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Found 4 results

  1. Last April I had moved and my AT&T internet wasn't working at my new address so I closed the account, paid the last bill, and sent the modem back. I checked my credit this week and my score has gone down 90 points because of a report from Southwest Credit Systems. I called and they said it's from AT&T. I asked what the account number was and she gave me a 9 digit number. I went on AT&T's website and saw that 1) my account number was 10 digits and different from the one she gave me and 2) it showed that I had paid my last bill 04/05/15 and had a zero balance. The chat with a CSR box popped up and I told the guy, Eric, what was going on. He seemed genuinely concerned and told me when the last bill and paid, that they had no right to report anything, and that he would escalate that matter to his supervisor, who would give me a call back the next day. It's been three days and no call. My concern is that Southwest had the last 4 digits of my social and that they knew the account had been closed in April- which leads me to believe that for some reason AT&T did send them my information. I just don't see why, if I owed AT&T money, they wouldn't call me or send me another bill before sending it to collections. I haven't called AT&T or Southwest Credit yet because I don't know how to go about this. All I know is that I need to get what Eric said in writing. I'm only 22 and had above average credit before this, and now I need to get a loan to go back to school so I need to get this fixed as soon as possible.
  2. I have a collection on my CR that was sent and recalled to a couple of CA’s. I was able to get the bill resolved and paid the OC directly. OC is not reporting but the first CA is reporting. I’ve spoken with the CA that is reporting and was told they no longer have the debt. Should I dispute this with the CRA’s or request DV from the CA…or both? I have documentation showing the bill was paid in full to the OC. I also have a letter from the second CA stating they were returning the debt to the OC. Would this be a appropriate letter to send to the CRA’s? Dear Credit Bureau, I just finished reviewing my credit report and have noticed an inaccuracy in regards to the following account: SW Credit Systems Inc # This account was recalled and paid in full to AT&T. Please see the attached documentation which includes a letter from EOS CCA stating the collection was closed and returned to AT&T. AT&T recalled the debt from SW Credit Systems Inc before sending it to EOS. EOS also returned the debt to AT&T. I have included a letter I sent to EOS before the collection was returned and documentation from AT&T showing the final bill was paid in full. Please delete this collection immediately. Sincerely, Any suggestions?
  3. I have a Southwest Credit Systems collection on my credit report. I did not recognize this account but started putting two and two together. It is an old AT&T account (still within the SOL) that I thought had been closed and paid in full. My plan was to dispute the account as not mine since the OC is listed as Cingular Wireless. Before I could file the dispute with the CRA’s, I noticed that the amount owed to Southwest Credit Systems had decreased by exactly $300. Turns out my wife made a payment to AT&T a few months ago, in hopes of fulfilling the debt. She needs to start reading the vast amount of information on this site but I digress. AT&T reported the payment to Southwest who in turn decreased the balance. AT&T does not appear on my credit report. I called AT&T and found out that we still owe $350 but according to Southwest we owe $466. My question is who do I pay? I am under the impression that I should send a PFD letter to Southwest Credit Systems since there TL is on my report. However, I would prefer to deal with AT&T since they are accepting payment. Is there a way I can pay AT&T but insure the Southwest TL is removed? Any advice would be appreciated. I realize before we pay anymore we need to have everything in writing as to assure a PFD has been negotiated. Thanks
  4. Hi All, I have started my road to credit repair. After sending out my first round of disputes, I am happy to report that a few negatives have come off. However, I noticed that a collection balance from Southwest Credit Systems has decreased from $766 to $466 as I received an updated credit report showing the removal of an unrelated dispute. I have not attempted to dispute the Southwest Credit Systems collection. I now have 2 EQ CR's - one from Nov. and an updated one from Dec. showing a decrease in the balance. I have not made a payment. The CA is reporting the wrong amount. This account is also showing the wrong OC. The OC is listed as Cingular Wireless but my account was with AT&T. To my knowledge, Cingular did merge with AT&T but all payments and contracts were with AT&T. I called AT&T to inquire about this collection because I thought the account had been paid in full. I was told that I owed $300 for an early cancellation fee. Previously, I was told the cancellation fee would be waived because I only activated 1 of the 2 lines. Since then AT&T allowed Sprint to port the number associated with this account to their network. I assumed everything was ok. Apparently, they didn't waive the fee after all. AT&T claims that the account has not been sold to Southwest Credit Systems. Maybe Southwest Credit Systems is collecting on behalf of AT&T? I asked AT&T to send an invoice for the amount owed but have not received it. My question is should I dispute the balance as reporting incorrectly since the amount is changing from month to month? Do I pay AT&T or Southwest? Should I dispute the original creditor as inaccurate? Or both? I know the balance Southwest Credit Systems claims I owe is inaccurate but I'm not sure if I have enough evidence with the 2 EQ CR's showing a fluctuation in the balance. I am still within the SOL for this collection. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I know that before I pay anything I need to arrange a PFD and insure everything is in writing. Thanks
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