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Found 7 results

  1. Sorry, this is a little long, but I wanted to try to get as much info as I know for some advice/help. In 2005, a family member purchased a home, then in 2010 she almost foreclosed on it, but was able to get a loan modification after working with the bank for a year on it. During that year, she didn't pay her 1st mortgage or her 2nd mortgage. Since the 1st mortgage was modified, she was able to keep her home. The 2nd mortgage was with HSBC, and they charged it off. That 2nd morgage was around 55k. Then in 2013, she moved out of state, and rented out her property in FL. She has had tenants in her home for the last 7 years. She wants to sell this home because she's really not making any money from the rental. And this is where we learned (the hard way) about how that 2nd mortgage really came back to haunt her. The title company found that there was a 2nd mortgage, and after some digging, after the charge off, it was sold to DiTech Financial, so they hold a lien to the house. They want 55k to release the lien, and well if we sold the house, then she would be under if she had to payoff the 2nd mortgage too. After all the fees for the real estate agent, closing, etc. and it means she'd end up paying to sell her house. She really needs to offload it because she can't manage the rental any longer and pay for repairs. Well when we tried to call DiTech, we got the run around and can never get someone to call us back. We want to try to settle, but we just found out that they are going through a bankruptcy! Does anyone have any advice about our best options here? Would DiTech settle a portion of the balance to release the lien, but honestly, would they have any incentive to knowing that we are trying to sell the house? Since the account is charged off, and it's been 10 years, then the debt essentially is not owed, but DiTech still owns the lien. Should we try to get an attorney to help? Would an attorney have a better chance of getting the lien removed? The security instrument states something to the effect of: "Borrower is indebted to lender... and providing for monthly installments of principal and interest, with the balance of the indebtedness if not sooner paid due and payable on October 1, 2020" So after that date of October 1, 2020, even without a recorded satisfaction, shouldn't the title agency consider the lien expired? When I contacted the title agency, they said that they don't consider it expired until 8-10 years after the maturity date! Does that sound right? I guess she just assumed that since the chargeoff/lien was put on the property in 2010, that it would be expired by now and she wouldn't owe that money. Anyway, I'm asking because I wanted to see if we had any negotiation power when we try to call DiTech again to settle so that she can sell the house! Since they are in the middle of filing for Ch. 13 bankruptcy, I don't know how willing they would be to negotiate with us, and even if they still own the debt. Maybe they sold it, but she has never gotten a letter about it if so. Honestly any advice, or sharing of similar experiences would be appreciated. This is a close family member, and I need to try to help her.
  2. Good morning, I was curious to see if anyone had input on my current situation. I was chatting about a different thread/topic and they suggested I become an AU. I think this is a great way to bump me up a bit but wanted to see if anyone has experienced this specific issue. The commenter gave me great advice but, since our discussion was nestled into a different topic/forum and this issues is pretty specific, I thought I would try here before requesting to be added as AU. I had a Chase CC go south in 2019. They finally charged off in 2020. Since the CO will remain on my account through 2025, last week I chose to pay/settled for less. This CO is newly paid but, I've called to confirm, it is officially paid. My husband's chase CC has a $5400 limit, he's never been late. Utilization is about 6% and he does not carry a balance. It is his only CC (we are working on getting him another one) Considering my recent Chase CO, would I still approved as a AU? Has anyone else tried this with Chase and been successful? I'm curious on whether I should wait (which I really do not want to do) or am I beating a dead horse b/c its Chase? I know that Amex, minus a few exceptions that slipped through the cracks, will deny an AUs if they have previously had a charge off or somehow burned Amex previously. I don't see anything in the groups about that with Chase. Any suggestions or guidance will be appreciated! *additional info: My credit issues bring me to around 630 - consist of unpaid medical collections (I'm dealing with them today), Chase (paid) and Navient CO (unpaid), thin file (1 CareCredit CC opened in March with $4900 limit, mortgage on time payments). My husband's is about 730, 2 unpaid medical collections for less than $100, 1 Chase Card w 6% utilization, onetime since 2007 (we are looking into an additional 2 cards to expand his file), on time mortgage, on time student loans (about 7 of them). Being added as an AU will definitely help me - I won't be using the card except to put utilities, bills to show usage.
  3. So I was trying to find some info on this, so any advice will help.. I had a loan through Nissan and missed a few payments so they closed my account. After talking with them they agreed they won't send it to collections or repo it as long as I make my payments on time, which I have been. They told me they won't open my account back up though. I have a credit score of 592, and still working on improving it.. Is there any way I could possibly refinance the loan or if I could trade it in and have the balance rolled into another loan? The amount left is 14,942$..... Or am I screwed because the account is closed?
