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  1. I received a complaing from Midland by regular mail. I talked to a lawyer and he said it may be better to settle- debt us inder 3k I still have time to answer the complaint, but I sent a debt validation letter and they responded right away with a statement copy form original bank and bill of sale from original bank to them, Midland is the 2nd JDB, previous collector was Oliphant. Wells Fargo- original creditor and Oliphant reported on credit , now Midland reported with higher figure( fees interest I assume) I never received in writing anything before from therm ever, I have robo calls from an 866 number with all hangups, no voice mails that I now see is their phone number on private voice mail account that I have saved and was a buisness telephone line used . What should I do? Fight or settle?I dont really have the money even for payments and I hear even settle for less they may not be able to remove from credit report as the credit reporting agencies do not like that pay for removal. Help! Also one thing I know is that this was reported to my credit report before they sent the summoms compliant and they never validated the debt prior to sending me a complaint. Not till I received the complaint, I then sent a validation letter. I received a reply to a DV letter I sent when I got a summons from Midland- They sent me back a copy of a bill of sale with their signature and wells fargo EVP of operations signature on page 2, on the 1st page it says Bill of Sale-MY NAME OR ACCNT NUMBER IS NOT ON THIS BILL OFSALE, They blocked out in black Outstanding Balance of Accounts and Number of Accounts. Another doc they sent me was a statement with my name and address from a year ago or a bit more and attached to that important info about your account. Are these docs from them sufficient to make them valid on their side?
  2. Hi everyone. I received a letter from Midland Credit Management saying that they are taking legal actions on a credit card originally owned by Credit One Bank, N.A. and was purchased by Midland Funding PLC. The amount they say that is owed is $615.45. Midland states that I applied for credit with Credit One Bank back in August of 2016. I only learned about this account this year when I received that letter and requested for my free credit reports from the 3 credit reporting agencies. I never applied for any credit in 2016 and I wrote to Midland Credit Management for variable proof that this account was indeed mine. They sent me a billing statement with my printed name and address as variable proof but nothing with my signature. I did have credit with Citibank but I closed that account in July of 2017 for fraudulent charges being made and on my credit report I got this year it showed that I have had addresses in Florida and also Michigan. I have written to all three credit reporting agencies about that and they still have not corrected the information or checked the Credit One Bank for actual proof that this credit card was mine and that I was a victim of identity fraud. I have written to all three credit reporting agencies, Credit One and Midland Credit Management to correct the problem but Credit One Bank and Midland Credit Management keeps appearing on all three credit reports. My credit reports do not show that I have an ongoing dispute with Credit One Bank or Midland Credit Management. I live in Hawaii and I know that Midland Credit Management uses a lawyer from Honolulu but I did not get the letter saying that he will be taking legal action against me but I got the letter from Midland Credit Management located in San Diego, .CA. I want to take Midland Credit Management to small claims courts here in Hawaii for several violations of the FCRA and failure to send me variable proof that this account was ever mine and for some other violations such as willful enablement of identity fraud and for emotional stress since this has lowered my credit score so that I have been unable to use my VA home loan guarantee to purchase a home with no money down and with low interest rates. I found out by looking up on Hawaii Secretary of State that Midland Credit Management has an agent in Honolulu in the name of (CBC Services of Hawaii, Inc). Should I send them the small claims notice with both Midland Credit Management and Midland Funding LLC as the defendants. It seems to me that Midland Credit Management will not do anything to correct this problem and I also believe that they know that this debt is not mine at all and are unwilling to correct this problem. I have kept all letters that I have mailed via verified mail, signature required, all copies of letters sent to me saying that this account has been verified by a billing statement and all copies of my credit reports that I have been getting each month now. I know that Midland uses a Lawer from Honolulu and his name is Marvin Dang. Since he did not send me the letter saying that Midland will be taking me to court, I do not think I should send any legal documents to him. I rather file a small claims case here on the Island that I live on and have Midland spend money to fly this lawyer from Honolulu to my Island and have Midland spend more money on trying to collect $650 from a debt that was never mine to begin with and hopefully my credit report will improve so that I can purchase a home soon but so far have lost out on 4 homes due to a low credit score that has effectively hurt my chances of using my VAhome loan guarantee with no money down. My credit score right now is between 600 and 620 and I need 720 if I want to use the VA home loan no money down. Am I going at this the right way or should I be doing something different. I am tired of writing letters every 30 days only to get the same results.
