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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help. My deadline is roughly 48 hours from now 😬 I'm interested in hearing your advice on my situation... Debt collection suit. Balance is $921.19 ($425 of which are late fees and interest, accrued prior to charge-off). As far as I know, Bloomingdales (Dept. Store National Bank) sold to Cavalry and Cavalry hired Nelson & Kennard (N&K) to collect. I received one letter from N&K in Dec. 2020, which I just opened. I have USPS Informed Delivery so I get emails of scanned images of my mail everyday. I saw it there. I didn't see anything fro
  2. Hello guys! I am being sued by Cavalry SPV I through Gurstel Law Firm. I have been doing some research on how to go about this and I was wondering if anyone can provide me with more information on how to fight and win this lawsuit. The complaint provided is quite vague and it really just states that I owe Calvary $1252.56 but does not have any other supporting documents. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some guidance ! 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Calvary SPV 1 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been sued by Cavalry SPV I. LLC, as assignee of Citibank NA, over a credit card debt in the District Court. I was not served and did not receive a summons, but now I have received a Plaintiff's Motion to retain the case on the docket, that they have filed several times after notices to dismiss. Cavalry attached an old credit card statement and an affidavit of claim to the Original Petition. Please help...Really need some help and guidance on how to handle this. Also, I was sued by Portfolio Recovery Assoc., they filed through a Justice of the Peace and
  4. I recently received Complaint from attorneys of Cavalry SPV 1 containing a falsified credit card statement. The most glaring tip off is that the alleged monthly “account summary” contains columns of figures with misaligned decimal points. Citibank statements would not contain this ham handed mistake. Otherwise the statement appears believable upon a cursory look. Any idea how to establish this seemingly obvious yet difficult to substantiate falsification?
  5. I have been searching through the NYS Supreme Court's website, especially the section aimed at pro se litigants and debt issues, and it seems that the court does not handle cases in which the plaintiff is seeking less than $15,000. Cavalry SPV is suing me for a little less than $5k. Could I ask the court to dismiss on the grounds that the suit was filed in the wrong court? I'd appreciate advice from anyone who has knowledge of NYS Supreme Court procedures.
  6. I won a motion to vacate a judgement against me filed by Cavalry SPV I, and the court ordered that an answer be filed within 30 days. I assume that they mean that I have to answer the original summons & complaint. Is this correct? If so, I need some advice on how to go about that. The original summons & complaint says that Cavalry is the owner by assignment of the debt they are trying to collect, but does not state who the assignor is, or even an acct. # or date of alleged default. It just states an amt. owed, that payment was demanded, and payment was not received. How do
  7. I need some advice. I was sued by Cavalry SPV I LLC represented by Suttell Hammer and White from Bellevue, WA. I called Suttell Hammer and White and agreed on a debt settlement amount. I sent them a debt settlement agreement letter but according to Suttell Hammer and White account manager that they don't sign consumer letters because it's not in their policy to sign them. I received their offer letter but my question is, is it enough to satisfy the settlement and withdraw the current lawsuit and future lawsuits against me?
  8. Cavalry SPV I, LLC is suing me. A Civil Suit was filed against me (and my wife on a similar but unrelated case) in Hamilton County, Indiana on November 13, 2013 for which I submitted Answers and Affirmative Defenses on December 3, 2013. I received a Request for Interrogatories and Admissions about two weeks ago. My mail was forwarded to my current address as I have been out-of-state caring for a sick father. The Certificate of Service is dated December 27, 2013. Included was a cover letter and disc (pursuant to Indiana Trial Rule 26(A)). Please find the information filed with the court, a list
  9. In a similar and previous post, I stated that Cavalry SPV I, LLC is suing me. I received a Request for Admissions about two weeks ago. The Certificate of Service is dated December 27, 2013. As stated in my previous post, my mail is currently being forwarded to an out-of-state address as I have been caring for my sick father. Included was a cover letter and disc (pursuant to Indiana Trial Rule 26(A)). Please find the information filed with the court, a list of submitted documents, and my first attempt at answering Admissions #1-10. Once again, I could really use reassurance and assistance.
  10. I have court coming up soon (5/15). I'm being sued for Account Stated and Money Lent. From what I see the JDB is using boiler plate lawsuit. I have received as evidence a couple of CC statements, no original contract, a bill of sale from BOFA to Cavalry, but my cc not listed in the bill of sale... I did receive a text file containing cc data (supposedly from the sale). I did Debt validation, got the above, I answered their interoggatory and request for docs, and submitted my own. I thought they would drop out by now... No such luck. Then I also get notice that I'm being moved to another