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Found 3 results

  1. First let me start by saying I haven't even gone 30 days late as of yet but I am massivly concerned on what might happen. First and foremost I had a chapter 7 bk that was done in April 2014. I have since built my credit up and have been slowly racking up my cards. I currently owe Capital One $60,000, Barclays 20,000, Discover 4,000, and lending club 24,000. One month ago I had a massive seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have lost my job and can barely work 10-15 hours a week from my doctors note. I have all medical records. Now I currently have 0 assets other than a 16,000 car I bought on loan and the value is lower then it's worth. I am deathly afraid they are gonna bring a ****storm down upon me. Especially Capitol one. I live in Ramsey county, Minnesota. I have no idea if I should call the companies and explain my situation so it can be documented that I tried and didn't walk away blindly. I am pretty sure they are going to say sorry you owe us. I am currently on medical assistance and food stamps because of this situation. I think I am exempt from garnishment. I know I am jumping the gun, could be years before anything happened, but I want to know somewhat what to do? Or what's gonna happen? Any words of advice would be good. I am assuming I am gonna need an attorney at minimum. I have also heard that because the large amounts they can possible file something to block me filing bk in 8 years from now? Is that possible? Would they do that?
  2. I haven't seen this covered so I am going to start this new thread.... My daughter-in-law has an account that was opened with her parents when she was 16. Since she was a minor the bank required her parents to be on the account...that was @ 10 years ago. Her divorced parent's names are still on the account. Fast forward to last week, my DIL was paid and attempted to pay some of her bills and found that about 30% of the account had an "administrative freeze" put on it. The bank couldn't tell her what it was til the next day...then they told her it was someone collecting money from her mother. The mother told her it was Dish because she didn't return some equipment. The parent's have not deposited any money whatsoever in the account for at least 6 years....just my DIL's paychecks have gone into the account. Saturday, the DIL gets a letter from the bank with a copy of a Garnishment order for the mom from CAP1. The case was in a county where the DIL has never lived and the mom swears she never was served and that she never had a credit card. (I doubt the veracity of both statements). The garnishment order is for over $2500 and the bank added $125 to honor the order. So, where do we go from here?
  3. I was just recently served for a lawsuite brought about by Cap1 via Michael J Scott. I have a few quick questions and will get all of my info on line this evening so you can see the pertinant info. I will say this site has been very helpful and has helped me get a better grasp of what i need to do. The info on here is wonderful. My first question is around the certified copy that goes to the lawfirm when you file your answer. My Answer stated i sent a certified copy on the 4/1/2013. I ran into an issue at my local post office and was not able to send the certified letter out unitl 4/2. Will this cause me any issues? Do i need to resubmit my answer with an amendment for the date it was actually sent? My 2nd question is on the type of loan i have, its a Small Business Line of Credit. I was confused if this was handled the same as CC dept and suit. I was not able to find any specific info around a Small Business Line of Credit on this board, but i did see indicators that lead me to believe it would be handled in the same as a CC suits. Can someone help and confirm this for me. Ill get the rest of my info on line tonght. Thanks again.
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