  3. Hello Folks, While viewing my free credit reports I see that one of the agencies shows Portfolio Recovery Assoc, LLC as in collections. I am in the midst of Warrant in Debt litigation (in Virginia) with PRA on an alleged Capital One credit account. Why do I not see Capital One listed in my credit report? Has PRA completely and/or LEGALLY taken the place of Capital One so that the original debt will no longer be reported with the reporting agencies. Is PRA in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and/or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? Can I now submit that credit report as evidence that the Capital One account has been closed? I have other concerns regarding defending myself in this matter. Looking for a "coach" to walk me through it all. Thanks. Coach Mac
  4. Medical Revenue Service based in Vero beach FL registered a debt incurred years ago for medical services in South Carolina. This caused my credit score to drop about 45 points, however, there was nothing listed on Credit Karma under "derogatory remarks." 1. How are we supposed to know about our credit report being "tagged" like this? Is it necessary to download and read the full report? 2. This took me years of correspondence with he hospital and two collections agencies, both of whom dropped the case after I showed the issue was their accounting error. The hospital just this month finally understood, and has dropped the pursuit and asked the credit agencies to cancel the status as delinquent. Question is-do they owe me anything for costs of copying and postage, time and effort to fight this multi-year issue? Amount in question was about $435.
  5. Everyone has a story.. I'll make mine short. Life altering unexpected decline in health lead to unemployment. No support system, no help. It took me about four years to get both my health and life back on track. I met a girl four years ago who I'd like to marry. We're moving next summer and I want to prepare my credit to buy a home in the next year or two. I beat Cavalry in court on one account (thanks to this community!), the rest have surpassed the statue of limitations here (5yrs). AMEX ($3,500) - Est Removal: 10/2018 Portfolio 1 ($3,000) - Est Removal: 02/2019 Portfolio 2 ($2,500) - Est Removal: 10/2018 Enhanced ($1,000) - Est Removal: 11/2018 I'm not sure what the best course of action here is.. I've been living under the radar for years, running cash businesses etc. I'm self employed, I do pay some taxes but do not have my own checking (use PayPal business w/card) or my own credit cards (on family accounts as an AU, pay them directly). I'd like to begin improving my credit score. My SO has great credit (810+) BUT about $150k in student loans. I'd like to try and get us a house or investment property in the next 1.5 to 2yrs. So I was thinking contact the reporting agencies on Portfolio one as I'm sure the last payment is inaccurate. I'm hopeful there is something aggressive I can do against the three remaining account but maybe just let them run their course? In the mean time then, open a bank account, and get a secured card (Discover IT). Possibly a secured loan the first year for extra oomph. Next step, focus on that AMEX. I'd like to get another one, one day. I've read I need to pay the debt directly to AMEX and should get myself added as an authorized user on a good standing account a bit after that. If approved as an AU then I'm off the BL and should re-apply to AMEX on my own when my credit merits it. Thoughts? Thank you for any time you may spend reading this or better yet.. replying. Sincerely, my thanks.
  6. Wells Fargo Dealer Services Repossesed my Car in Dec 2010 for missing 2 payments. I was sent a Notice of intent to sell property and in it it an option to Reinstate if I paid the remaining balance plus any fees added. So i Paid the amount owed in its totality and in a few days recovered my vehicle and later was sent the Pink Slip. Now this shows up on my Credit Report as a Repossession, even though I reinstated the contract. 1. What options do I have at this point to repair this account on my report? Account Name: WFDS/WDS ACCOUNT TYPE: Auto Loan Closed Experian shows as Paid was past due 120 days Equifax shows as At least 120 days or more than 4 payments past due/ Paid Account Zero Balance Transunion shows as Repossession / Closed
  7. Hello and thank you for reading/trying to help, I'm in the process of looking for a home to buy and have been pre-approved for a mortgage. I was told that no matter what I have to take care of the open/active collection I have reported on my credit reports by Portfolio. The SOL is up and they cannot sue me for it, but the account is to stay on my credit reports for 2 more years. I tried disputing it with the credit agencies but had no luck. Portfolio actually sued me for a different account a year ago, which I challenged and won; I'm guessing that's why they let the SOL expire on this one and never bothered to contact me about it, and instead reported it to the credit agencies right after the SOL was up. How should I go about contacting them to get this off my credit report? The