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Found 2 results

  1. I was sued by unifund in small claims court Alabama, I counter sued due to clear a FDCPA violation. On their case against me, they failed to perform a key procedure of the court rules and I had the case easily dismissed. On my counter suit, I proved that they failed to cease collection after receiving a validation request, the judge agreed and granted me a 1000 dollar judgement against them. How do I collect? I have researched getting a writ of execution, but how does that work with Unifund being in a different state? Funny how when the shoe is on the other foot, they won't pay their bills
  2. So I got a letter June 21st from a Law firm representing Midland Funding LLC about an old Credit card debt I thought I had paid off. So I immediately fired off with a debt Validation letter that was sent delivery confirmation. I was very specific on the debt validation letter and specified that they need to respond by 30-days and also stated that there client needed to stop reporting me to the collection agency while this debt was in dispute. In September I get a certified letter telling me I am being sued, and had my first mediation date, in that mediation date I was very clear that t