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Found 19 results

  1. I disputed with the OC 3 tradelines with Experian (Chase and Bank of America), they all came back issued resolved with no explanation other than, we have the correct information reported. The accounts are from 2011 and 2012. I now will have to dispute directly with the OC. When I do, what information do they have to exactly send to me to prove they are right. I no longer have my documents with these credit card accounts, and I know the burden falls on them to prove and if they cant, they have to remove
  2. Ok so, due to being ignored by the bureaus, i have sent my 3rd letter to all 3 bureaus warning them that i will be sending a formal complaint to the FTC, however i have never gotten this far. Can someone please assist me in writing a letter to the FTC about this.
  3. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/credit-reports-exclude-certain-negative-223300291.html. Please click the link above it will take you to Yahoo where there reporting the Credit Beaureas decisions about civil judgements, and Leon's also medical debt!! Great news for me and I know thousands of wrongful illegally convicted and wrongly reported!!! All I can say it's about time Things are changing !!http://finance.yahoo.com/news/credit-reports-exclude-certain-negative-223300291.html 5b6ae96a3999447a55b2ffd56cb6d88e_8rmWvkxyXpH6FWUr7iSISJsakT3HCJY2gHr_kCQuYXxShhXF-djjoMXLVzffm0xcCf1NtVcxhQ8-_17_0.mp4
  4. I have the Experian ProtectID service, since the Anthem BC/BS hacking incident and today I noticed this pop-up on my report.Account name: PARAMOUNT RECOVERY SYSTM 111 E CENTER ST, LORENA, TX 76655, 254 857 7007Account number: CAPOCAP1700200382255Recent balance: $630 as of 03/01/2016Date opened: 12/2015Status: Collection account. $630 past due as of Mar 2016.Address identification number: 0317070136Original creditor: GILLESPIE EMRGY MED ASSC PAType: CollectionTerms: 1 MonthsOn record until: Feb 2017Credit limit or original amount: $630High balance: $0Monthly payment: $0Recent payment amount: $0Date of status: 03/2016First reported: 03/2016Responsibility: IndividualAccount history: 2016/Mar/CI find this troubling because:1. The dates on this report are from 12/2015 and 03/01/2016. The creditor is located in Texas, but I have been living in Missouri since 2013.2. I have never used the creditors services let alone visited their medical facilities. The company runs a number of private ER rooms in and around Austin Texas.3. I have never been contacted by Paramount Recovery Systems about this debt.4. I have seen a LOT of BBB complaints about this recovery company. So may be a junk debt dealer, trying to beat Texas's 4 year statue of limitations for suing on debts.The only scenario I can come up with, is that after immigrating to the USA in 2009, I lived in Texas up until mid 2013. My now deceased wife, who passed away March 2015, was in and out of ER rooms with her end stage kidney disease around 2011/2012. She never let me deal with her medical bills and to be honest wasn't very responsible with paying them. So we move to Missouri, 4 years pass and now in 2016 I'm getting slapped with a bad credit report for this $630, which was probably for her ER visits. I know Texas is a common property state, so I guess is that after the 4 year statue of limitations expired and they couldn't collect from her, they are now trying to throw the bill in my direction, expecting me to pay.I've already been through hell and back with medical collection agencies here in Missouri for the 2013 to 2015 period bills, which I finally got resolved. She did have Medicare, but due to my work insurance, there was a dispute as to the primary insurer, so NOBODY paid and I was left with over $100,000 worth of medical bills. So I am sick to death with dealing with my dead wifes financial fallout. Just when I got Missouri sorted out, now I get this crap from Texas.So is my hypothesis on what may be happening plausible?If so, what would be my best course of action?These bills are in my late wife's name only and are most likely over the 4 year statue of limitations. So I'm afraid to pay anything, reset the clock and have the debts become legally binding which would result in gawd knows how many other creditors crashing down my door with their hands out for payment on a dead woman's debts.