amount owed is $1,300 and obviously I'd like to pay as little as possible and have the account completely deleted off my credit report or reported as paid in full - or whatever is best to improve my credit score. I would think that I have leverage in this situation seeing as they can't sue me for it so offering them anything at all would be better than nothing. If I contact them, would that change/reset the SOL and allow them to come after me for it? What's the minimum you think they would be happy with? How long would this process take? I know I should get the deal in writing, but is it wise to talk to them on the phone while we try to reach a deal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Long story short, I was doing a friend a favor and did a contract for deed (paperwork written up by a lawyer). Well, it ended up in foreclosure and listed on my CR in 2013. So now I'm trying to get a mortgage and was asked when the sheriff's sale date was. Honestly, I didn't have one because the bank or lawyer did not contact me by phone or mail. So I called the sheriff's office, nothing. Finally ended up at the circuit clerks office in which she said "Well that's weird". Your house didn't sell. There is a dismissal order without prejudice signed by the judge on Feb 19th, 2013. She said don't ask me what what it means because I honestly don't know. So my question is, is this too old to report to the CB's? Could it possibly improve my score hopefully?? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you very much!, Wendy
  9. My score is 625 and i have a discover card situation from 2007 for $2800 I was charged thisby a rental company and it was unautorized iwanted to dispute but wasnt able to in 2007 due personal issues. How can i remove this from my report it is said to be in circuit court and i tried to dispute with transunion and its already under investigation from march 14, 2017 and still not completed. what is the best course of action to remove this derogatory negative issue off my credit for good????? any advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi, I had a short sale on a previous house that was completed in Dec 2013. I purchased another house before doing the short sale. House had 1st Mortgage with Bank of America, they 30 days delinquency was reported in Nov 12 and closed in May 13 with "Account transferred to another office" 2nd Mortgage with Wells Fargo, they reported 30 days delinquency on Feb 13 and closed the account on Jan 14 with statement "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance with comment of "election of remedy - reported by subscriber" BoA sold their loan during the process to NationStar. Nation Star reported 120 days delinquency on Aug 13 and closed the account on Dec 13 with statement "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance with comment of "election of remedy - reported by subscriber" My current score is over 800 and I want to refinance my current house but brokers told me that the short sale is blocking my way to get a good rate. Would you please give me your advice what to do. Thanks and I appreciate your help.
  11. I'm getting confused here and about a year away from the date that my Closed Settled accounts should be removed from my credit report. A couple examples: Citi 1: Last Reported : Jun 07, 2013 Date of last Payment: Jan 30, 2013 Closed Date: Jan 07, 2011 Last Actual Payment: Oct 14, 2010 Settle Date: Jan 24, 2013 Citi 2: Last Reported : Jun 18, 2013 Date of last Payment: Feb 04, 2013 Closed Date: Jan 17, 2011 Last Actual Payment: Oct 14, 2010 Settle Date: Jan 24, 2013 Am I waiting for 7 years from the last monthly payment date (oct 14, 2017) or 7 years from the close date (~1/17/2018) or 7 years from the dettle date (1/24/2020) ?? I just want to know so I can dispute ASAP if it is not removed when it is supposed to be
  12. @BV80 @debtzapper Howdy.... I am back albeit briefly. Since I posted here last I have found out that my dad has terminal cancer. We are trying to make up for lots of lost time...and still won't get enough. That is nothing the board can help with. What I do need help with...I have two accounts with PRA that hit and I wasn't able to focus and fight them...and lost. I have paid them in full about 45 days ago and they are still on my CR as open but showing a $0 balance. Shouldn't they change to paid or closed or something? Thanks in advance for your help/concerns.
  13. I went through a Michigan foreclosure which was completed 4 1/2 years ago through a sheriff's sale. Without my knowledge, my mortgage company is now reporting that I owe them $30,000 because the sale did not cover the mortgage amount. While I understand that there are deficiency judgements, I never received any kind of notice of legal proceedings. In addition, and this is the biggest issue, I paid mortgage insurance (PMI) for the life of the mortgage. Everything I've read about foreclosure law states that a deficiency judgment cannot be pursued of the borrower paid PMI. Does anyone know what the steps are for me to have this rectified? I will truly appreciate any information on this subject. thanks!
