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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! My son received mailings several months back from attorney's who obviously watch "filings' in our county. This was the first and only heads up that he had there was a Contract Complaint Filed by Portfolio Recovery filed on 6/20/2019. I contacted one of the attorneys who had sent a letter and he advised me/us to wait it out and see whether it went further and as far as I understood, he meant that whether PRM would pay the filing fee by 7/30/2019. I found information on the Cook County website regarding the Case and that is where the date was obtained. Nothing happened until the other day (NO, I was not watching the case online for additional filings) when he received a Notice of Motion from the County that states Plaintiff's Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss. Date for this court is 10/10/2019. I will also mention that it states "without prejudice," which I believe means it is not the end of this. What on earth do we do? Go to court, and for what purpose? What will my son's credit look like from this? A judgment will be horrible for credit, yet he cannot afford to pay the debt. It's around 6K. Additionally, I believe the last time a payment was made is approx 3 years ago. To add a wrinkle in this - he's already paid in full an agreement with American Express. This is the lingering debt that is a result of his girlfriend racking up (who knows how, probably online). He was equally irresponsible at the time. They are now back together and a resolution between the two on this debt would be devastating to the relationship and their now 4 year old child. It's obviously complicated. Any advice is appreciated. And yes, I am trying to help my son, so please don't be critical in that regard. - Emelie
  2. I've received a couple of letters from third parties "You're being sued - hire us" type letters. I've never been served, and am obviously easy to find! I've been unemployed for almost three years, have zero savings, already lost my house (sold it for a $130K loss to pay off the home equity loan and taxes - was going to lose it to a tax sale), have no car, and am relying on relatives. I'm not on disability, but probably could be - problems with both arms and hands. That's why I can't work. Unfortunately I was self employed for a long time and any disability I received would be darn little. Anyway, obviously Portfolio Recovery is suing me. I owe a lot on credit cards - I had to rely on them for almost a year with every intention of paying them off. But my arms got worse, and no work=no money. I defaulted on all my cards, probably to the tune of $50,000. Do I owe the money? Sure. Can I pay it? Nope. Can't see getting work any time soon, and occupational therapy is not helping. I assume I'll have to file bankruptcy sometime in the near future, but simply can't afford it right now. Any suggestions? I live in Cook County, IL so I assume I'm being sued there, but honestly have no idea. Thanks Rick