  5. Hi, In late 2010 I had a negative item appear on my credit reports from "Advanta Bank." Advanta Bank failed in 2009 and was shut down by the FDIC and State of Utah. They were heavily fined for deceptive and unfair business practices (ie. offering a 0% introductory interest rate and then rate jacking their customers to 38%). Advanta Bank ultimately declared bankruptcy. As far as I could determine, the FDIC was set up as a receiver for their deposits, and any debts owed were sold off to junk debt buyers. The former owners of Advanta have been individually sued for breach of fiduciary duty and other misconduct by the FDIC in relation to their ownership and management of Advanta. I disputed in writing to the three credit bureaus, providing proof from the FDIC that Advanta Bank no longer existed and could not be the reporting entity. I also disputed what was reported, because it was purely false and erroneous information. Equifax and TransUnion immediately deleted the info. Experian refused to delete the information and has continued to refuse my written disputes for the past four years. I have been turned down for credit as a result. I recently invoked arbitration over this and multiple other issues based upon the credit monitoring contract I have with Experian, which states clearly it covers FCRA disputes. I have yet to hear back on my arbitration demand, however, today I received in the mail a postcard advising me of the class action Michael Dreher v. Experian, specifically on this issue of Experian falsely reporting data from "Advanta Bank." The class action lawsuit properly states that the company known as "CardWorks Processing" is possibly the owner and reporting entity of past due debts emanating from the defunct Advanta Bank - but is reporting as "Advanta Bank" today and for the past four years as if they are the bank. Trying to resolve any reporting issue becomes a three ring circus and/or shell game between Experian, Advanta (which has no legal present address or contact) and CardWorks, making it impossible to correct incorrect negative information on Experian credit reports. If Experian were truly conducting meaningful investigations when consumers dispute as required by the FCRA, they would learn "Advanta Bank" is not reporting anything since 2009 or 2010 at the latest. Here's the class action lawsuit: http://www.advanta-experian.com/ http://www.buccidix.com/blog/experian-must-disclose-company-reporting-credit-report-debt.cfm http://www.cardworks.com/ When I eventually figured out the "Advanta Bank" address on my Experian report led to "Cardworks Processing" - I disputed in writing to "CardWorks Processing." I received a letter back with the name "Advanta Bank" rubber stamped at the top of the letter (not Advanta's original logo, but what appeared to be a rubber stamp pressed on an ink pad created for this purpose). What is interesting to me is Experian will do everything possible to avoid a class action, and uses arbitration clauses in their credit monitoring contracts to do just that. Now that a class action has made it to the trial stage, they are trying to lump me in with the class - to avoid the cost and expense of arbitration. My instincts tell me to opt out of the class action (which is a clearly spelled out option) and pursue my own individual case through arbitration or litigation if necessary, especially since my dispute has elements other than the Advanta issue. Any feedback on this issue is appreciated here. Please note I'm also posting this info for anyone else who has had a similar experience with Experian / Advanta. I think CardWorks Processing is committing fraud, violating the FCRA by knowingly reporting inaccurate information, and violating the FDCPA by misrepresenting the status of an alleged debt. I want to take legal action against them. If you agree, please feel free to post comments here or contact me via PM. Thank you.
  6. Hey everyone!!! Been a board lurker for YEARRRRSSSSS finally decided to join. BTW thanks for getting me from low 500's at one time to mid 700's all you posts, sample letters, really helped me out!!.... until I screwed up again now back to the 500's (all my fault no one to blame) but steadily moving back up!!. So I just started with Experian inquiries.... always been easy to dispute and almost always 100% success rate with just a call and dispute to the CB. THIS TIME..... Exp seems to not be deleting them anymore, not even investigating, just moved em all to the "Soft" section?? Anyone had this happen to them? Thanks!!!!!
  7. I've posted a few times on this topic and came across an interesting article and comments from a leading credit industry expert and directly from Experian on the matter tonight. I had to post this for your thoughts and comments. After receiving an IRS 1099-C form from a creditor, also known as a "Cancellation of Debt" form, there is a debate on the creditor's continued legal right to collect, and how the matter should be reported to the credit bureaus. Regardless of where you (or court opinions) stand on the issue of future debt collection, the secondary issue of credit reporting appears to handled differently by different banks. One bank may report a balance of $0 after issuing a 1099-C, while another will continue to report the full balance as still due and payable. The following article, written by credit expert John Ulzheimer, sides with the position of an account being reported as "Balance Due $0" after the issuance of a 1099-C. Even more interesting, Experian's Vice President of Public Education stated on this topic: “If the lender agrees to settle the debt for a lesser amount, the account should be reported with a zero balance because the consumer no longer owes anything to the lender. The tax burden is between the consumer and the IRS." Here's the full article: http://blog.smartcredit.com/2012/11/01/why-did-i-get-irs-form-1099-c-from-my-credit-card-issuer/ Has anyone sent a copy of their 1099-C to a credit bureau and successfully had them change a reporting balance to $0 ?
