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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone first post been on the forum all night looking for an answer hopefully some one can help! Back ground: Being sued by lvnv OC credit one $1,000 In Arizona They have filled MSJ For breach of contract & account stated I have two questions main question 1). In my Arbitration agreement it says each party shall bear their own expenses then it say the arbitrator shall require you to pay us collection cost including attorney fees. As a result of your default (I can upload the page or be more clear on this if need just trying to keep it short) Does this mean that they attorney fees will be add on to judgment if I lose arbitration so debt $1k +$5k attorney fee I did read here somewhere that the total can't be more then the original debt is this true 2). The MJS is for a. breach of contract say that because I used the card I agree to the terms b. Theory of account stated basically I didn't contest the amount due My question is wouldn't this create two separate contracts on the same debt the first is a written contract SOL is 6yrs the second is stated SOL 3yrs and has passed Any thoughts on how to respond to this. Thanks in advance
  2. I have a judgment granted against me from 2009. My bank contacted me and informed me the debt collectors subpoena my records and at the specific date on the subpoena they will turn the records over to the debt collectors. I called the debt collectors seeking a way to settle the debt, I was willing to do payment arrangements, but I am not comfortable with the fact they don't want to spell out in a letter stating at the end of the payment arrangement, the judgment is satisfied. The representative went into a bull spill about being able to levy my bank account….blah, blah, blah! I tried to settle for half of the judgment, but they would only do 75% of the judgment. Need help on next steps...
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