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Found 2 results

  1. I have a question about credit reporting. I know I can't remove a charge off but just trying to understand what happened before I pulled my report. Is there a way to get a copy of older credit reports? Brief summary (willing to give more details, just don't want to bore anyone with specifics) Synchrony bank/Care Credit card was charged off for $8200 in 2019 (DOFD in 2018) It was sold to a JDB, Credit Corp Solutions and they used Stillman law to sue me. It was a terrible time, I couldn't pay/panicked so I ignored everything until March 2022 (big lesson learned). I paid Stillman law for less than full balance early March 2022. They told me they do not "report to any bureaus but they do inform Credit Corp solutions that the account was paid". I was worried about what my report would show so I waited until the payment cleared and pulled my credit report on March 31, 2022. At that time, there was no reference to Synchrony Bank/Care Credit OR Credit Corp Solutions/Stillman Law on my credit report. I thought the reference to Synchrony/CC or credit Corp Solutions was removed but, after reading the board here, it seems like maybe it was never on my account? There's no way that Synchrony removed the charge off from my credit report in just a few weeks, right? Now that I know more, I'd love to see what my report looked like before I paid the balance. I ask asking this b/c I have a different charge off w/ Comenity/Crown Asset Management/D&A Services. It's for a measly $350. I'm willing to PIF but am trying to figure out if that's the right move, esp if comenity doesn't remove it. I guess I'm being hopeful that for some reason Synchrony removed the charge off and that might happen w/ the comenity one too. Thanks in advance...feel free to write and tell me I'm a fool
  2. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to the forum so hi and hello. Bottomline, I am in complete PANIC mode. In the last few months, I have 4, yes FOUR account charge offs. I had two accounts with Capital One, and two accounts with First premier Bank and they have all, now, charged off. This year was a tough year for me financially; i made a lot of mistakes and did some overspending last year and it seems this was the year everything came around to bite me in the butt. Obviously hind sight is 20/20 and I see now all my mistakes---shouldn't have got the cards to begin with, should have paid more than the minimum, should have done automatic payments yata yata..... but here we are. I have had HUGE bills these last few months which truly left no extra money at all. Im in my 30s and I support myself completely. My own place, my own car my own BILLS :(. So as I'm feeling like this is the end of the world; Does anyone have any success, advice, or encouragement?? These are the only (and I don't say Only lightly...) negative items on my report. The other accounts I have (car, an online store card, student loans) are all current and paid on time. These 4 cards are the 4 things I could just not stay on top of. My Capital One balances are 1270 and 700, my first premier are something like 800 and 700, I believe. Ive been disputing, hasn't been working of course. I just feel so discouraged.
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