  4. Hi all, I've relied on this site for the last 2 years when I first found numerous errors. I thank you for the solid advice I have found here, which has empowered me to clean up everything but this last item. This chargeoff is a little unique so I am not sure how other chargeoff posts relate to it. It is probably a valid account though I question the amount. It will fall off my report in July 2018, but I would want to pay what I owe legitimately, as a matter of personal integrity unless it exposes me to new illegitimate credit issues. Background: In 2008 I bought a MINI Cooper and with it came a visa card with a $1000 limit. I used this card responsibly with no late payments until it was stolen and replaced in February 2011. I managed the account using the paperless online portal. In February 2011 I also paid off my MINI a month early with a perfect payment record. In April 2011 I was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer and left my job. In June 2011 I moved to a nearby city to be closer to my doctors and treatment. This next part I don't recall but have reason to believe may be vaild: My credit file shows I have a 30 day late payment on the replacement card in May 2011 and a last payment July 3, 2011. Then in October 2011 it shows 30 days late and closed, with a chargeoff in February 2012 for a balance of $1196. The comment on my TU report says "Maximum delinquency of 120 days in 01/2012 for $337 and in 02/2012" In July 2012 I was cancer-free and working again. In January 2016 I pulled my credit report and found records for the card stolen in 2/11 showing a perfect payment record and "current closed when stolen" status as well as the entry for the replacement card. At the time I believed it was a mistake and disputed it with the credit reporting bureaus because I thought I had permanently closed the card when it was stolen the same month i paid off the car. However, I just found a payment receipt I printed in July 2011, with a handwritten note that suggests i was locked out of the portal that same month with an 800#, name and "$0 bal". This leads me to believe it is a valid acct and credit item that I lost track of during the move and health scare. I think the $337 sounds a little high for what I normally charged, but more possible than $1,196. I know there was a high balance over my limit when I purchased items for work, and my boss paid my bill with an account his wife was closing at the same time in early January, but it was fully resolved in the same month and no payments were actually missed. That high balance should be $1235, not $2579 though. Since I initially thought this was invalid and would be easily handled by CRB investigation, I addressed other collections first, which were all bogus and have since been removed. This chargeoff is with the original creditor, never having been sold, since the bureaus validated it with them. Is it possible for me to get the statements from them now before I try to settle or pay? If I pay will I re-age the account? If the amount was only $337, could the additional $860 on the chargeoff be fees or interest? That seems strangely high. I also know I would have paid the bill if I had known about it and I never got any letter about chargeoff or late payment - I definitely would have responded to it for fear it could affect my employment chances and ability to get doctors to work with me given the rarity and lack of protocol for the kind of cancer I was battling. Any advice is welcome. I added both screencaps for the account including the one closed in February 2011 and the one that replaced that card.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to the forum so hi and hello. Bottomline, I am in complete PANIC mode. In the last few months, I have 4, yes FOUR account charge offs. I had two accounts with Capital One, and two accounts with First premier Bank and they have all, now, charged off. This year was a tough year for me financially; i made a lot of mistakes and did some overspending last year and it seems this was the year everything came around to bite me in the butt. Obviously hind sight is 20/20 and I see now all my mistakes---shouldn't have got the cards to begin with, should have paid more than the minimum, should have done automatic payments yata yata..... but here we are. I have had HUGE bills these last few months which truly left no extra money at all. Im in my 30s and I support myself completely. My own place, my own car my own BILLS :(. So as I'm feeling like this is the end of the world; Does anyone have any success, advice, or encouragement?? These are the only (and I don't say Only lightly...) negative items on my report. The other accounts I have (car, an online store card, student loans) are all current and paid on time. These 4 cards are the 4 things I could just not stay on top of. My Capital One balances are 1270 and 700, my first premier are something like 800 and 700, I believe. Ive been disputing, hasn't been working of course. I just feel so discouraged.
  6. Guest


    Hi, My husband is in the process of buying a house. I am not on the loan, but they do check my credit because Nevada is a community property state. If I have a chart off on my credit report, will he be required to pay it off to have the loan approved. He has already been preapproved. thanks
  7. I've made some mistakes in the past, who hasn't?! I recently contacted the bank I owe a balance with a credit card and loan. The debt was charge off July 2009. My plan was to workout some type of deal with the original creditor, but the creditor referred me to CU Recovery the collection agency they deal with. Per the rep I spoke to the bank wants over $6000 when I only owe 3200 because of added interest plus the rep claims I was sued over the debt so I have to pay for that as well. I requested a settlement to 3500 along with a pay to delete. She said the creditor isn't going to honor and not only that she said this stays in public records for 10 years. I did my own research and found that I have 0 records showing for public records with all 3 credit bureaus and I also did a search with my local county office and nothing appeared showing any info with my name regarding me being sued!!! l called back and asked her to provide me proof of me being serve with papers saying I had a court date. I'm sure I would have went. She said not all court info has to be serve and it could have been sent in the mail and no one can make me open my mail. Since I've had this conversation about a month ago. I haven't received a call nor a letter regarding this debt!! CU Recovery doesn't appear on my credit report but the info from the original creditor does. I need some advice/recommendations on what I should do, please help!!!
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