was the oddest thing so I gave up on calling and sent letters and I'd get a call back from someone who had no idea what to do. They'd tell me to complete paperwork which I'd do and somehow when I called back about my "case" there was never a record. I finally stopped paying the $18 minimum in December 2011 - it was eventually charged off and now in the hands of a collector. Years ago I disputed it online with the credit reporting agency who simply responded saying the original creditor said the information was valid so it was never removed. The credit limit on the card was only $600, and interest included, I have since paid paid that much and more but never did pay it off so the balance showed and now shows $1,900. How can I finally get this removed from my report? This card has been a thorn in my side and I never once used it myself. I know that my payments probably seemed to prove to them that I did despite my phone calls and letters to the contrary. Any ideas? The original creditor was Juniper Bank and has since been bought out by Barclays which is what is showing on my report. I'd dispute their information if it wasn't charged off already. 2. I have an old phone debt from 2005 that I never paid. Is that now zombie debt if a creditor has it? It shows opened in 2011 on my report with the collection agency but it is from 2005 from that same friend placing $400 worth of calls to his ex wife in GERMANY while staying at my home over the holidays. Great friend, huh? I just couldn't pay that bill so my account was closed. 3. I just won a case over a JDB (well it was dismissed) and plan to file a motion to have them remove it from my report. How can I have the original debt from Wells Fargo that is now charged off removed as well? Is there a way? Lastly, 4. In 2008 I moved out of my apartment prior to the end of the lease and couldn't paid the penalty which was about $1,800. This is now in a collector's hands so the accounts shows as opened in 2011. I would think SOL on this debt would be back to 2007 when I originally signed my lease - is that not the case? Can I have it deleted based on the AZ 6 yr SOL for written debt? I am grateful for any assistance anyone can provide!!! THANKS!!!
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