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Found 14 results

  1. hi! New here and trying to figure out what to do. would love input of this amazing group of people! I have an attorney but not sure am getting the best advice. Trial set for two weeks away. B of A suing through Nelson & Kennard. I've been told that since a law passed in 2014 requiring junk debt collectors to have more documentation to get their money, that card companies can no longer sell their debt as easily and so they are holding on to the debt and going after it more aggressively with firms like Nelson & Kennard. They produced statements and as well have an affadavit from
  2. The link below leads to an amazing but incredibly sad story about a family's fight with their lender, Bank of America. They ultimately prevail but at serious cost to their health and well-being. The court's opinion is long, because it contains a very thorough recitation of facts. Facts that sadly, I have heard many times before. In case you need motivation to read it, here is the first paragraph: “Franz Kafka lives. This automatic stay violation case reveals that he works at Bank of America.”
  3. I just received a letter from Suttell, Hammer, and White. It reads: Re: Creditor: Bank of America, N.A. Consumer: (Me) Balance Owed: (dollar ammount) Previous Acct. # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Account # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SHW Reference no. xxxxxxxxxx Bank of America, N.A. has referred the above account to our offices for collection. if you fail to dispute the debt or any portion thereof within 30 day after your receipt of this let
  4. From NYTimes 5-8-15: Bank of America and Chase will delete lines from CR after bankruptcy filings, which they should have been doing anyway. Link below. But also from the article: Bank of America promised to go further, agreeing to fundamentally change the way the bank reports all the stale debts that are sold to financial firms. For all credit-card debts sold since May 2007, court records show, the bank will remove any marks on consumers’ credit reports. That way, a lawyer said, “should a previously sold credit card account go through a bankruptcy discharge,” the mark will already be
  5. Hello everyone, Can someone please advise me on what I should do. Thanks Rob scan.pdf
  6. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Bank of America 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) Stillman law office 3. How much are you being sued for? 7k 4. Who is the original creditor? (if not the Plaintiff) BofA 5. How do you know you are being sued? (You were served, right?) yes, served 6. How were you served? (Mail, In person, Notice on door) in person 7. Was the service legal as required by your state? yes Process Service Requirements by State - Summons Complaint 8. What was your correspondence (if any)
  7. Bank of America is being forced to hand over more than $1 million to a Florida couple after the bank flooded them with hundreds of loan collection calls for years – the latest example of alleged behavior that has cost the bank tens of millions. Full story:
  8. Hi everyone! I was served about 25 days ago by CACH LLC. Originally, I thought that the collection on my credit wasn't mine, so I disupted it and it was deleted. . I was able to hire an attroney that will send them a letter as a response to the judgement. He doesn't think that he can win alleging lack of standing or proof that I owe the debt. He thinks that he should pursue the SOL defense more. The original creditor was Bank of America (allegedly), the terms and conditions were likely from Delaware. My attorney thinks that he can get this case dismissed because that the agreement
  9. Here is my cautionary tale. I was served with a summons from a Bank of America card with an almost $4,000 balance, with FIA Card Services as the company requesting the funds. Law firm representing FIA - Hanna and associates. Case went to trial, and the judge ruled for the plaintiff. My lawyer made objections to the hearsay evidence presented at trial regarding record keeping, but was denied. Plaintiffs brought a witness from FIA, and had a copy of my signed credit card application from 1998. I just don't even think I can win on appeal. Good luck out there.
  10. Does anyone know for sure(personal experience) whether or not Bank of America reports authorized users to the credit bureaus? I get a differnet answer from everyone. Including the reps at Bank of America. I've gotten three different answers from them. 1. Yes 2. Only if you're a spouse. 3. No, in any circumstances. Conflicting info on the boards as well. Any of you AU on a loved one's BofA? Is the account on your credit report? Thanks.
  11. In a similar and previous post, I stated that Cavalry SPV I, LLC is suing me. I received a Request for Admissions about two weeks ago. The Certificate of Service is dated December 27, 2013. As stated in my previous post, my mail is currently being forwarded to an out-of-state address as I have been caring for my sick father. Included was a cover letter and disc (pursuant to Indiana Trial Rule 26(A)). Please find the information filed with the court, a list of submitted documents, and my first attempt at answering Admissions #1-10. Once again, I could really use reassurance and assistance.
  12. A California man faces jail for writing anti-big bank messages in water soluble chalk on the sidewalk outside of Bank of America branches on National Bank Transfer Day. The messages included such incendiary statements as "Stop big banks," and "Stop Bank" The Judge decided to prohibit the accused man's attorney from "mentioning the First Amendment, free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial." See:
  13. Hi guys, so I opened a CC when I was 18 (2008) for some reason they gave me a huge limit I was careless and now I am being sued. I did a lot of research in the forum and think I still might have a chance, but this is where I ask you guys who have way more experience in this then I do. I noticed that I should have sent a "DV letter" to the lawyer however I never received anything before the summons, I def. would have sent it and sent the case right into arbitration but now I have 20 days to respond to the complaint and provide my answers and it's too late to ask for a "DV Letter" I know that i
  14. Hi, This is my first time posting. My husband and I are in extreme financial hardship. He's been out of work for over a year now. However, we are current on our mortgage and I am current on all of MY credit cards and a personal loan except one (min payments only). Sallie Mae student loan is being deferred due to financial hardship. Bank of America is the only debtor that I am severely late on. My minimum payment jumped to $1000 a month back in March 2010 and I could no long afford to pay it. The mortgage had to come first. The total BOA credit card debt is $39,000. This is a Sallie M