  8. I have learned a lot in two days of browsing and I greatly appreciate all of the information here so far. I have one quick question. Midland Credit Management aka Midland Funding is on my credit with a suppsed debt to a bank. They initially said I owed $5,XXX and every month or so, that amount has increased to over five figures now. Anyway, I called TransUnion about something unrelated and they tell me over the phone that it's actually scheduled for deletion off my credit report NEXT MONTH. Such joy. One report says that the date of first deliquency is April 2008, another October 2008. Should I use this information to remind these two agencies that this needs to come off my report. I am keeping a copy of my report just in case Midland tries to reage the credit or changes the date somehow. Do you think I will be able to get this information from Equifax and/or Experian somehow? Thanks for reading!
  9. I sent a 623 Letter To Bank and They Responded account was sold another bank. Direct Merchants Bank was who I filed dispute with. Got a letter back from HSBC stating account sold to a JBD, They ask me to direct inquiries to the JBD. What now? I was disputing the debt that appeared on my credit profile, the amount and date of last payment. Help!
  10. I check my CR's online every 4 months. I have copies of my reports going back 15 years. While applying for a new apartment, I was informed I had to pay 2 months upfront due to negative on credit. I said "What are you talking about?" They said there was a bill for $698 outstanding. It was a medical bill. In May, I found that 5 year old medical bill (that was paid) still reporting on Equifax only. Disputed, was deleted. Checked Experian yesteday. Found collection for $10,090 backdated to 2010. Disputed immediately. Called Experian today, asked how this is possible? Experian said Collection Agency supplied the info and posted it there and Experian didnt question it. That their records show its been posted since 2010. That is impossible and I can prove it. They dont know I have 14 yrs of credit reports at home.... I NEVER got any bills or mail from collection agency or company that is saying I owe $10K. I lived in another state and was approved for an apt there no problems, and my new address was public record. A 10k collection for something I have not done, is going to ruin me. Should I wait to see if it gets deleted? Or should I begin legal proceedings? Please help
  11. I've noticed that Experian is the toughest CRA to make disputes by far. First, they don't let you dispute addresses which is what I like to start off with. They don't allow addresses to be disputed online and they don't allow you to do it over the phone either. What they tell you on the phone is that they won't remove them because a former or current creditor has that address listed for you. I tell them that they are incorrect then because I never lived there...and they say I would have to contact the creditor...crazy! Further, if they ever verify a credit item you dispute...it is GOLD in their eyes and you can NEVER dispute that credit item ever again, even if you change the reason, unless you have some kind of documentation. I eventually tried to do it online for the hell of it because by mail with them was in vain...but it won't even allow you to submit a disupte for a verified credit item online...it comes back immediately saying you can't dispute that item because it was previously verified...doesn't matter what reason you're using. Has anyone else had these dificulties with Experian?
  12. I am in a dispute with one of the three major credit bureaus. In my research for case law and supporting documentation for what I believe are numerous FCRA violations, I came across this very helpful report from the National Consumer Law Center entitled: "Automated Injustice: How A Mechanized Dispute System Frustrates Consumers Seeking To Fix Errors In Their Credit Reports." The report breaks down the process by which Experian, Equifax and TransUnion handles consumer disputes for investigation or re-investigation, how and where they outsource the process to, the automated systems involved, non compliance issues with the FCRA, how banks largely parrot the credit bureaus poor process with a similar if not identical process thereby gaming a broken system, numerous case law examples, deposition testimony, and Congressional testimony that support the report's conclusions. I thought I would post and hope it provides useful info for others. Please see: http://www.nclc.org/images/pdf/pr-reports/report-automated_injustice.pdf Also see: www.consumerlaw.org Comments and thoughts are most welcome!
