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Found 18 results

  1. Today I received requests from several companies on my CR requesting I validate accounts. Midland, Asset and PRA all 3 sent requests for Full Name, Full CC Number, Address (Current and past 10 years), approximate account opening dates, account balances, Last payment and date, and my employer name. NONE of them have judgments against me. GECRB did the same for two CCs that they claim I have/had. CAP1 did the same for 4 accounts they claim I had with them. NONE of these letters gave me any idea what they are talking reference numbers or anything. I did recently do requests f
  2. Yesterday was a light mail day. There was one piece of mail with the return address of Warren, MI. I knew immediately it was from Asset Acceptance. Let's go back in time to talk about my experience in dealing with them so you can see how this started, and now, how it has ended (spoiler alert: I didn't pay them anything). About 3 years ago I began receiving calls from them. I was excited to see BoA sell it off to them, as debt buyers are pretty easy to beat up on in court. I fired off a letter that disputed the debt in its entirety, and I demanded proof thereof. It was one of those 2 senten
  3. This is an update to a post of mine from way back when...I think the last post was in August...possibly September. My apologies. Brief scenario. Dell Financial Asset claims they purchased the alleged debt Johnson Mark hired to "go for the juggler"....the idiot attorney actually said that in court documents. The bonehead. I had done all the wrong things. JM snuck it under the wire calling it Mandatory Arbitration (state of Oregon), failing to say "court appointed"...many thanks to those of you that educated me on the difference. I was late on responding to items..but then, so were th
  4. Need some help from any and all? I am down to one collection account on my credit report. The debt collector is good ole Asset Acceptance. I owed the original creditor, Beneficial, $10,000 and my DOFD is Feb 2008. (Business went south, lost my home, started a free-fall and making my way back now.) I disputed this collection account with all 3 CRA's in mid-May. The result was "verified" by all 3 CRA's. Additionally, Asset Acceptance has been actively reporting every month now with new, additional interest costs. The balance is now $13,712, I have no documentation from Asset Acceptanc
  5. Greetings, I won't bore you with all of the details of 7 of the 8 collection accounts I found in my credit reports when I begain this adventure on May 12, 2014 or so, but I'll include a link to a post where I'm documenting my victories one at a time here..... I read more than a few posts regarding the ethical duty to pay debts that are legitimate as opposed to trying to simply trying to not pay monies that we owe,.and felt compelled to pay the
  6. If a default judgment has been awarded against you by a General Sessions Court in Tennessee, you have ten days to move to vacate it. However, under Rule 60 you have one year to move for fraud and up to a "reasonable time" to move to set aside for various other reasons. It is imperative to do so before garnishment begins because then most judges will presume that you were served and just don't want to pay a debt purchaser. We can help in some cases and there is no charge to ask us questions. We operate off of attorney fees and fees we derive for statutory violations.
  7. This is an update to a post of mine from way back when...I think the last post was in August...possibly September. My apologies, I can't find it so I can't refer to it. Brief scenario. Dell Financial Asset Acceptance claims they purchased the alleged debt Johnson Mark hired to "go for the juggler"....the idiot attorney actually said that in court documents. The bonehead. I had done all the wrong things. JM snuck it under the wire calling it Mandatory Arbitration (state of Oregon), failing to say "court ordered" so I never questioned it...many thanks to those of you that educated me on
  8. Hi All, I've been a bit quiet about my case lately. Frankly I was overly stressed and just needed to keep things to myself for a bit. However an interesting development has come up. I served my Request for Admissions on 9/4. Under Utah rule they had 28 days to respond. If they did not respond then the admissions would be deemed admitted. The 28 days was up on 10/2. As of today I still have not received their response. I need to know what my next step is to get this dismissed. I've listed my admissions below. Any help is appreciated. 1. Admit that you are not the legal owner of the alle
  9. And so the fun begins. Got served a complaint about 10 days ago. Still have 11 to answer. Been lurking here while putting together my answer to the complaint. Now I need some guidance as to how to proceed. I have read all of the topics in regards to AA and Michigan I could find here and they are great. I am trying to decide the best game plan. What I am thinking right now is to file a motion to dismiss in lieu of answer. This is intended to put them on notice I am going to fight. I would then file my answer with request for jury trial and counter-claim (still a work in progress). I will add
  10. BEWARE - Even with crappy lawyers, they're still getting better! My civil hearing was today. As the title states, I lost. I was unrepresented, as I could not afford a lawyer. Asset hired a local lawyer who was not well prepared. When the magistrate asked questions, she would say she did not know or did not have the requested information. She had obviously not studied the papers she did have because she was just as confused as I was AND didn't even realize there were 2 separate bills of sale until I started to question ownership. She started off by showing me a copy of a Dell/Citibank (
  11. Hi Everyone, First of all, I want to once again thank EVERYONE on this forum whose knowledge and patience as been of such great help to all of us novices who are treading in unfamiliar (and sometimes a little scary) waters! I hope and pray you and yours are well! Here are my previous posts for reference: Went to court 4/29. They sent a rent-a-lawyer
  12. Hi everyone, Just received a letter from Asset's Law firm with a court date of July 15th. Plaintiff's Motion to Strike Answer and for Summary Disposition. They want theirsubmitted paperwork to be Prima Facie evidence, stating the Defendant failed to state a valid defense and failed to file a counter affidavit to theirs. I had sent a Discovery request on the 25th of May requesting the Cardmember Agreement and proof of Initial transactions, along with documents showingdefault date, charge-off date, the Purchase Agreement and Bill of Sale. It's ironic that they filed their Motion on J
  13. Was wondering if anyone has suceesfully used the Delaware Choice of Law provision to invoke the 3 year SOL as opposed to the California 4 years SOL. I have an alleged debt and it is about 8 months out of the 4 year SOL. I am expecting the CA to file suit any day now and have been reading up on possible strategies.
  14. Hi Everyone, A BIG thank you for all of you who have been so helpful thus far. I hope and pray you are all doing well. I have started a new thread for this part of my journey against Asset. Here is a link to previous post: I filed my answer March 22. received the Notice to Appear for Pre-Trial conference on April 29. With my answer I submitted the DV letter I had sent (regular mail, I know, STUPID!!), so the Judge will at least know I had done something. I heard f
  15. Hi Everyone, Linda7 has asked me to start a new post on my situation. ANY sound advice would be of great help. This is the last collector I have after me. My others have been settled, with 1 judgment awarded. My current open accounts are up to date and in good standing. THANKS! I'm here in MI, and I'm in the same boat as blindspot99. Here is his post: The only difference is that mine is an HSBC card that AA got ahold of. Around 9K. I have about 12 days left to respond to the summons/complaint. I am curr
  16. If you have been contacted - even called - or sued by a debt purchaser in Tennessee, contact the TN AG's Office - Consumer Affairs Division. Most have no license to collect and therefore, you should file a complaint with the Tennessee Collections Services Board. Even if they do have a license and if they did sue you, their Civil Warrants in Debt don't nearly comply with the law. Report them.
  17. I'm reposting in this thread as things have changed and I hope to clarify for myself and others. All opinions are appreciated. Brief overview: 1. I'm in Ohio. 2. OC Fifth Third 2007-2008. 3. Debt $900. 4. Served by Asset July 2012. 5. Answered July 2012. 6. Mediation scheduled July 2012. 7. Filed MTC Arb August 2012. 8. Received discovery August 2012. 9. Mediation cancelled August 2012 on grounds that arb was elected. 10. MSJ filed by Plaintiff Janurary 2013 (included affidavit from an Asset "representative" with NO information not established in complaint. MSJ fi