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  1. Ok so I'm new to this process and when I discovered I could "e-file" I envisioned uploading a few pdf files before midnight... it's now 6:24pm and midnight is approaching before I'm technically judgement-eligible... Can I call the actual debt-buyer tomorrow and settle (lump sum) before the attorneys have the chance to file to enter judgement and garnish wages, etc? If so, what document do I request from the debt buyer to prove the debt is cleared to the courts? Just a $0 balance? Would I still be liable for the fees the lawyers accrued for filing the suit? Thanks,
  2. My friend who this post has been helping on another issues with a JDB has now received a Right to Cure from Gurstel Law Firm for an alleged c.c. account from Discover which was dated 11/14/2018 and received 11/16/2018. Right to Cure deadline date is 1/3/2019. It also gives 30 days after receipt of this Right to Cure to request verification of this debt. (deadline around 12/15/2018). The amount of the alleged debt is $5,707.45. This will end up in State District Court if petition is filed as $5,000.00 is maximum for small claims court. We would like to call Discover customer service ri
  3. One more member joining the ranks of brave fighters against collections. Got a call from the plaintiff's attorneys. They are asking for a 45 day extension for answering my Discovery request for them to answer. I already answer their Admissions, Production, Interrogatories and Disclosure request with knowledge from several forums. Is there any suggested responses for this? What is the best course of action? Suggested law references for this? lawsuit is in Texas in Justice Peace Court. David
  4. I am in a position now where I can comfortably work on my credit repair and have been for almost a year. The last items on my list are the 3 collections on my CR. I can manage full payment of 2 accounts now, but would like to approach this in the most efficient manner if I can reduce the payment and MOST importantly remove them from my credit reports but I am unsure if I should be contacting all 3 agencies now or focus my efforts on 1 at a time. DIVERSIFIED CONSULTNTS (not original collector) - For Sprint cell contract $687 9-10 years since contract. Report date Dec 17, 2018
  5. Hi all, So forgive me; it's been awhile since I've had credit problems, but last year was a rough one... SO I had two cards with capital one that both charged off about 6 months ago...... I just got a letter dated 1/18 that says "My account was acquired by Sherman Originators III, LLC on 1/17." And that they own my account and may contact me yata yata.... a) trying to not panic that I will receive a summons 😱😱 b ) I am totally wanting to pay these off. One is for 733.00 and the other for about 1200.00 My finances are kind of tight as I've been pa
  6. This came from 2001badyear...some good info here. This is not a complete list of if you have any CA names and numbers calling you - PM me or add it as a reply. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I recently received a "Pre-Legal Notification" letter from Midland Credit Management, Inc. informing me about a balance owed to Capital One. The letter says, "After numerous attempts to contact you regarding this account, Midland Credit Management, Inc (MCM) will transition your account into the attorney review process after 02-12-2019." I have never dealt with anything like this before and would greatly appreciate help from someone who has any past experience and knowledge in what to do in this situation. I have read some of the other posts about sending a DV lette
  8. In question is a debt of $12,000 from an old Citibank card charged off July 2012, junk collector Cavalry SPV is now pursuing me. Case is ongoing in my municipality in Ohio. I have answered all of their requests and interrogatories and attended a pre trial conference May 2. I believe I caught them offguard as they assigned a new local lawyer that very morning. At the Pretrial I denied everything and the Cavalry Lawyer kept badgering me for my birthdate and social security, I simply stated you guys should already have this and know who I am. Long story short, the Judge asked Cav
  9. I have a collection for $3210 from LVNV Funding. I am a few points away from being pre-approved for a mortgage. I believe if the collection is removed it will boost me to a pre-approved score. I want to offer LVNV $1000 in settlement and to remove the collection account. Anyone know how likely they are to remove the account under these terms?
  10. So I've been doing some research into the PRA debt collection cases in my State and looking at the court records of events to possibly get some tips on how others are fighting them if they even contest it at all, which most don't. Well I really haven't found anything more helpful than what I've learned from the fine people of this site. But I did find out that last year PRA filed over 5,000 lawsuits statewide and as I'm typing this a single Attorney has over 900 open cases! I just think that's crazy! That should be illegal. Every case is filed electronically, signed electronically and in almos
  11. I will start off by seeking your 2 cents on below matter. I will be very grateful for your help and thanks in advance. I requested for my gym membership to be canceled but they continued to charge me. I blocked my card and disputed transaction with my bank who ruled in my favor and credited the amount back to my account. My gym was still trying to charge me every month, I went down in person to the gym, spoke to the manager and showed the proof of cancellation who then sent email to the billing department to stop charging. I thought it was all over, only to find a collection on my credit
  12. Spoke to a rep at Carson Smithfield and was offered a settlement for 25% of money owed to Merrick Bank. Called back a couple of days later to set up arrangement and they weren't going to honor the offer. After a bunch of back and forth they said as long as payment is made by the end of the month (7 days away). I want to accept the offer but they say they can not send me the offer in writing. What?! He said that their offer letters are auto generated by the computer and the language in those auto generated offers gives 35 days to make payment but this is a special deal that he wont ex
  13. Hi. This is my first post here. I've been searching high and low for help regarding a lawsuit filed against me by Portfolio Recovery Associates in Los Angeles County, and I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. I'm unable to afford an attorney, but my research has shown me that you can defend yourself on these cases, and actually have a decent shot of winning. After they initially served me, I figured out how to respond to their summons, and I did so with about as many affirmative defenses as I could find. Unfortunately, I missed the discovery phase and only started paying attention to the c
  14. Hi.. I just learned that my credit card account was sold to portfolio. They sent me a verification letter and everything seems okay. after i received the verificatian letter I, on the phone told them that i will pay in full ($400). They again send me a letter. The letter contains account information and write this: you have made an arrangement with mr.xx on the phone to make your payment in full. and bla bla. The letter doesnt contain this: we will update the account as paid in full once we receive the payment(should i request them to add this in the next letter before making paym
  15. I have a loan (still within SOL) that was sold to another company for collection a few months ago. That company has sent me verification of the debt in the form of the loan agreement and my payment history. The loan was initiated online, so there is no physical signature. The bottom of the loan agreement provided to me says that I acknowledged receipt of the agreement by checking the submit button and state that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. It further says I acknowledge and agree that any digital or electronic signature represents my signature on the agreement.
