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  1. Hi Everybody, I am being sued by Cavalry SPV I, LLC for a Citibank credit card account I defaulted on while I was having a very rough few years (depression, divorce, joblessness, underemployment, homelessness, loss of family member, etc.). Things have turned around since - credit score recovering and thankfully, never had to file bankruptcy. I believe in paying back my debts but Citibank got too greedy and lost me. Had their terms not have kept changing, they'd probably still be reaping the minimum payments off me (that is, of course their whole purpose as an institution?). I ha
  2. Received a dunning letter from ARS National Services, Inc., PO Box 463023, Escondido, CA 92046-3023 It looks a LOT like this letter: You can see thier site at arsnational dot com I am trying to decide if I should settle or not. I don't have much time left to take them up on their 50 cents on the dollar offer. May 20th is the deadline for them to receive payment. For the first step, I am thinking of sending them a DV letter. Thier first letter to me is dated April 30, 2013 and offers the 50% deal if
  3. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? Weber & Olcese P.L.C. 3. How much are you being sued for? ~$3,900 + Court Costs 4. Who is the original creditor? (if not the Plaintiff) Home Depot (by Citibank) 5. How do you know you are being sued? (You were served, right?) Served 6. How were you served? (Mail, In person, Notice on door) In person 7. Was the service legal as required by your state? Yes 8. What was your correspondence (if any) with the people suing
  4. I was just served last Friday Night. I have been following the threads on here an the advice so far has been unbelievable. I have a couple of questions that I wanted to double check. The first is I didn't see any thing that was labeled VERIFIED, the only thing that was attached was a statement from August 2013 showing that my last payment was made July 2013. I am assuming this means it is unverified? I just wanted to make sure that my first step is filing a POS - 050 or genial denial Also, a notice of case assignment was attached. Does that mean
  5. Hi All, I went into work and got a notice from my payroll that my wages are being garnished via Unifund with the help of Kenosian and Miele. I did search the forums and read some threads on Unifund/KenosianMiele but nothing specific to wage garnishment. The debt is from 2006/07, court case is from 2013, I was never personally served but I think my parents received it through FedEx--at that time I was away at college. In the past few months my phone was blowing up with robot debt collectors, all claiming to be from a "firm" regarding an "urgent" matter. I answered one of these calls and wh
  6. Plaintiff is Citibank/Sears. I've been searching the forums and I know this has been answered but I need to file a motion for continuance tomorrow (today since it's 2:00 am). Initial hearing was 8/15, trial set for 9/5. My at-risk daughter was moved to a new facility on 8/15 so only my husband went to court. On 8/22 she ran and between social services, police, FBI trafficking task force and NCMEC, etc. I haven't done anything else - I spent 5 hours with the FBI today alone. I have to contact the plaintiff attorney and then I have to file the motion, correct? I believe in Jefferson County it's
  7. Hi. Please be gentle. I have been reading quite a few posts and now think I know enough information to be a little bit dangerous... My wife was served a summons almost 30 days ago. I am about to file the official responses with the superior court system, but I just read about arbitration and JAMS. The original creditor was Citibank. The amount my wife is being sued for is $8,235.57. I don't want to make any mistakes when doing this, so I am asking for any and all assistance here. Her official responses are a denial of all allegations (attorney friend via the phone--she has no real expe
  8. So I have a small claims suit against me in a few months with a JDB. Citibank is the OC and the debt is within SOL. The JDB is Calvary and I'm unsure if their validation letter is legitimate. Second, I'm unsure if arbitration is allowed in small claims for the user agreement. I only have mobile and it will not let me attach the user agreement. Any help is appreciated. I'd like to settle the debt favorably with what I have available which is about 60% of the total cost alleged. IS arbitration recommended or should I attempt negotiating with JDB?
  9. Unfortunately I am back in small claims. After receiving a notice in 2015 from the same law firm regarding a Citibank card, I send a DV (within 30 days). I never heard back. This account went through several players and not one would budge on settlement payment/plan. So I forgot about it. In January 2017 I suddenly received a package in the mail. Please see the attached below. I am thinking I may have yet another violation of the FDCPA - the DV cover letter states "Plaintiff Citibank" and Defendant "Me". Nothing was filed until March 09 2017. The amount on the complaint is $4,50
  10. Missouri resident. OC were 3 credit cards. I tried to work things out a few years ago but could pay nothing. They sold the debt, a few different times. Cavalry ended up with it. I am now in a better place financially, was gathering funds and trying to prep my tax return to call and make an offer. It took longer than expected. I have since received letters from the attorney for a law firm representing them. Questions: I can sum up the questions as: “What do I do?” but more specifically….. 1- Is this when they truly become litigious, or is this another bargaining tool? 2-
  11. Hello, I am currently getting sued for a debt that I now know for sure I do not owe. The gist is I answered a summons with a general denial of the debt based on lack of information (asserted no affirmative defenses) in CO's simplified procedures. I have a pre-trial conference in February. Attorney sent a disclosure statement with printout of a few online statements, (worth noting two months of statements they claimed were in the document packet were actually missing (not sure if mistake or on purpose)). I was recently able to access my old bank account to find I made several
  12. I am looking for anyone who has copies of a Bill of Sale or Assignment from Citibank with Patricia Halls signature. I have collected two (from a Cavalry and Midland case) that seem to be different signatures and I suspect robosigning. The wording on the Bill of Sale is also different. I am particularly interested in any notarized signatures from her. This person seems to be on many JDB cases and I am trying to establish if this is like the Mortgage robosigning scandal. These are usually generic forms without any personal information on them, but if there is, you can certainly redact it.
