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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I am crazed by a bank that financed a motorcycle for me in 2008. In 1/2009 because of the mortgage crisis I lost my job (self employed) and lost 15k of monies due me by title and closing companies. I was a notary signing agent and I was devastated. My wife lost a lot of hours at her job and we were forced to file chapter 7 which was discharged 8/2009. This bank M+B Financial in PA has reported this discharged debt erroneously repeatedly since the discharge. I was never late with the debt before we filed chapter 7. It was paid on time until the filing date. I have disputed with all the credit agencies several dozens of times since the discharge. I am forced to go through hoops each time but each time they correct the info. Then a month or so later they report it again changing dates, saying re-affirmed, And so on. Some of what they do is 1. Show a balance due 2. Show debt as a charge off 3. Show the debt late, many times show it years late. 4. They showed it as re-affirmed (it was not) 5. Show the discharge date as 2011 or 2012 when it was discharged in 2009 6. They keep reporting it with the above erroneous info to all three credit agencies on a round robin basis. I dispute the report it gets corrected and then they report to one of the other agencies. When I dispute that they report to one of the others and this has continued over and over. I was just notified by credit wise that a report dropped my credit score 80 points. It was Trans Union. I got the info and yes, it was M+B reporting it as Collection/chargeoff with a past due of 4,642 with an account closed date of 5/31/2017. Of course I called Trans Union and started a dispute again. This time the agent tried to help. I had just disputed the same M+B with Trans Union in 1/2017 and they corrected the file. I was sent a copy of my report 4/2017 which showed M+B included in chapter 7 with 0.00 past due 0.00 owed. I asked the agent to look at that file to see I just disputed it. She verified and added notes to the dispute that she verified It was corrected in March and now they reported it again in June as I stated above. I have really been hurt this time with a 80 point hit on my credit. I just got new homeowner policy and car insurance is set to renew and they will pull credit. There has to be something that can be done with this Bank from Hell. I am almost 60 years old in poor health and this is something I can't do anymore. Thanks
  2. Creditors haven't responded to debt validation letter, but CB says debt is accurate I've twice written Calvarly Portfolio Services and Portfolio Recovery (two separate debts), asking for a debt validation. It's been 60 days since the first letter went out and 30 days since the 2nd. I did not receive a response to either letter. I disputed the debts, noting that the creditors did not respond to my request for validation. The credit bureaus came back and said their investigation revealed the debts are accurate. Dealing with another creditor, I was able to get it completely deleted from Transunion and Experian because they did not respond to a validation request. But, Equifax says the debt is accurate. What should my next step be? *OAN: I WAS able to get an old First Premier card completely deleted. YAY for that!*
  3. Hello, I am new here but I see that there are lots of very active and knowledgable users here so I thought I'd seek some friendly advice. I am trying to help out my 80+ year old grandparents that have gotten themselves in some seriously unmanageable debt while trying to help another family member's difficult financial situation. Bless their hearts, but shame on them for digging themselves in a financial hole. They have a total of about $31k in credit card debts in 22 accounts.They have no real assets - not homeowners (rent), no business or properties, only have a pretty old car.Their only source of income is their social security retirement income.All payments to creditors have ceased as of this month (so the calls have just started).We have closed all the accounts (for some reason I thought this would stop late fees, but now I know thats not the case).I seeked free legal advice considering bankruptcy from a pro bono lawyer and I was informed that they are "judgement proof" and it is pointless to file a bankruptcy. Their income is protected and even if the creditor wins, they can't collect. While this may be true, I am concerned about the 6yr statue of limitations in NJ. This is not something I want to have to keep an eye out for such lengthy period of time. Perhaps if it was maybe a few accounts, but since its so many it would just be stressful answering to all of them. The biggest bankruptcy filing con is the cost - approx. $1200 with a lawyer. I am wondering if I may be able to do the paperwork myself. A friend of mines recently filed and I have reviewed the paperwork. Though it was alot of legal terminology, I have found help online and software programs that make it pretty straighforward. Is this something any of you would consider doing without a lawyer though? Am I being too confident here? Also while searching through another forum, I saw an old post where a user in a similar situation with her elderly mom said she was able dismiss the accounts directly with the creditors by sending them letters explaining to them her situation and that she was judgment proof along with a copy of her SS award letter. Should I do this as well? Has anyone tried this or had any success writing-off an account directly with a creditor? I guess it can't hurt to try or can it? Maybe if they knew it was going to be pointless to persue these accounts, they would just move their efforts towards onto other more successful accounts to collect on. Please let me know your thoughts and experiences. Thanks
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