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Found 8 results

  1. I disputed with the OC 3 tradelines with Experian (Chase and Bank of America), they all came back issued resolved with no explanation other than, we have the correct information reported. The accounts are from 2011 and 2012. I now will have to dispute directly with the OC. When I do, what information do they have to exactly send to me to prove they are right. I no longer have my documents with these credit card accounts, and I know the burden falls on them to prove and if they cant, they have to remove
  2. I was recently a victim of identity theft, and I am now pursuing FCRA violations against multiple parties. I can't give specifics for obvious reasons, but I will post my case once there is a final ruling. I hope it will help anyone who has been a true victim of this devastating crime. As of today, my case is headed to a jury trial in federal court based on alleged FCRA violations by multiple parties (for the same fraudulent account/debt). The law is there for a reason, to protect not just identity theft victims, but all consumers from unfair, inaccurate credit reporting, and it needs to be enforced by holding any/all parties accountable for violations. Through the recovery process, I simply relied on the law, because that's really all I had. My recovery was far more complicated than it should have been due to alleged FCRA violations. I went through hell, and I hope my story can be a helpful reference for anyone who is a victim of FCRA violations period. I give credit to all the useful information, forums, and contributors for helping me through the frustrating recovery process.
  3. In late December 2015 I disputed some things on my credit reports. In January PRA started there process of suing me, and I was officially served yesterday, Feb 6, 2016. The packet includes: The summons page Form 1.997 civil cover sheet The complaint Exhibit A: Affidavit from PRA Bill of Sale from Citibank (no information specific to me or my account) An account statement from the OC Process server worksheet Since yesterday I have been lurking trying to gather info. Based off of my readings I feel confident that I can handle this in court with no lawyer. I know I need to send an answer to this within 20 days. Can anyone offer helpful info as to how I should write my response?? A few more things: I see no date for court... would that come later? The amount im being summoned for is 6k. I am in florida. What other details should I provide?? Thankssss
  4. Today I received a letter for the remainder of an unpaid medical bill from National Patient Account Services (NPAS, LLC). I just checked my credit reports and the collection has not yet reported to the CRAs, and of course, I don’t want it to. I have the thirty days to dispute, etc. Should I just contact the CA to ask for a pay for deletion (under $400) or can they not report anyway because I am paying right away before the thirty days? OR, should I send the payment to the hospital and hope they accept the payment and then if it does hit my CR, dispute as previously paid? OR, should I DV them to stall it out to buy time? OR, is there a better, faster, saner way to handle this situation? My son broke his thumb and the bill was $1000 after insurance paid their portion. So, the debt is valid. I have been successful in getting my credit in working order (fako is 700) and I'd like to keep it moving in the right direction. Advice, please?
  5. I sent a 623 Letter To Bank and They Responded account was sold another bank. Direct Merchants Bank was who I filed dispute with. Got a letter back from HSBC stating account sold to a JBD, They ask me to direct inquiries to the JBD. What now? I was disputing the debt that appeared on my credit profile, the amount and date of last payment. Help!
  6. is this really effective? http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=495942 i see a lot of similar violations on my CR
  7. So I've been doing a lot of reading and reviewing what others have done. I'd like to make sure I'm following along the right path. Story: Lots of old CC debt. SOL on everything expires starting in Feb 2014. However SOL has "technically" expired in WI about 3 years ago as we borrow the shorter SOL. Deleware has a 3 year SOL, so any DE cards have technically gone beyond the SOL. This is up for some debate, but I'm willing to fight that battle if need be. Two months back I decided to get aggressive about credit repair instead of simply sitting back. I had about 4-5 disputes go out to the CRA's and my wife had a few more. We've since gotten responses on all the CRA stuff. I then followed up with two of my wife accounts, one with AA and another with Chase. AA: They responded to my validation request with general information and a refusal to remove the negative mark on my CR's. They did not provide any proof that they owned the debt or really anything else...they only provided a blurb saying it was valid and that they were reporting properly. Question: Is my next step another letter demanding the proof that they own the debt, or at least some evidence that its a real debt. OR, is my next step an ITS letter followed up by a suit? I'm sure I could do either, so looking for a little experience from others here. I'd prefer to avoid the costs of a suit, but am willing to do it if I have to. Chase: They are the OC. I have sent them a 623 investigation letter. They already filed a 1099c on the debt, plus it is beyond the SOL. They have another week or so to respond. Question: As everyone has fought me every step of the way, I anticipate they will fight me too. Which means they will respond with a refusal to correct my CR's. Is my next step an ITS letter, or just go right into the suit. In this case I actually suspect a letter to their legal dept. might get traction as I've heard their lawyers know they should be reporting a zero balance once they have filed a 1099c. I have other stuff out there, but these two are the most pressing as AA is killing my wife's credit report. Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated. Especially if you've had to go all the way with some of the OC's/Collectors.
  8. I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I'm posting from my cell and it's very hard to look through searches. Am I correct in understanding that a dispute with a credit bureau should take no more than a month? I've read that it must be completed in 30 days and possibly a 15 day extension if the disputer provides more information. So, if I entered a dispute online with Equifax on 1/7, should it not be required to be completed by now today? Any idea of what my next course of action would be if it is not?
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