  16. Hello, I'm new here. I'm being sued or summoned by PRA in California and I need your help please. I've been having problem after problem with my car, work, and with this lawsuit. Its made my life heavy and miserable. Any help would be greatly appreciated to take this weight off my shoulders. I was planning on ignoring it to be honest cause i dont have the money to hire an attorney. I've answered the questions necessary thats been requested by the admin/moderators. Thanks again ahead of time. *Note: I've left out specific info. If anyone needs more specific info I can message or email
  17. Hi there, I've taken out a loan to attend a private university in the US a few years back. This school has a cooperation with a private, US-based, lending institution to enable prospective international students that cannot find any other forms of financing to take out a loan. In case of the student not being able to make payments and going into default the university is then liable to pay as it basically functions as co-signer. I've been making my payments for the last several years, but now I am encountering financial difficulties that will likely force me to go into default on the
  18. Question about validity of a suit filed on us by Portfolio Recovery Associates. They sent to litigation of attorney in Snellville. Looking at summons served (and after investigating via social media, etc), it appears that the attorney who filed the suit and signed the statement of claim had the statement notarized by a notary who happens to be his wife. Is this really legal in Georgia? I thought if you were a notary you could not notarize for a spouse or family member if it were for something in which financial gain was to be made. In this case the attorney would be collecting the amount
  19. need help...asap...was given a summons...*side question dude did not require signature...when being served, dont they need a signature?!?* was a utility bill...dte in michigan...*under 1000*...last payment was on november 2010...*i was on a payment plan*...the summons states i was at that address until feb of 2011...i was not...i can prove i moved in nov. of 2010...sol would have expired in november of 2016...what i can not prove is that i did indeed call the utility company to disconnect service...BUT...the utility company stated that last activity on account was nov of 2010.
  20. Hello All, I am back. In Spring 2015, I happily bade my farewells to Courts and Collections and said "Hi" to clean credit reports and wise using credit. Until today, I had my TU (TransUnion) Credit Score 690-705 reported thru one of my credit cards. Today, I found my TU Credit Score as 602 and immediately requested my Free Annual Credit Reports after 1.5 years not worrying about this. My today's (11/12/2016) TU Credit Report show one deragatory item: MIDWEST RECOVERY SYSTEMS 2747 W CLAY STREET SUITE A ST CHARLES, MO 63301 (888) 253-3440 Placed for collecti
  21. Hello, I must thank everyone who contributes here so much. I started cleaning up my credit about two months ago. I had five collections and two charge offs on my EQ. I depended on the advise given here and sent some verification letters and also disputed with the CRAs and followed up with a MOV after the disputes. Two CA's deleted right away and sent letters saying they are no longer collecting on my account. After the MOV, EQ deleted all my other three remaining collections accounts. As of today, I have only one charge off from a credit union. My score has jumped 35 points, from fair t
  22. Hello, Years ago my wife had a judgement against her that lead to her bank account being emptied and wages garnished until the judgement was satisfied. It happens. The collection company failed to report that the judgement was satisfied in 2014 and we are just now realizing it in 2016 because it is holding us up from buying a house. We have called them asking for it to be taken care of and are always routed to a messaging machine or promised that it'll be faxed where we asked only to have it not happen. To me, from my research and according to the FDCPA, they responsible
  23. I just got served on Saturday - for a BOFA credit card with $30,000 charge-off. As far as I remember, I got this credit card as a "secured credit card" by putting a $500 deposit to use, back in 2008. I can't remember clearly but I believe I applied for it at a bank branch - since you have to put in deposit - Not sure if I signed anything or not, it's been years. After 10 months or so, they refunded my deposit and turned this card into unsecured card. Fast forward years, my limit kept increasing and eventually it was $27.5K. I defaulted, it got charged off with $30K and now the lawsu
  24. Hi Everyone! I was hoping to ask you all for some advice. I lived in an apartment complex in Arizona about 3 years ago. I had to break my lease and was charged $2,300. The debt was turned over to IQ Data International ( a very rude collection agency) . They are currently charging me $2,900 stating that the additional $600 is for interest that they are 'legally allowed to charge'. I have disputed this with the big 3 back in October 2015 for fraud ( because I thought the argument can be made that these charges are fradulent) but apparently the company verified my debt. I now live in Chica
  25. Hi Everyone, I wanted to reach out to all of you and ask for your advice: I recently had 3 collections on my account they broke down as follows: C1- $2,300 ; from 2013; paid for delete C2- $1015; from 2013 ; paid in full - got a letter from landlord stating ' i do not have any past or future liabilities as my balance is paid in full'. C3- $687 from 2013 but reporting as 2015 on CK. I am getting this deleted as well. My questions are: 1) How much do you all believe my credit score will increase due to all these changes/deletions when the account cycles? Currently it is a E