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Found 3 results

  1. Probably an easy answer I am over thinking.... have been reading posts for 7hours now and still not finding a response I am comfortable in using. PRA Summons States: #1 The plaintiff is registered and licensed to do business in New Jersey and the defendant is a resident of XXXXX County and whose social security number ends in xxx-xx-x/// is subject to this court's jurisdiction. HOW DO I RESPOND? As I see it they are combining multiple statements to somehow reel me in. I DO NOT KNOW if they are registered and licensed in New jersey since they did not provide the info to substantiate. I AM a resident in this county. They are the last 3 digits in my ss BUT this is not my debt! Any ideas here? Do I state: Defendant denies the allegations contained in Paragraph 1 of the Complaint as this request calls for admission of matter defendant has denied and thus it is improper. (Doesn't seem to address their claim of licensing etc.) Am scratching my head here!!! Also as a note, am thinking to notify court that I already opted for arb with this creditor (although they will probably just be receiving notice same day of answer is due to court) and will file a MTC to private contractual arb. Any thoughts?
  2. First contact: I received a letter from a local consumer rights attorney on July 28, 2016. Second contact: Left taped to my front door....IMPORTANT!!! (My name spelled incorrectly) An attempt was made to deliver IMPORTANT Court Documents to you today
  3. I am getting sued by my garbage company (for my business). I'm hoping someone can help me understand if this termination clause from their contract will help my case. DEFAULT, TERMINATION. If, During the Term, either party shall be in breach of or default under any provision of this Agreement ("Default"), the other party may, at its option, (i)suspend its performance until such default is corrected and the non-defaulting party has been fully compensated for any loss resulting from such a fault, or (ii)terminate this Agreement, provided, however, that no termination shall be effective until the complaining party has given written notice of a Default to the other party and the other party has failed to cure such Default within ten (10) days of such notice (with respect to a failure to pay) or within thirty (30) days (with respect to all other breaches or defaults). In the event that Customer fails to pay Company or fails to perform any other obligation under this Agreement, Customer shall pay, in addition to the amounts due, any and all costs incurred by Company as a result of any referral by Company to an attorney. Notice of termination shall be in writing and sent by certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested at the addresses set forth on the reverse side. Long story short, they terminated my service for non-payment. I wasn't paying them because they were missing pick ups and still charging me. They never notified me of the termination in writing as described above. They simply picked up the trash container and left. If this clause does help me what is my next step? Should I just go to court and argue it? Should I speak with the opposing council and ask for a copy of this termination letter? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me with this matter.
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