  14. Hello all, I'm new here but looking desperately for some help/advice (I also posted this in the credit forum--hope that's ok as far as procedures go! I apologize if it's not). I went through a Michigan foreclosure which was completed 4 1/2 years ago through a sheriff's sale. Without my knowledge, my mortgage company is now reporting that I owe them $30,000 because the sale did not cover the mortgage amount. While I understand that there are deficiency judgements, I never received any kind of notice of legal proceedings. In addition, and this is the biggest issue, I paid mortgage insurance (PMI) for the life of the mortgage. Everything I've read about foreclosure law states that a deficiency judgment cannot be pursued of the borrower paid PMI. Does anyone know what the steps are for me to have this rectified? I will truly appreciate any information on this subject. thanks!
  15. Let me get this straight... If you have received a 1099-C from the OC, and have asked the credit union to verify the details and it came back as verified and is still listing a balance that is not 0; file a lawsuit and have fun with it?
  16. This is on an impermissible mortgage inquiry. I have a share savings account only, at a credit union, that I opened in October 2013. One of my credit report monitoring services notified me that my credit union pulled an inquiry on my name in September 2015, which is 2 year later, for the stated purpose of a mortgage inquiry through Kroll Factual Data. I do not have a mortgage and never applied for one. I did not apply for any loans or do anything other than making deposits into my savings account. As such, there was no reason to be generating a mortgage inquiry on my credit report. I have excellent credit, with a credit score of around 800, with no collection activity. Is this permissible for them to pull this without good cause? I sent an email to the credit union asking why they pulled this and they have not responded. The credit union didnt report anything on my name, just the inquiry that shows up. Since this was a hard inquiry, this could lower my credit score, although my score is high, around 800. Do I have a case? What should I do?
  17. Hello everyone. I am new here. Please, help me out. I had a judgment against me in 2008. Not only I was not served properly, they simply dropped off the package by the door at the address I have not been living for years (I found out about it by pure accident when one of the neighbors who happened to know me told me about some package several weeks later) but the item they sued me for was not even mine. I had filed an Identity Theft report and two police reports of stolen identity. I have notified all credit bureaus. I also notified the creditor in writing that I had an extensive fraud on my account and the item was not mine attaching a police and ID theft reports. I told them that the default judgment they obtained against was illegal. The item was disputed and removed from all credit bureaus, and so was the judgment after all when it was posted. My question is, what happened to the judgment after it was removed from my credit report by all 3 bureaus? Does it mean I do not have a judgment against me anymore? Would it still show on other public records? (I never contacted the Court that issued it). Can the creditor still go after me? (Its been 7 years and I have not heard from them). Ps. I am in California
  18. A while back I had applied for a merchant account with a 3rd party company who states they approve riskier type internet companies selling a service and not a tangable product. I had called this company for over 30 days with no return calls or emails to check the status of our application. I never received a letter of denial from the issuing bank they applied to or the company. Finally after 60 days or so I reached someone at the company and asked them why I am not getting a letter of denial and that I have the right to know the reason. I got the run around. I thought they are supposed to send that letter and it is supposed to state that I have the right to the reason for denial. I know see the hard inquiry on my report and called the company and they said they will not remove it. I told him that the company misled me stating that my business was an acceptable type of business that they approve merchant accounts specifically for. The guy told me on the phone that it looks like they denied us because of the type of business it was but he did not know for sure. I told them I would not have applied with them if they did not work with riskier companies for merchants accounts. The CA wants a letter from them in order for them to remove it. Do I have any recourse here to get it removed?
