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Found 2 results

  1. Can someone please answer this question? If the proof of service documents say that I was personally served but wasn’t served at all, grounds to have a judgment vacated even though I still resided at the address? Proof that I wasn’t personally served is in the documents they filed. Forged signatures. I was sued by PRA and Asset Acceptance/Midland Funding several years ago. Default judgments awarded to both of them because I didn’t appear in court. I wasn’t personally served like the proof states. Both PRA and Asset Acceptance filed proof of service, using the same process server. The signatures on the filed documents are obviously different. One even has a date a month after the day the server claimed I was served. The signatures, spacing, font, and dates are clearly suspicious are my proof that I was never personally served. I had lost my son, was laid off due to the recession that caused many Americans hardship, was losing my house, and had exhausted all my unemployment benefits. I didn’t care to be alive then. I suffered major hardships that turned my world upside down. I was judgment proof. Judgments were entered in 2012. I understand timing is an issue but I still want to try to have them vacated. It wouldn’t be hard to prove that the documents are forged,false affidavits were submitted, no valid documentation showing proof of a contract, and other violations. I finally started to pull myself together and started working again May, 2014 and since then my wages have been garnished by PRA. Asset is patiently waiting and getting bigger every day. Can someone give me hope? I can and will upload the documents if I need to.
  2. Has anyone had any experience with proving that Midland Funding's affidavit's were robo-signed - that the person notarizing affidavits does not match actual notary's signature or that person signing affidavit does not match actual persons signature? Below link describes the practice Midland Funding LLC and it's parent companies and PRA paid millions to settle in September 2015. ( they paid up to $42 million in consumer refunds and a $10 million penalty, and [were ordered to] stop collection on over $125 million worth of debt. See consent order The Bureau found that Encore Capital Group [Midland Funding parent company] and Portfolio Recovery Associates bought debts that were potentially inaccurate, lacking documentation, or unenforceable. Without verifying the debt, the companies collected payments by pressuring consumers with false statements and churning out lawsuits using robo-signed court documents. See CFPB press release