  13. I sent a CMRRR dispute to TU and received my credit report. The letter states, “Enclosed is the TransUnion Personal Credit Report that you requested.” The only thing is, I didn’t request my CR. I sent TU a dispute letter. A few months ago, I experienced the same thing with EXP. Is this some new, stall tactic? I didn’t respond to EXP and the disputed item was deleted. I don’t plan on responding to TU but wanted to see if this is happening to anyone else? Recently, I received 3 CMRRR, green cards, the bureaus conveniently forgot to date stamp. Luckily, I have my receipts and was able to track my letter via usps.com.
  14. They are refusing to re-investigate TLs unless I have new info. Any way to get around this?
  15. Hi, I'm been doing a little reading on this but I'm still unsure as to how to go about this, so I'm hoping someone here can help me. A few months ago, I pulled up my credit report and realized there were two entries on it from a certain telephone company. I disputed the entries with all three credit bureaus; they all came back verified. I then called the telephone company, and was told that these accounts were 'at a zero balance' and that they did not have any original records on them. I did get the representative's name, customer ID, and date/time of call (I take good notes! lol), so her statements should be verifiable. I'm planning on writing a 623 letter, but I'm unsure if I send it to the CA (as if they'd assist me anyhow) or if I send it to the legal department of the telephone company. From what I've read, I would send my 623 to the legal department of the telephone company, but I'm unsure of what to do. If I was supposed to, in fact, send the 623 to the legal department of the telephone company, what does the telephone company do next? Contact the CA's and tell them to remove the entry from my CR? How does all of this work? Thank you SO much for reading this I appreciate your help!
  16. Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I will try to make it short and clear. I have been disputing accounts with experian and right now I am at the Methhod of Verification stage. I sent letters certified mail and shows they have been delivered. My question is ths: How long do they ACTUALLY have to supply results back to you? is it 15 days or 30 days? The reason I ask is because their website states: "We ask the source to check their records to verify all of the information regarding the item you questioned, and report back to us within 30 days of the date that we received your request" However, the FCRA FCRA, Section 611 (a)(6) and (7). The credit reporting agency must give you the method of verification information within 15 days of your request. Was this changed to 30 days in favor of credit bureaus? Or is Experian just trying to buy themselves more time? I searched for this topic but I couldn't find it with the search option for this board. Im sorry If it was answered somewhere else and I may have overlooked it.
  17. I have a collection agency reporting an alleged debt on my credit report. This has been reporting by them for a couple of years. Yesterday I received a credit alert that new potentially derogatory information has posted to my credit file. When I looked at my credit report the new information was the same alleged account that the colllecction agency had already been reporting. Will this new reporting affect my credit score? Can a collection agency re- report the same infformation?
  18. I have been doing credit repair for a little bit, and done pretty well. I have disputed my former mortgage with all 3 credit bureaus - I was laid off and CitiMortgage started foreclosure proceedings, but I sold the house and paid off the mortgage in full prior to foreclosure. Transunion and Equifax show the account as Paid and 120 Days Late... I can live with that, it's the truth. Experian shows the Pay Status as Foreclosure, and the Payment history shows "RF" (Foreclosure) in Nov 2008 when I paid off the loan. They've supposedly verified and validated (seperately) the information. The kicker in this is that my Experian credit score is about 85 points higher than my other scores... If I go after them to have the tradeline removed completely from my credit report because of incorrect information (I plan on sending them the closing documents showing that the lender was paid), will it drop my credit score? Will it help? What if I just have them fix the information? I want to send a letter soon, but want to make sure that what I'm asking for is in my best interest. Thanks!
  19. Hi, I am disputing a medical collection on my credit reports. While I am disputing with the original creditor because of billing errors, I am also questioning how this is posted to my credit reports, and how the information may potentially be shared with others. My TransUnion report shows the collection listing in this fashion - Original Creditor: Med 1 02 - and then shows the medical provider's name and the type of physician. I am under the impression that the code Med 1 02 puts a privacy block on the information that follows per HIPAA regulations. Can anyone confirm this? The same listing on Experian uses no such code, but shows the medical facility, physician's practice, and type of physician, which leads me to believe they may be sharing some of my medical history with others. Is this a correct analysis? Thank you.
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