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Found 5 results

  1. PLEASE HELP! NEED INFO ON STEPS TO FIGHT DEBT COLLECTOR ASAP !! PLEASE READ WHOLE THING AS I HAVE SEVERAL DETAILS THAT WILL HELP ME WIN !! I just need to know which steps to take at what time . Midland is suing my husband claiming we owe old credit card debt. I was served by a process server on behalf of my husband . They sent the process server to my old address in another county he called me and I told him my address to bring me the paperwork . He was taking pictures of my house as he was signing a paper about how much I weigh and color of my hair and other personal details about me whic
  2. I received a summons to appear in small claims court from capital one regarding credit card debt for a card I had years ago. I remember this acct only had a limit of $550 because we got it after my wife and I had to file bankruptcy due to the medical cost for our son who has cerebral palsy. Later we cut this card up because the interest rate was so high. I am now being sued for $3000 and the only information attached to the summons is a statement dated 2015. What should I request during the first court appearance? I'm totally lost with this and have never been sued before and have no idea wha
  3. Hi, Rookie here.... this site is amazing, I've learned so much just since last night... unfortunately, after the fact... I am being sued by an attorney representing FIA Card Services for an unpaid BOA credit card charged off as of 11/09. After two court appearances, in which I was the only one in front of the judge, the attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgement. I started digging through old paperwork, and found three credit agency demands for payment on this account. The 3rd, was a very intimidating and explicitly demanding letter from the attorney now suing me. Her letter said "acting as
  4. In August, 2012 I requested discovery, interrogatories, admissions from Portfolio Recovery they have not responded. A few days ago I received, by regular mail, no signature required, a REQUEST FOR ARBITRATION from Portfolio that was filed at the Court of Common Pleas, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. It is stamped November 30, 2012 from the county's prothonotary's office. The document states : Kindly refer this matter to the board of arbitators for a hearing. The amount in controversy is $3272.25 or less and the case is at issue for arbitration. The case is to be tried by and noties sent to