  13. I had a credit card with Citibank which climbed to a balance of $27K. Over the past 3 years I defaulted on this and a few other cards due to a downturn in my business and loss of income. The debt was purchased by a third party company and I received a collection letter from their attorney. in December of 2015. I responded with a letter of dispute and validation requested, and elected arbitration "stated in any underlying agreement". Instead I received a personally served notice of a filing of lawsuit in my local county court filed by Absolute Resolution Corp. for the full amount plus leg
  14. Need some help. I am 2 months away from the SOL of 4 years on this debt. I just received the letter on 8/1. the last payment made on the account is 10/14/2011. what should my first steps be in trying to push this out past the SOL?
  15. I have received a summons on Dec 9th from Midland stating count 1 Breach of Contract and count 2 Unjust Enrichment. They attached an affidavit from their legal specialist that included a bill of sale, assignment and billing statement from Citibank, (Best Buy) I did not submit an answer instead a MTD or in alternate Compel Private Arbitration with Jams also included exhibit of contract (Citibank) attachment, on the same day (Dec 24th) I sent a letter to attorneys for litigation waiver and election to arbitrate. I also sent a letter to JAMS electing arbitration with the Return Receipt from
  16. February 23, 2016 CONTACT: Office of Communications Tel: (202) 435-7170 CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU ORDERS CITIBANK TO PROVIDE RELIEF TO CONSUMERS FOR ILLEGAL DEBT SALES AND COLLECTION PRACTICES Citibank Sold Credit Card Debt with Inflated Interest Rates; Debt Collectors for Citibank Altered Affidavits Washington, D.C. –The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today took two separate actions against Citibank for illegal debt sales and debt collection practices. In the first action, the CFPB ordered Citibank to provide nearly $5 million in consumer relief and pay a
  17. The big things that stand out to me is PRA has made little to no effort to contact me by phone or snail mail. The notice to appear has a hand written date of early February yet it was dropped off at the door (not handed to anyone) weeks later and dangerously close to appearance date. I'm not sure if the process service requirements of my state were met or what I can do since it would be my word against the server.. No one signed, no person received it, it was just left at the door yet. When researching the case the agent reported some fictitious female name as who he left it with. The sole inh
  18. Hello folks, first of let me send out a thanks boy am I glad I ran into this site so much information, knowledge, and some pretty great folks all put into one place Awesome. Now to the not so awesome thing I was served a couple weeks ago and need to make a move as my 30 days will be up in the coming days (I know I should not have waited this long but I did have to deal with some pretty hard personal issues during these past weeks). So Calvary SPV is suing me as assignee of Citibank NA here in California for under $5,000 the summons includes a photocopy of a credit card statement (does this mea
  19. So, I currently have a thread for a summons I received from midland on a BOA card I had. Today I was served by midland once again for a citi bank card I had. I know it probably wouldn't matter considering midland has all my information on where I live now, however, would it have made any difference if I just didn't answer the door? 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Midlund Funding LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) a midland law firm. 3. How much are you being sued for? $2,388 4. Who is the original credito
  20. Hello, I am being sued by Midland Funding original creditor Citibank(Home Depot). I must answer by 5/28/15. I am very willing to fight this to the end, but the amount of evidence/account information included is slightly intimidating. I have reviewed a lot of information on here, but have not been able to find a case with as much up front documentation as I have been provided. I will post all of my documents recieved in the following post. Please give any feedback possible. Thank you for your time.
  21. Hello all! This is my first time posting so I apologize if I am in the wrong place. I missed a payment because of a stupid mistake and would like to get a late payment remark removed from my account. I paid off the late payment immediately and was finally getting my credit score up past 700 because of eliminating some utilization. Of course timing is awful and this late payment happened right when I was doing well because of computer error and me failing to double check that I had all my payments in. Now my score is below 640. I want to ask your expert opinions on a goodwill letter I have co
  22. So here's my story: I was let go from my job in September 2014, where I had a corporate visa through citibank. I accepted another job a few days later, that required a move from GA to FL. Not realizing that citibank corporate cards, and citibank consumer cards were different business units, I thought I had done well when I updated my citibank consumer card and when they affirmed that it would updated all citibank accounts. In October 2014 I paid off what I thought was my remaining balance of $3800. I didn't received any correspondence or calls from citibank, and so I didn't think about
  23. I just received the plaintiff's response to my plea to the jurisdiction, and special exception I sent off courtesy of the help from Texasrocker. Each reply was in a separate envelope. My court date for this is October 29th so any helpful info will greatly be appreciated. I am just now trying to figure out what the next steps would be or how to properly object to (and get this stuff thrown out) this info they obviously are going to bring up as evidence. The only thing they have my info on is the affidavit from the expert "custodian of records" for Portfolio Recovery, Larry Whitaker.
  24. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Unifund CCR, LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? Kenosian and Miele 3. How much are you being sued for? $24,XXX.XX 4. Who is the original creditor? Citibank 5. How do you know you are being sued? Summons delivered at door 6. How were you served? Person 7. Was the service legal as required by your state? Yes 8. What was your correspondence (if any) with the people suing you before you think you were being sued? None 9. What state and county do you live in? California 10. When is the last time you paid on this account?
  25. Hello all, I am being sued by Superior Debt Recovery LLC in Miami Civil Court (over 6K). I asked the court for a motion to dismiss based on the FL Sol for Open-Ended accounts of 4 years (which passed October 2013). The lawyers for the JDB responded to my motion with a letter to the court saying "Citibank, NA Credit Card is goverened by the laws of the State of South Dakota". It goes on to say that South Dakota has a 6 years SOL and that the SOL has not expired and that the defendants Motion to Dismiss should be summarily DENIED. I am waiting for the court. I know some of you will mention tha