  19. From NYTimes 5-8-15: Bank of America and Chase will delete lines from CR after bankruptcy filings, which they should have been doing anyway. Link below. But also from the article: Bank of America promised to go further, agreeing to fundamentally change the way the bank reports all the stale debts that are sold to financial firms. For all credit-card debts sold since May 2007, court records show, the bank will remove any marks on consumers’ credit reports. That way, a lawyer said, “should a previously sold credit card account go through a bankruptcy discharge,” the mark will already be gone. This says they will delete anything after May 2007 that was sold to a junk debt buyer. I am going to be monitoring my reports to see how this plays out - I have an OC line with them for which the JDB line was deleted after I sued. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/08/business/dealbook/bank-of-america-and-jpmorgan-chase-agree-to-erase-debts-from-credit-reports-after-bankruptcies.html?emc=edit_th_20150508&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=43571867&_r=0
  20. Hi, I think I have a couple legitimate claims on 2 lates for my FedLoan Servicing Student Loan. LEGIT CLAIM #1: submitted a deferment request in May 2013, which was denied repeatedly for no good reason. I faxed the paperwork over at least 4 or 5 times, yet they claimed they never had the full documentation. Also, for some inexplicable reason, despite requesting temporary forbearance during the time my deferment claim was pending, it wasn't processed correctly, unbeknownst to me. Therefore I unknowingly accrued lates during this time. After finally speaking to a competent manager, I was immediately approved for forbearance on July 10th, 2013 and backdated to May 8, 2013. I have read that others have had success getting late payments removed when there is a backdated forbearance granted,especially if it the lenders fault. I was on the phone with a Fedloan Rep for over an hour today, and she mentioned there were a lot of notes in my account during those two months regarding my requests, but none of those made it clear if was their fault, so I will hope for the GW for these lates, due to the backdated forbearance, but I have some other questions/back-up plans as well. LEGIT CLAIM #2 (See Attachment): Can someone explain to me how my all the CR bureaus are reporting OK for April 2013, then immediately 60 then 90 day lates for May and June, respectively????? This makes NO sense to me. There are only 2 months where I was supposedly defaulting, how can a 90 day late come from that? Or how can they skip the 30 day late completely? What about a grace period? Also, if the GW doesn't go through, and I can't get at least the 90 removed due to the timing discrepancy, is there any chance for negotiating a PFD? I've heard of this with credit card companies, but will Federal SL Lenders do it too? Thank you to anyone who takes time out of their day to help. It would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi, About two months ago, I noticed a few inquiries on my credit report that I did not recall authorizing, so I disputed each one with the companies listed on my credit report, CMRRR. Over 30 days has passed since each company has received my dispute letter; of the six or so companies that have received the letters, only two have responded. I thought that they were required to respond within 30 days after receipt of the letter or they could be sued. An attorney I spoke with stated that I had to dispute through the credit bureus first, but that doesn't do anything because they just check eOscar or whatever and confirm it without proving that anything actually transpired. I wanted actual proof that I authorized these inquiries aside from the companies simply stating "Oh, you did." Do I have any right to sue at this point? What should my next step be? Thank you
  22. I've been living in Florida for 8 years now. I've built my credit up to just under a 700 score. Not great, but I've made a lot of progress. About 2 years ago I started getting really proactive about it to the point that I check my credit report at least every other week, and there have been no judgements or collections on my credit report in that time. Today (2015) I got paperwork in the mail from my bank stating that $4,652 from my savings account was put on hold by an attorney because of a judgement that was filed against me in New York in 2005. This included (from what I understand) 10 years worth of interest. I had my Mom go to the courthouse in New York to obtain a copy of my file and she was able to verify that the judgement from back then was legitimate. So they are collecting on it from me now, 10 years later, and several years after the judgement has already come off of my credit report. If I owe it, I owe it. It's going to really hurt me financially, but it is what it is. I just don't want it to harm my current good credit. So my question is; when this is all said and done and the attorney finalizes getting the money from me, will this somehow pop back up negatively on my credit report? Or because the judgement has already come off of my credit report years ago, he just collects the money from me and that's the end of it?
  23. I sent a 623 Letter To Bank and They Responded account was sold another bank. Direct Merchants Bank was who I filed dispute with. Got a letter back from HSBC stating account sold to a JBD, They ask me to direct inquiries to the JBD. What now? I was disputing the debt that appeared on my credit profile, the amount and date of last payment. Help!
  24. My chapter 7 discharge was completed 7 years ago. I moved out of country and recently returned to find years of delinquencies from a discharged debt on my credit report, so I my credit is shot! How do I get this off my credit so I can build up my credit again? I can't even get a credit card or a place to live. This is the only negative mark on my credit but it is hurting me severely.
  25. One of my charge off accounts as reported by the OC years ago.It still sits with the OC- It went on my credit report a few years ago- Now I see a new reporting date of a recent date within 30 days. I think I disputed this a long time ago and it was written off by OC- not sure have to check- The agent at Equifax told me that this means that they just looked at it as nothing else has changed. Is that a normal I asked for them to place a new reposted date on it. The old date was 3 years ago and now it just looks like they just reported it again. this is how it shows Date of Last Activity: N/A this field Date Major Delinquency First Reported: is blank should I do anything? Seems like when you start to dispute, they remember the debt and then you get sued-
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