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Found 2 results

  1. I just wrote this whole post and it disappeared. Ugh!! but in a nut shell LVNV did not show up at the hearing and the arbitrator and I waited 30 mins, no call no show and I just got my confirmation letter (see attached) lvnv arb award to Defendent.pdf
  2. Hello, I need help with my next move. Check Mate anyone? I took down the Plaintiffs Attonrneys in court, using their own sloppy work to have my Judgment Vacated! Needless to say the Attorney was not happy and the Judge was not happy. I don't think they really like to be put in the position to make such a decision. Now the complaint is reinstated and I will start from the beginning. I already had filed an answer "out of time" , with my Motion to Vacate. It was brief. The SOL should technically be expired. Account closed in 2006. But when I was dealing with this law office, I did make payments to them prior to judgment. (2008). And I think that in NJ SOL is refreshed. Although, their collection efforts had so many FDCPA violations, maybe I can use the fight that they were misleading and deceptive and the SOL should not re-age. Or maybe the payments won't effect the SOL because the complaint was filed before the payments were made? I would prefer to just settle for a small amount, but I need to stay on top of my game. Any suggestions for my next move? Proceed through discovery etc? Wait for a settlement? ( I offered a $200 settlement after I filed my Motion to Vacate. Attorney showed up in court and said she just got the letter. Asked if I still want to settle? I said "Na, I already did all the work.") Elect Arb? Thanks for all your input. I will also be starting another topic regarding the violations this firm made and asking for suggestions on my retailiation:)
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