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Found 6 results

  1. Can a defendant have a telephonic appearance doing a civil trial in justice court in Arizona
  2. OK. So I am the defendant in a debt collection lawsuit. I sent my verified interrogatories, affirmations and demand for documents along with proof of service. The empty envelope was returned to the "proof of service" person with a stamp claiming the envelope arrived empty. The empty envelope was obviously opened, because they taped it closed. I am 100% positive the envelope contained all docs and I was with my "proof of service" person when she mailed them at the post office. What do I do about this? I am dealing with Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. Thanks for all help! Calico
  3. Hi all, I am asking for assistance as I do not know what I am doing. I am being sue for $3500 from midland funding over a debt that they purchased from a Barclaycard. I have tried to negotiate with them over the past week, but I only have 20 days to reply to the court with my answer regarding this case. All of the settlement options that they are suggesting are unrealistic for my current income (my partner just left his job and I am paying for both of our bills). Should I turn in an answer just I case we aren't able to settle in time? can someone help me write the answer? how to I get a
  4. I received a summons from a Credit Union I use to bank with, in Texas. The Petition states the Credit Union as the Plaintiff, as it has not been sold to a debt collector. I am being sued for an amount between $5,000 and $10,000 due to credit card debt. The petition states the Plaintiff intends to conduct discovery. The Petition provided a generalized credit card agreement between "defendants" and "plaintiff", however there are no account numbers, no signatures of omission from defendants. or any documents provided. Does this mean they may or may not have access to more definit
  5. Listen, I am not a lawyer and I am not an expert, by any means, but I've been reading this forum for over a year, and now that I have also had some experience in these matters, I feel compelled to make a few observations about (what seems to me to be) the general strategy that JDBs (junk debt buyers) use, at least in California. 1st – The JDBs depend upon the fact that most defendants are not going to answer the complaint filed against them, which allows the JDB to receive a default judgement, winning the case, and allowing the JDB to then proceed to garnishing the defendant's wages. 2nd
  6. Hi, I'm being sued in California by a local debt collection lawfirm for $2,000 for relocation money paid to me, by my former employer 2 years ago. My initial contract stated I would be responsible for returning $2,000 in relocation money if I left the job in less than one year, and the money would be taken out of the wages owed to me at termination. If the balance is not enough, I needed to pay the remaining amount within 30 days of departure. I left after 10 months, and no money was deducted from my final payment at termination (which was about $4,000). The HR person in my exit interview